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Hey, so I’m writing this post with a heavy heart. We here at team LeBlog are mourning the loss of a dear friend and invaluable colleague. I’m talking of course about my computer, that dusty old guy finally conked out on me for good. He had been teetering on the edge for a few months and I can’t say that I’m surprised by his death, but I am still heartbroken none the less. Also feeling pretty dumb about not backing up any of my files or anything, oops.

I have literally written every single blog post on that tank of a laptop, this is blog #1 in the post Thinkpad era. I am writing today on Dylans iPad, at first I was excited to use this thing because they are hip and cutting edge. Those feelings did not last long, this thing is infuriating. I can’t work this friggen thing properly to save my life. This post is gonna be brief, because if my incompetence with this damn iPad continues I’m gonna throw it through the Starbucks window.

Okay so let’s update my story. Still here in Flagstaff and still loving it. This place is unbelievable. Training is coming around, finally got in a decent workout the other day, pretty excited about running and getting back at some serious training. I’m really happy Dylan invited me up here to train with him, I had been slacking way too much since Rotterdam, nothing like chasing a 2:10 guy around the trails to force ya to get your shit together. Law of the jungle folks, adapt or die.

So it’s back to being tired, hungry and sore all the time, I love life on the grind. Love it so much that I have decided to dive deeper into the red and head on back up to Flagstaff for 5 more weeks after I race the Vancouver half next weekend.

I’m still planning on moving to Van, but I figure that 5 extra weeks of hammering out solid volume and working hard up here at 7000′ will provide a wicked base and get me strong as balls. Then I’ll head down to sea level and rock 8-10 weeks of marathon specific work in prep for a fall marathon. That there is a plan if I’ve ever heard one!

Couple quick highlights from training camp so far; Dylan and I have adopted a protege! Youngblood Steve. YS has been joining us for our daily 6@6 jaunts around Buffalo park. YS is an emerging superstar on the NCAA scene representing UNC. Steve has embarked on an intense summer training regime. He’s being driven by the power of the Levins, and thus he is just gonna run himself into the ground and get fit as hell in the process. It’s awesome. Also quick shout out to YS’s roommate Tim, another solid dude.

Went to the Grand Canyon! That place is absurd! Nature is so friggen rad. All that tectonic plate movement combined with some top notch erosion has produced one hell of a beautiful geological feature down here in Arizona. The GC is one of those places that forces you to become a cheesy philosophical douche, ya just stare into that immense, awe inspiring beauty and ya try to comprehend it all, but ya can’t. It just makes ya feel so small, so insignificant…then a sloppy overweight tourist from Omaha throws an empty McDonald bag down the canyon and it’s kinda a buzz kill. Anyways though, that place is rad, Arizona tourism hit the Jackpot with that thing.

It’s funny to think about what went through the heads of the first European folks who stumbled across the GC. They had probably been slowly, yet surely making their way west across this hot ass, unforgiving terrain. The sun had been beating down on them unrelentlessly for weeks on end. They were always hungry and thirsty beyond belief. Life was pretty miserable for sure. Then one day, just another scorching hot miserable day these poor bastards came to a clearing, and there before them was literally the biggest friggen hole in the world blocking their path! Oh man, they must have lost their shit. The Grand Canyon was natures ultimate troll. I guess That’s what those damn conquistadors get for killing all the Aztecs and stealing their gold. Good riddence.

Alright, so that has been training camp so far; getting thrashed by Dylan, guiding the youth of our sport and looking at Canyons. Well, we have also been drinking a lot of coffee…a lot! We were driving to the coffee shop the other day when we happened across a cop working a speed trap. We figured we were screwed, because Dylan was experiencing coffee withdrawal and was thus driving like a madman. We hit the brakes and slowly coasted by the cop. We anxiously glanced at the police car to see if the officer was gonna pull us over. After looking at the cop we were relieved to realize that there was no chance of us getting pulled over. The cop car was being manned by a dummy! There was a mannequin dressed as a cop propped in the front seat, fake cop had a fake beard and a fake mustache even. It was funny, Dylan and I broke into a giggle fit and then proceeded to take pictures of fake cop. It was a good day, and if I wasn’t so useless at this iPad I would post said pics, but alas this iPad has broken my spirit, I’m done with this damn thing!

Alright, time for some 6@6 action. Outta here! See ya next week Vancouver!







Jun 2012


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  1. Anthony says:

    Hey Rob,good to hear you’re back on the train.Rocking some solid mileage again myself after the Cabot adventure(you HAVE to do it one year) and the long slow build to a fall marathon.Leaning towards the Hammer in Nov.
    Any idea what race you’re preppin for? Scotia? I’ll be workin it again and hopefully seeing you cruise past me at 30k instead of in the entrance of the GOOF (Good Food) Restaurant.
    ps Catching any Euro down there?

    • rob says:

      Hey man,
      Congrats to you and the whole long boat crew out there at Cabot. I read Dan’s recap, sounded like an awesome time. Totally gotta do that one day.
      As for the fall, not sure on a race yet, but whatever I choose I can promise ya it will be much better than my Debacle at scotia last year.
      I’ve been watching a lot of euro, loving it. That England game today was fantastic. Tough break to your Irish.
      Cheers man.

  2. PR says:

    There’s Hansonrun, runProvidence & SpeedRiver. Now… The WatsonWykesWest Project is born. A great nucleus of kickass runners gets things rolling for years to come!
    (I’ll take a 0.5% cut of any profits you make from using that name ) Feel free to make it bilingual: WatsonWykesOuest to lure some fast Quebec or NewBrunswick runners

  3. drwatson says:

    Sorry for your loss brotherman. Always a sad day, hope you saved the imporntant things. See what I did there? Hilarious. Good luck with the 1/2! Also, Cookies and Beer has changed my life for the better.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Destroyer get a ThinkPad Edge you’ll have no problems. I expect a 2:12 in the fall. Chicago is the race.


  5. Anthony says:

    Dude!! We’re gonna have to have a whip round to get you a new machine! The blogs are missed!

  6. Frank says:

    It’s important that you keep believing that we’re clean, Lance included. For me it was a case of drinking too much coffee, not knowing that coffee is a diuretic. I’m dumb when it comes to chemistry. Please keep watching us cycle because we are the fittest athletes in the world. Except for you Dude.
    Your on a bike,

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