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Hello? Anybody still there? If you are still there then I thank you, but if you are gone or you don’t wanna listen to what I have to say I completley understand. I have been a jerk. I just up and stopped blogging, didn’t say goodbye, didn’t give any reason or warning at all, I just up and stopped. That was not very cool at all. I apologize folks. I blame my lack of computer access and a fairly busy scheduale for this hiatus. But in reality it mainly comes down to laziness and writers block.

Finally though after being called out on a regular basis for the lack of blogness I have gotten myself together…and my dad bought me a computer. Thanks Dad, love you!

So here we are, two months since the last update. A lot has been going on over these past two months, I live in a new city, I have a new job,and I’m in a heavy training cycle. We have lots to talk about. Let’s go!

First and foremost, I’m living in Vancouver. Vancouver is awesome and I’m pumped to be here. When I first got here I lived in the Kitsilano area, it was awesome. I lived with a random girl that I met on Craigslist. She was nice, but then she decided to move to India. She was really into Yoga, and apparently India is like the Yoga mecca. Kinda like a runner going to Kenya to train. This girl decided that if she wanted to take her yogaing to the next level then she had to go to India and become a master. Fair enough, but as a result I had to find another place to live.
Luckily one of my good buddies has been living out here for a while and his roomate was taking off, so I just moved in with him, it was actually very simple. So now I live with Fil. We live downtown and it is neat.

I have started a new job as well. I’m Living the semi-pro life and to make ends meet I am putting in some hours at Forerunners running store. This is the most I have worked in years, but for some reason the ends still don’t quite meet. It’s cool though because this store is gnarly, bunch of friendly folks and a chill environment. I work with a bunch of super fast folks from back in the day as well which is pretty cool. Peter Butler (2:10guy) is the owner, and Arty Bileaou (2:11) works here. Carey Nelson (2:12) is also kicking around as he does running clinics for the store.
I like picking the brains of these old stalwarts, try to get some advice or insight. The other day I asked Peter about some of his old workouts;
me: Peter, what were some key marathon workouts you did?
peter: A good one was when I would run 18miles, stop and drink two glasses of water, and then run 4miles as hard as I could.
me: Sounds pretty good, but why 2 glasses of water?
peter: Well you get thirsty after running 18miles!
Yep, so work is good and living situation is good, let’s talk running.

A lot has been going on in the running front. Last we talked I had just run a brutal half marathon. After that fiasco I went back to Flagstaff for a few more weeks and kept building general fitness, it was awesome. Flagstaff is an absolutley amazing place to train. I will most certainly go back when I have a chance.
I then moved to Vancouver and kept on rolling. I trained here for a few more weeks before going to Toronto for a 10miler. It was pretty bad, I was terrible really. I wish I had some legit excuses for this. My main excuse here is that I went out way to fast and blew up, but that doesn’t count as an excuse in running. If you ever hear someone trying to use poor racing tactics or race execution as an excuse tell them to shut up. Racing like a moron isn’t an excuse, it’s just the runner being stupid. So anyways, we’ll just chalk up that 10 miler to me being stupid.
After that 10miler I went back to Vancouver and really started jamming the marathon prep. It was very exciting.

Heading into this build up I asked coach Watson for workouts to run 2:10. He sent me my training, and it was friggen intense man. I started out rocking it hard…for the first few weeks at least. Slowly but surly though my easy days were becoming not so easy, I was sore, I was tired and I then one night I almost tipped over and fell in the ocean as I sucked up a tempo run, I was breaking down folks. Luckily we realized this early enough and took some time to chill and re-group. That sucked, but it was necessary. I hooked up with the Point Grey group for a few runs. I don’t mind doing workouts and runs by myself, but sometimes it is nice to have some company. The Point Grey crew is a good group, some fast young folks and a pretty decent coach there in Richard Lee. I also have my buddy Chris Winter out here to run with, he has moved west from the Guelph. So I have now re-freshed and re-charged and things are back on as I roll into this last hard block.

This past weekend I was in Toronto for the Canadian 10km champs. These mid-marathon training races are interesting, never really know what you’re gonna get, generally we just come in off whatever training we’ve been doing and hope for the best. I didn’t feel great during this particular race, pretty flat and lacked pep, but I was able to push hard and give it a good honest effort. I was 3rd overall and 2nd Canuck. Got beat by that Coolsaet fellow. It was a fun weekend, the CRS always put on great events and it was awesome to see my old Speed River Buddies, well except for Boorsma, that guy is a bastard, if you ever see him out and about give him the finger and tell him he sucks.

After the race I went to London to visit the family, it was really good to see them, especially my little brother Erik. Erik almost died here a few weeks ago, but then he didn’t die, and to celebrate his non-death he bought a dog. His dog is named Reggie and it is the cutest thing ever, I love that dog.

reggie is such a beauty.

So now I’m back in the Vancouver just chilling and eating some asian food. I live right beside this awesome asian market and I’ve been eating lots of random asian things latley. It mostly just tastes like fish, but I dig it.
Alright, so we’re getting down to it folks. Holy moly, I am pumped to race Toronto in a few weeks!
Oh Yeah, drink E Load! That stuff is fantastick!

One last thing. For the Scotia Toronto Waterfront Marathon I have decided to try to raise a little cash for charity. I am trying to do my part for the Toronto Alzheimer Society. Alzheimer’s is lame as hell so if yer feeling charitable go ahead and chip in here;

Okay, that was my update. Be back soon (probably…maybe…)

Love ya, bye!


Sep 2012


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  1. Bovice says:

    Hey Rob

    Super excited you started blogging again. It really helps out my office days when I have some Watson reading material.

    To my main point, I was hoping I could get some advice from you. I am looking for a new nick name and thought that if anyone should give me one it should be a guy that lives by FFTT.

    Thanks for my new nickname,
    The guy formerly known as Thunder Fist

    • rob says:

      Hey there Bovice,
      two quick things; what is FFTT?
      and next, so you already have a nickname? and it’s THUNDER FIST? Why the hell would you want a new nickname if you are already known as THUNDER FIST!!!??? THUNDER FIST is probably the best nickname ever.
      Therefore I refuse to give you a new nickname, you gotta embrace THUNDER FIST, you don’t know how lucky you are man.

  2. Anonymous says:

    2:12 in Toronto would be solid for you. Don’t go out any faster then 1:06:30 then negative split the bastard.


    • rob says:

      I appreciate the advice Stallion, sub 2:12 would be great. But there is no way in hell I am going to do it by going 66:30-65:29, that is simply not gonna happen. Maybe that type of negative split is possible in a tactical championship style race. But for a race like STWM, during the second half we are generally running alone or with maybe one or two other guys if we are lucky. And to hammer home that much faster under those racing circumstances is not feasible. For sub 2:12 I would wanna go out in 65:45ish and hold it as steady as possible.

  3. Robert Cooper says:

    Man… That was the lamest blog you’ve ever put out!!! …. No valuable content – so weak you had to use dying family and cute puppy?? … Did you have a stroke or something? …probably wrote this on a stolen computer … Where’s the inspirational insight and good words about your shoes … What about some juicy gossip about runners and some predictions on NCAA X-C (VIrginia??? NC. Colorado State).

    Alzheimer’s is certainly a deserving charity … Do you have a registered number for tax receipts and so that the charity can keep track and acknowledge your efforts …. How would I make a donation?

    • rob says:

      Hey Robert,
      Appreciate the honesty. Although the stroke comment may be a bit unnecessary, and I clearly stated that my dad bought me this computer. Also, why would writing a blog on a stolen computer have any effect on the quality of the writing? That doesn’t make sense at all, that was a truly pathetic “insult”. It actually made me feel better though, because due to the lameness of your insults I lost a lot of respect for you, and thus I don’t really care that you are not a fan of this blog post.
      Anyways, as for the Charity, I posted a link to my specific donation page at the end of the blog. Check it out.


      • Anonymous says:

        I love your blog and missed it …. I guess the blog just didn’t live up to my anticipation or expectations…. my lame insults were meant to be motivational and inspirational …. alas I failed to either insult or motivate …. what a pathetic creature I am!!!!

        • rob says:

          It’s okay, we are both lame. We should crack a beer and reflect on where it all went wrong, I suspect Kyle Boorsma has something to do with this.

  4. Anonymous says:

    yup , there’s sometime wrong with our man Rob

  5. Jack says:

    Good work and welcome back!

  6. anonymous says:

    bad news: i almost gave up on your blog… that would have been sad,
    good news: i happened to check back today so haven’t given up yet!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Glad you are back blogging. Great to read as always.
    Congrats on a strong result at the Zoo.
    Looking forward to a great result in Toronto next month.

  8. Nic says:

    Welcome back! Look forward to cheering you on at STWM.
    All the best with the last bit of training.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Great to see the blog back. How about the training log?

  10. Lizzie says:

    Hey Rob!
    Do you ever watch the puppy cam?

  11. Anthony says:

    Hey dude,nice to see you back.Will be working the SWTM course again this year at the Beaches turnaround.Give that spot where you stopped last year the friggin finger as you roll past it! I’ll be shouting my ass off at cha!
    Onward to beer and cookies!

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