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Remember back in grade school when ya had to make science projects for the annual science fair?  Kids would construct a paper mache volcanoe, make a diorama and do other cutting edge science stuff. Yeah, I hated those science fairs. You see, I have always been kind of a crappy student. But usually my crappiness was kept between me and my teachers. My friends didn’t know how much I sucked…until these damned science fairs rolled around.

The projects at the science fair would fall into three categories. There were the overachieving nerds/obvious parental involvement projects. These were the ones with working parts, lights and special effects. The Mercedes and BMW’s of the kids science fair world if you will. These kids were pretentious assholes, and we were all jealous of their awesome projects.

Next there was the generic run of the mill, standard projects. They were well done, not so many bells and whistles, good enough to get the job done, dependable. The Volkswagens.

Lastly there was the shit projects, the Geo Metro’s. It sucked to have one of these projects, but they played a very important roll. They were there to make all the other kids feel good about their projects. These were the “at least mine is better than Rob’s” projects. Yeah, and this was the category that I fell into…every damn year!

I blame my poor showing at these science fairs on the fact that I am a terrible procrastinator,  I have always been this way, It’s just the way I work. If there is something to be done that I don’t wanna do. That thing is not getting done until the absolute last minute!

Runners are generally pretty smart, hardworking and successful outside the world of running. Not me man, not me at all. I suck at real life stuff. In university we would have our annual athletic banquet and it always sucked when they’d call up the all academic team members. One year I was literally the only member of the cross country team that was not on the academic honor roll, bunch of nerds, But I could totally beat them all in a race. You see I am a specialist. If there is something that stimulates and excites me I am giving that sucker 100% and I’ll rock it (running, girls, beer drinking), but if it is something that is lame and annoying, I’ll push it aside and ignore it until it absolutely has to get done (school, taxes, shaving).

This is a fairly large character flaw that I have, I was hoping that with time I would mature and grow out of it. This has not happened. Case in point, I am currently sitting in Starbucks blogging and drinking coffee despite the fact that I have to move outta my house on Monday and I have yet to start packing or do anything about it…Sunday night is gonna suck.

So speaking of packing up and moving.  I’m outta the Guelph, so I guess I gotta figure out where to next eh? Well this decision was actually very easy. If you have read this blog enough than you know that there is a city over there on the west coast that gives me a pretty good boner. Yeah, I’m totally moving to Vancouver. I have been to a lot of different places all over this fine planet of ours, and in my opinion Vancouver is the best city in the world. It is physically beautiful, culturally stimulating and has some of the best running I have ever experienced. Pretty pumped to set up shop for operation Rio2016 in Vancouver. Sure, I can barely afford to live in Guelph as it is, and Vancouver is about 10x as expensive, but we’ll worry about these details later. It’ll all work out, it always does man, it always does.

So as I get ready to start anew in Van city I guess it’s time to say goodbye to The Guelph. It’s sad, I have had an absolutely amazing run here in the Royal City. Guelph has been great to me, speedriver, DST, Moults, the whole community man, top notch city. I’ll take nothing but fond memories with me as I move on. I’m especially gonna to miss the dudes so friggen much. I love these speedriver bastards. Some of the best guys I’ve ever met… Cue Green Day’s ‘Good Riddance’  as I reflect on 5 glorious years in the G-Spot… *sigh*.

Alright, before I head out here, big shout out to my man Kevin Bourgeois, dude did me a huge solid last week. awesome stuff, supporting my cookiesandbeer habit like a champ! Cheers to you Kevin!

Alright, Cheers ya’ll have a great weekend.




Apr 2012


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  1. Michael says:

    Hey Champ, I was wondering what you do for your coreoclock. Mine has become stale and i was wondering a stud like yourself does

    • rob says:

      Hey Michael,
      Core-o’-clock 2.0; 20-30min alternating a few different excercises, no break. (can add in stuff with the planks; lifting legs, twisting etc)
      10min-normal plank/side plank/other side plank (1min each, rotating)
      12min- reverse plank (butt facing ground?), bicycle crunches, bird dogs, lay on back and hold legs 6inches off ground thing (1min each!)
      Then some of this stuff;
      It’s good stuff man. Get on it!

  2. Fil says:

    R-Dawg movng to the west coast, 1 watson is trouble enough now we get two…

  3. watts says:

    i died at Geo Metro. Probably the worst piece of shit machinery in history.

  4. Coolis says:

    Now you are no longer allowed to complain about me ‘dragging you to Vancouver, then dumping your ass upon our return.’ You might want to re-phrase this as ‘kindly introducing you to the most wonderful city in the world and opening up new doors for you.’ Yep, basically you owe me for your comeback!!!
    In all seriousness, I am so stoked you are moving to the West Coast, and can’t wait until (at some point) I am back there kicking back with ya!

    And an important note to all readers: Le Rob didn’t mention this, but his cookie obsession also played a large role in this move, as his favourite cookie baker resides only three blocks away from Wykes. Yep, it’s all about the #cookiesandbeer my friends.

    • rob says:

      Jane, I will always complain about that. That was lame as hell.
      But yes, I do thank you for the cookie connection and a thorough introduction to the best city in the world. Hurry up and do what ya gotta do out east Jane, we’ll rock the Vancouver together.

  5. Anthony says:

    Uh oh,sounds like the boys of LB just lost a pacer?
    All the best,out West!
    Hey that shit rhymes!

    Cheers Rob.

  6. MJM says:

    Speaking as someone who has moved from Guelph to Vancouver, I can only applaud your decision.

    The Whip > Van Gogh’s Ear
    R&B Brewing > Sleeman’s
    Wreck Beach > Guelph Lake
    Running in March through falling cherry blossoms > running in March through falling snow

    It’s worth the cost, even if you’re living in a leaky basement apt. in Burquitlam. Good luck!

    • rob says:

      Thanks so much MJM, super stoked to be rolling out west. Glad ya approve!
      I’ve been living poor for years now, as long as I have the mountains, beaches and Stanley park life will be just fine!

  7. Anon.for this post says:

    Glad for you and your move west. Will look forward to all the new blog-ammo. Rock it on the road to Rio.

    Anyway, reading your blog about the science fair brought back memories of my grade 7 project. Lame Lame and last minute, I grabbed a Harrier Fighter Jet poster from off my bedroom wall, stuck it on some cardboard and voila! With the help of a few model jets I had a stellar last-minute project. The science part about it? Who the heck knows. The thesis? Jets are cool to boys?!

    But what was truly difficult about the science fair was the parent’s open-house. They came to the school in the evening to see the projects and mill about the school. Things were going well. The parents had as much interest in the projects as I had in making the display. But what made the fair really awkward was one kids’ moms wore some really tight jeans. I didn’t have much of a filter and pointed out to my buddies that she was sporting a huge camel-toe. They all agreed and chuckled the way us dumb kids did and then…. TOLD HER WHAT I SAID….AAAARRRGGHHH!! it was all i could do but not start punching those guys and running far far far away.

    • rob says:

      haha, awesome. Your project sounds awesome! Jets are rad. I did one on Kangaroos once, it was brutal.
      Kids are assholes sometime, clearly a camel toe comment is not meant to be shared!

  8. F.I. Pops says:

    Son …my hat is off to you…Van is a good choice !!! Pops especially loves Wreck Beach…

  9. wannabeelite says:

    This is awesome news! I don’t know what your racing schedule will be like, but I think it would be great if you thought about dropping a good time at the inaugural Surrey International World Marathon/Half Marathon on Sept. 30. Surrey is the fastest growing municipality in the GVRD and will be bigger than Vancouver at some point so this is the start of a true big city race! It’s put on officially by the City of Surrey and sponsored by several corporations including Adidas and several prominent TV channels, newspapers, and radio channels. Minor sponsors include various running stores and Kintec footlabs, etc. Think about it….VIP packages…prize money…awards…publicity…Here’s the website: And congratulations on choosing BC!

  10. Tim says:

    Dude, I can totally relate. In high school, the top 12 except for myself were all 4.0 students. Hahaha. I turned out fine..

    Also, you should seriously consider running the Chicago Marathon this year…. I want to actually meet a role model of mine. Just sayin’.

    Keep on keep’n on, and good luck in Vancouver.


    • rob says:

      Hey Tim,
      Runners are generally pretty smart eh? I’ll just try to blend in and ride that stereotype.
      I would love to run the Chicago Marathon, haven’t quite figured out my fall marathon yet, so we’ll see!
      Thanks for the support dude,


  11. Anonymous says:

    when will you be ‘officially’ commencing your new business service ‘Can Run… Will Rabbit’?

    the international opportunities would be unlimited and you’d look much better than the normally called upon

    • rob says:

      haha, thanks. I’m game to make a go as a pro rabbit, just as long as the person doesn’t mind being berated mercilessly for the last 8km. I was harsh on my man Darren, felt kinda bad after.

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