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I’ve been crashing at my parents house for the past two weeks. It’s been nice, I’ve got to hang out with the folks and spend some time with little brother Erik. I have dined like a champ, and I have sampled many a beer with my buds. Basically I haven’t had a care in the world. Sadly though as a result of this wussy lifestyle my running has been crap, great big crap balls. It’s been real London, but it’s time to move on. Time to get the head and body back on the grind.

The training grind is a funny thing. Whilst yer in the thick of hard training it is so simple. You just get into a flow and get the work done. It is easy, you have goals, and you do what needs to be done to accomplish them. You wanna be fast and ya wanna improve, so ya just get at, it’s routine. But then you take a bit of time off, you drink some beer, eat some junk, get fat, get lazy. The fitness melts away more and more with each successive day spent on the couch nursing a hangover and eating ice cream. You lose your grasp on the grind, it slowly slips away. Once ya get removed from the grind it can be difficult to get it back. Takes a bit of time. I know it’ll come back, this current suckness is part of the ebbs and flow of the game. But right now it is rough, being outta shape is lame as hell.

So now at least I am back doing some running workouts. The outta shape workouts are hilarious. When I am fit and rolling I really look forward to working out and running hard. Each workout is an opportunity to build on the fitness and make some progress, I’m pumped when it starts to hurt and it gets hard, that’s when the fitness is built and the improvements are made. But when yer outta shape, damn man, workouts suck. I was at the track last night, supposed to do 15×600, not very fast, basically just do it. Man, it was a sad, sad sight. I had no fun. One of those workouts where after the 4th one I was ready to call it a day. These workouts are depressing, but they are very important and they gotta get done. I just wanna get fit again!

So here’s a story about when I was young, fit and fast. When I was a senior in university I went to Oregon and ran a steeplechase, it went really well and I ran a school record. I can’t remember what my time was, but it was a good day. I remember cooling down and hooping and hollering down on Pre’s trail. Nothing quite like nailing a race, damn it felt good. I was flying so high!

After the race a teammate and I went to Tracktown Pizza to celebrate. We each got a pizza and a whole bunch of beer. I was at the restaurant buzzing pretty good and I went and ordered a couple more pitchers of beer. I was on my way back to my table when I happen to stumble upon my coach!… I really wanna tell ya what happened next, but I like my coach and don’t wanna get him in trouble. So I’ll leave out the details. Anyways, eventually I got drunk, it was glorious,  a very fun night was had in Eugene.

However, during this time I was dating a girl who was also the track team. The day after I ran my good race in Oregon CSU had a home track meet. She was scheduled to run a steeplechase of her own. I was still flying pretty high about my big breakthrough race.  I called my lady friend to see how she did in her race, she was crying. I just assumed that she had a bad race, girls are always crying after a bad race. Go to a track meet anywhere in the world and you will see so many crying girls, it’s insane! They also pee their pants when they run…Girl runners are weird man, but I love em!

Anyways, so my girlfriend was crying, and as I said before I just figured she had a crappy race. But what really happened was that she had  tripped over a hurdle during the race and broke her arm! It was such a buzzkill, way to rain on my parade, so selfish of her. She was an awesome girl…but she just wasn’t very good at the steeple. She should have listened to my coaching advice about steeple strategy (fig 1. below).  Side note, having a girlfriend with a broken arm is lame, it’s hard to get sexytime whilst rocking a sling and a cast…


Back to the female steeplechase for a quick second.  I think that they should make the women’s hurdles higher. A 30′ hurdle is just silly, it looks dumb, way to low. Besides, if you watch a women’s steeple race they all jump a good 3feet over the barrier anyways, just raise the damn thing. Make a note, this is coming from a guy who was a horrible hurdler in his own right. The only reason I made it over the hurdles was because I’m 6’3 and can step over the damn things.

If ya ever wanna see a beautiful steeplechaser look no further than my boy Alex Genest, that guy is like poetry in motion in that damn event, and now he’s going to the Olympics for it, way to go buddy!

Here is a quick story about a squirrel…a squirrel that I killed. When I was pretty young, like 8-9 I ran over a squirrel with my bike. The squirrel freaked out and ran away, but its tail fell off in the process. I stopped and picked up the tail. It was kinda bloody and gross. I wanted to make a hat with it, but mom would have none of it.  For the rest of my youth I was always on the lookout for the tailless squirrel that was roaming my neighborhood. I was too young and naive to realize that the squirrel most surely died soon after I ran it over, poor guy probably fell outta a tree:(

Okay, I gotta go pack, getting outta of London today. Gonna spend a couple days in Toronto before flying off to Colorado on Friday.  Gonna race the Boulder Bolder on the 28th of May. Then spend the next month or so in Colorado and Flagstaff.  Super excited to get at it.  As for the race, Well, that should be interesting…

Have a great week!


May 2012


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  1. Lauren says:

    Careful with squirrels and bikes, dude, especially in London. I know a guy who was biking and a suicidal squirrel came out of nowhere, got hit (squirrel + spokes = bad) and guy promptly went over the handlebars and broke a few bones. And London squirrels are badass. There was one near us when I was growing up that only had three legs! We called him Stumpy. Not sure where the other one went…you sure it was a squirrel tail that was left behind and not a leg?

  2. F.I. Pops says:

    Son … thanks for explaining what it takes to be at the top.

  3. lorrzy says:

    thank fuck i’m not the only lady pants pisser. Once again leblogdurob assures me i’m just an average runner.

  4. F.I. Pops says:

    i’m not a lady … but i’m a pisser

  5. watts says:

    you should get your hands on some oskar blues beers if you haven’t done so already. they are based in colorado…fantastic

  6. Anonymous says:

    disapointing, truly disapointing …. how can there only be 5 comments? …. your last blog attracted 31…. the comments are a big part of the blogging process … good luck tomorrow in the truly excellent B>B race …. best venue in the world!

    • rob says:

      Yeah, bit of a lull eh? Gotta make sure the next blog is really controversial and such, get a discussion going, I’m leaning towards some sort Gay Jesus angle.

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