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Hey I’m in Europe. Holland to be exact. Rotterdam to be the most exact. Gonna race a marathon tomorrow. Race is gonna be neat. I expect that it’s gonna be fun for a bit, then it’s gonna get pretty hard, then it’s gonna suck balls. Can’t wait. This build-up has been so much fun. I’ve had a blast working with brother Pete, he’s a rad coach.

For this race I have one goal, but a few different race plans on how to get there. Depending on the weather and such I’ll settle on a final approach tomorrow. I won’t bore you with specifics,  but the general idea is to get from point A to point B in 2:11:29, that would be superb. If I do that I am going to fist pump and sky punch the hell outta this place. I will sky punch so hard that I fear I might dislocate my shoulder. 2:11:29 is fast as hell, and I’m gonna have to get pretty friggen ugly to get there. I am going to have to go deep man, go to that dark, dark place. That dark place scares me, I’ve been there before and dear god does it hurt. But when that happens, and when things are dark as hell I’m gonna think of my Mom and Dad, they are the brightest lights in my life, and hopefully they can help get me through the dark.

Initially I was most looking forward to running my race, then drinking a bunch of beers and hitting on pretty Dutch girls. But since getting here my mentality has shifted. I am quite straight, but wow, European men are handsome as hell! They dress so friggen well, and they are much better looking than me. I have no chance with the ladies over here, I’m way outta my league. So I guess I better get the most outta this here race in order for this trip to be a success. 100% focus and energy on the race. I still plan on drinking a whole bunch of beer after though. But now that I’m not worried about ladies, well, I may just get belligerent…and fall in a canal.

I don’t really have any stories from this trip yet, very low key. I really like Rotterdam though, it is a super nice city. Really cool architecture, friendly people and H&M’s on every corner. Seriously, there are 3 H&M’s within 5min of my hotel. The Dutch language is quite fun also, very loopy with lots of character, It makes me smile. Yesterday I saw a TV commercial for McDonald’s, and when they said ‘Chicken McNoogatts” I broke out into a pretty serious giggle fit.  So I’m adding Rotterdam to the list of cities I want to move to. As of May 1st I am a free agent and I gotta find a new place to live. Vancouver is my #1 choice right now, but there are a lot of other wicked places I wouldn’t mind settling in either. I’ll worry about that business later though.

So gonna get serious here for a quick second. Umm…guys…all you folks that come read this blog, say nice things and continually offer up your support. Thank you so much…I love you guys. You have no idea how much all the support has meant to me.  I’ve gone through some kinda annoying stuff since Scotia. Leading into Scotia, and the few weeks after were probably the lowest points in my running life. I was bummed about my running, it sucked.  I wasn’t really enjoying it that much. Changes were made, and it was hard man. I had sponsors flake out, people doubt me and some other negative bullshit go down. But no matter what was happening this blog was a thing that I could turn to, I used it to vent, it was kinda like therapy or something. And you awesome bastards were always there to encourage and support me, that was just friggen rad. Seriously, this shit helped keep me positive and motivated. I would not be here in Rotterdam right now if it were not for your awesomeness. So thanks for that. Cookies and Beer for all, no matter what happens tomorrow.

Wish I had some cooler stuff to talk about, but I don’t. So go over to my Girl Jane’s blog. I wrote a blog for her last week, then she was kind enough to do a little pre-Rotterdam thing for me. You should also follow her on the twitter;!/shoelesscoolis she’s almost at 100 followers. Her 100th follower get’s a sweet prize, a 1hr private tutoring session on the RAS gene and it’s roll in cancer and such…she’s smart.

Technically I should probably not be such good buds with this Jane character, she did after all drag me all the way out to Vancouver over x-mas break only to break up with me as soon as we got back. That was annoying as hell, kind of a bitch move there Coolis. But she has since proven that she is still awesome despite all that nonsense. She’s been an amazing friend and constant source of support through all the shenanigans (shenanigans which happen to involve her dragging me out to Vancouver then dumping me…yeah, it’s confusing to me too). I dig her. Also if you know me than you probably also know that I can absolutely not stay mad at anyone for more than an hour or two (except maybe Jeremy Roenick, seriously eff that guy). I am capable of being upset, but only in short spurts. Being upset makes you fat, it’s a scientific fact.

Okay, one last thing. thanks to brother mike for sharing this with me; this song is so rad. I can’t stop listening to it. Brother Mike has always had excellent musical taste.

Ok, I’m gonna go and grab some sorta carbo laced sports drink.





Apr 2012


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  1. April says:

    Good luck Rob! Go get ‘em! I’ll be up early tomorrow to follow the race on Twitter or wherever I can find a feed.
    Go, Rob, go!!

  2. mike says:

    Wow! I was expecting a few chuckles and got teary eyed instead! Great perspective, Rob – you are mentally prepared for this battle! You’re training log shows that your body is ready, too. You’ve put so much work into this, you deserve the prize.
    You’ve got a nation behind you; sounds like you’ve got a great family behind you too.
    Get after it tomorrow!

  3. Goodwin says:

    Race plan and hammer the course, and when you get to that dark place, …….you’re the rock star runner and you will prevail. Pre “I don’t just go out there and run. I like to give people watching something exciting.”
    Go get the 2:11:29 champ.

  4. Jonas says:


    You are such an inspiration to us! Go get r done!

    Too bad the race is so early in the am or I’d try to watch it. Maybe if I am still out til 2 am, but with a LR on sunday I’ll just be looking for your awesome time Sunday am to pump up my run.

    Are you and Dylan going to pace each other? I imagine that can be an interesting complication… but maybe you guys can use each other when the hurt train comes rolling in and push through til the last km or so.

    Good luck to you man! Love your hard work and hope you get it. I believe you will.

  5. PL says:

    Rob, you are a friggen legend and you are going to rock this thing. Love the blog!
    You’re ready man, so get out there tomorrow and hammer it home. We’re rooting for ya.

  6. Adam says:

    Good luck tomorrow Rob! Damn, I really should have run Rotterdam this weekend (instead of Paris), looks like it will be a pretty intense race.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wish I could write something really awesome and inspirational – but turns out I’m not that smart or eloquent – & besides, you know what you need to do and how to do it – so will just go with this…

    Really hope you get want you want and deserve – you’re a great dude – love ya man!

    & to Rob’s mom & dad and to ShoelessCoolis – you guys rock too!!!!

  8. JufromFrance says:

    Have a great race tomorrow!
    I have never commented on your blog before but it’s super inspiring to follow you and see all the hard work you’ve been doing since the lows of Toronto marathon.
    You deserve this 2h11’29 ! Looking forward a happy blog #71!

  9. F.I. Pops says:

    … thanks for forgiving me… Son … you rock … oh… did I mention that you’ll get it …

  10. Edgemont Dave says:

    Rob! Best of luck in Rotterdam. Kill it, own it, be it. 2:11:29? I’ll be F5-ing the hell out of the results page tomorrow, rooting you on. You’re an inspiration, man. I feel honored that my A goal in my upcoming marathon (3:04:59) is less than an hour slower than yours.

    Go get it!


  11. 519 says:


  12. Josh says:


  13. OnwardtoLondon says:

    Pulling for you Rob! You’re definitely an inspiration to all of us workday runners.

  14. Anthony says:

    Give er shit,buddy! All the friggin best from the LB !

  15. Dooooooooo it! I think there are going to be a lot of fist pumps and sky punches when you cross the line tomorrow Rob.

  16. Tim says:

    It’s time man, the moment you’ve been waitin for. Give em hell, kid.

  17. Lauren says:

    Watching the live feed. Good luck, buddy!

  18. Lauren says:

    Congrats on the PB in Rotterdam!

  19. Lisa says:

    Congrats on the PB Rob! Damn fine performance. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  20. Bob says:

    Big congrats on a great run today! You’re certainly on the right track. Very happy for Dylan Wykes too.

    Enjoy the Dutch beer. You’ve earned it.

  21. Canadian says:

    “The ultimate is not to win, but to reach within the depths of your capabilities and to compete against yourself to the greatest extent possible. When you do that, you have dignity. You have the pride. You can walk about with character and pride no matter in what place you happen to finish.” Billy Mills

  22. mike says:

    Congrats on a great performance Rob! Looking at your splits it looks like you really went after it right from the gun. Gotta respect that. Lookin forward to some fast times from you in the future!

  23. mike says:

    I should have said MORE fast times, because 2:13 is a damn fast time!

  24. wannabeelite says:

    Rob, 2:13 is a whopping PB for you. I know it’s not the ‘perfect’ scenario, but you’ve proven to all your doubters (former sponsors included) that you’ve got promise and you’re far from done yet. I 100% expect that you’re gonna be in the 2016 Olympic marathon. Give credit to yourself for being 1 of 4 guys responsible for a rebirth of attention paid to world-class marathoning in this country. Somehow all of you need to find a way to use this new attention to bring even more awareness and fans to elite running in this country. Good job.

    • rob says:

      Hey WBE, Awesome comment, thanks so much. Gonna keep fighting and moving forward for sure. It is fantastic to have dudes like Dylan, Gilly and Reider representing our country. Canadian marathoning is getting very exciting.

  25. Busker says:

    Hey Rob,

    Congrats on Rotterdam Race !! I was there today and had a chance to see you around 40 km! Good job


    • rob says:

      Oh man, you saw me at 40km! That must have been pathetic man, I was so fried by then, haha! Thanks for the support dude.

  26. Goodwin says:

    Rockstar performance, well done champ sink a few jars, enjoy your success!

  27. Anthony says:

    Hey,a PB,not all bad.Its been great following the journey and certainly has provided inspiration in my own marathon training.Good to hear some positive attitude.You’re on the right road young dude! You’ve made a ton of fans along the way and helped bring running into the mindsets of Canadians.Thanks man.

    • rob says:

      Hey Anthony, well it was a much better result than waiting in a cafe for the medic truck! Thanks for the continued support. Now it’s time for you and your crew to roll at Goodlife!

  28. Scott says:

    Congrats on a great race today. Sorry you didn’t hit the standard but you should hold your head very high! There is no doub t there will be more great things ahead for you. Look forward to reading what is next in your running and non-running life through this fine blog.

    • rob says:

      Thanks Scott, I was sad for about 4hours, now I’m pumped. Gonna keep at this. I really appreciate the support dude.

  29. F.I. Pops says:

    … this Canadian is very proud of you…

  30. watts says:

    way to be out there bro

  31. Three Cheeks says:

    Watson! Sick race dude, you got every reason to be proud! Cheeeya

  32. Ben Scholes says:

    Rob, your time was really freakin’ fast and going over there took a lot of balls. Good on ya!

  33. Jacob Aliet says:

    Good work man. Now tell us all about how this shit went down.

  34. Alex says:

    Hey Rob,

    New follower of your blog! Congrats on your rad time at Rotterdam, made us Canadian runners proud! Nice to see all your hard work pay off. Good luck in the future and keep rolling out those miles, (and blogs haha)

  35. Mauricio says:

    Hey Rob,

    Super proud of your hard work. You probably don’t realize how motivating it is to everyone that has read and followed you to see your dedication, its amazing. You are young in the marathon and the talent you have will come through. Just like the race itself, the journey is about patience. You have a good head (not just the license picture) so I’m sure you know you are well on your way. Enjoy the downtime, both physically and mentally, and we’ll see you on your next venture into the city. Effin rockstar.


    • rob says:

      Hey Mauricio,
      Thanks so much dude. It’s awesome to be supported by such rad people. Can’t wait to head into the city and party with you guys again soon!


  36. Minkala says:

    In my native swahili we say to you Mbio vizuri kazi nzuri

    be proud my friend

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