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Hey, yeah so the blog was on summer holiday. Sorry about that. Let’s get back at this blogging.

Let’s start with a recap of what this kid has been up to. Last we talked I was about to head off to Vancouver for a Half-Marathon. Good god, that race was terrible. Actually no, the race was not terrible, it was a wonderfully organized and overall fantastic event. I was the one that was terrible at this race. I sucked so bad. You ever have those races or runs where as soon as you start it’s just like “ahhhhh crap, this is gonna be ugly”? Yeah, one of those days for sure.

I thought that I was gonna be able to pull off something decent there in Van, my training had finally started to come around and workouts were getting decent. But looking back at the training, well, it makes sense why I felt so flat and dead. Just too much too close to the race. I’m not very smart sometimes.

So I dropped out of that race. I feel shame, dropping out is lame and cowardly…I don’t like being a lame coward, I’ll get em’ next time. Next time is Aug 12th at the Toronto 10miler. I think I’ll be ready to roll that sucker.

I’ve actually had time to put in several solid weeks up here now. I’ve been hitting the trails with Youngblood and my current landlord Andrew Lemoncello and the rest of the McMillan crew. Bunch of great runners and cool dudes to roll with up here.

I just finished up a great three week block and I’m just about ready to start specific work for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Check out this little write up Paul Gains did if ya have the time;

Okay, so yeah just finishing up my time here in the Flagstaff, like I said the training has been great, but I am quite eager to get down to sea level and start putting in some serious marathon specific work. Up here it has been a lot of grinding and dirty work. Put in the base, building that callous. That part is done, now we get sexy folks. I am gonna sexify the hell outta the trails in Vancouver.

It’ll be so nice to feel fresh and bouncy. I’ve had a few grinders up here folks, a few not so pretty runs. Three such runs really stick out. Three runs where I had to rely on the kindness of strangers to help me out to assure that I didn’t die.

run 1; out for a long run, plan on going 23miles. It was a hot day and I was obviously not adequately hydrated (that happens a lot to me). At about 90min I knew I was gonna struggle, by 2hrs I was parched as…I don’t know, I was thirsty as balls. Finally at around 2hr10 I was just asking random people for water, trying to flag down cars, anything to for a drink. I was about 1mile from home when finally I just ran to a house and asked them for a drink. Thankfully a nice old lady named Sue was there and she hooked me up with a bottle. Sue saved my life that day. Thanks Sue.

run 2; Pretty much the exact same as run #1, just out for a little 2hr jaunt, but I got a late start and it was a hot one. Was starting to suffer and such when I came across a very random Lemonade stand on the side of the road. Those kids hooked me up big time. Those kids with their lemonade saved my life.

run 3; This one just happened on Saturday, I was doing a pretty long, long run. Ran with the McMillan crew around A-1 Mountain. A-1 is a fairly challenging 21mile loop that is very popular out here. Ran that in 2:15 with the dudes, but then I had to add on to make 3hrs on the day. I decided to run home from A-1, it was a doable plan. But the combination of a fairly decent 21miles already in the bag, end of a 150+mile week and the hilly nature of the return trip had me dead on my feet by 2hr45min. It was getting rough. I eventually hit the 3hr mark, ran a few more minutes then said eff it and hitchhiked home. A dude named Robert picked me up this day. Robert saved my life.

So yeah, a few humbling experiences out here. But rad training none the less.

Hey, the Olympics are starting very soon, awesome! Best of luck to all my buds who’ll be racing. It’s an amazing accomplishment these athletes have achieved. Proud of ya’ll.

Do you know what is not amazing? The number of douchebags whom have been caught doping in the past little bit. Well, it is rad that they have been caught, but it is most certainly not rad that they were doping in the first place.

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with these people? Do they have no morals? no Ethics? It is all so very effed, very discouraging. Pisses me off so much. Dopers should get immediate lifetime bans, they should also get punched in the head. They are fundamentally flawed, how can they justify this to themselves? They live a lie and they are messing with my sport.  Running isn’t only about winning and losing. It is about challenging yourself, it is about pushing your boundaries and seeing how far you can take it, it’s about giving it your all and finding out what you are made of. Dopers don’t care about the sport, they are a bunch of selfish pussies, and they are ruining my sport. Assholes.

Anyways, I’m going to go see Batman now, sweet.

Oh yeah, Sponsored by Asics now! Go buy some Asics, they have some sick kicks!



Jul 2012


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  1. leo says:

    I guess you lost your blog followers since I’m the first one to comment.
    Anyway – I used to live in New Mexico and I think it should be “y’all” instead of “ya’ll”. I wouldn’t correct you on most things but that had to be brought up.
    Having lived in the SW USA, as I said – I know it can get really hot. I used to live in an apartment complex and went out for a long (for me) early run in the middle of the summer and when I got back I was totally dazed. I ended up walking into the wrong apartment! Luckily the neighbors just laughed as opposed to calling the police (even after walking in I still didn’t realize I was in the wrong place).
    Anyway – the Toronto 10 miler sounds like a great place to really show your stuff.
    Good luck!

  2. KFarr says:

    “Sexify the hell outta the trails”. Love it!!! Only you could make marathon training sexy!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Last summer – brick workout – 3 hours on bike followed by 1 hour run – was hot – seriously muffa f-ing hot – half way through Tarzan-ing the run come across some kids just before an out and back section – they ask me if I want some lemonade – so I sez “that would be fantastic – I’ll be rolling by again in 10mins” – sure enough, 10mins later they’re waiting for me by the side of the road with an awesome-looking frosty lemonade – just as I get to them they yell “that’ll be 5 bucks mister” – little bastards!
    Ciao El Toro

  4. Jack says:

    You do suck as a blogger! What a hiatus! Anyways, all the best in the ten miler and welcome back! Sponsored by Asics?!! You got yourself a sponsor already? Congrats!

  5. wannabeelite says:

    WOW. Sponsored by Asics? I guess Ryan Hall won you over, huh? Just kidding. Great to see the blog back up and running….Congrats on the news, duder.

  6. Alex says:

    Finally a blog from none other than the king of blogging himself. Glad to hear your back into the thick of things with your training, that 10 miler is coming up soon! Congrats on the asics sponsorship, just nice to see your hard work paying off. Hope you stay healthy and the training continues to go smoothly (except I hope you dont have another near death experience on your run.. HAHA)

    Stay classy my friend.

  7. Doug Baker says:

    Glad you got the Asics sponsorship. Now I can tell myself that I’m allowed to use the term Fade from the Front, since maybe a penny or two of my shoe purchase went to you.

  8. Nate says:

    Glad to see you back. Your blog is always entertaining. Good luck with your training and congrats on your sponsorship.

  9. Hicham says:

    Mr. America,
    I noticed on an August 3 tweet that you think all of us Moroccan’s are dirty. I’m Moroccan and I was a clean athlete, so my WR’s and Olympic titles should not be forbidden.

  10. Jack says:

    The ten miler report?

  11. Pinocchio says:

    I agree with your stance on LA as expressed in your tweets. Who is the drdmacd guy? Is he for real? I do not buy products from businesses that support LA.

  12. Lance says:

    Hey Pinocchio ,

    LA IS for real. Don’t get the ‘ Big C’ dude , “cause it’s a Big filthy business, one that I can use as leverage to keep the Feds away. Just tell the ‘C’ people I’m doing a fundraiser and I’m God. LOL.

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