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Before I start my blog I have to post this;  I am trying to raise a little bit of money to help out the Alzheimer Society of Toronto as part of the STWM2012 Charity Challenge. This is a challenge in which I am not doing a very well at! I posted this link at the end of my last blog and apparently no one saw it/everyone ignored it. Come on folks, fork it over for a good cause…man I suck at raising money. How about a little background here as to why I’m doing this; Alzheimer’s killed my Nana, it was bullshit, Alzheimer’s is  brutal. Okay, now give them some money.  Alzheimer’s is friggen lame as hell, I hate it.

*edit* Oct 11, 5:30pm. Just reached our $500 goal! Thanks so much everybody! Super pumped about this, now that is friggen teamwork!

Alright let’s have a quick pre-race update. I’ve finished my last few workouts before STWM2012 and things have been going quite well. Last real work was on Saturday I ran 6miles on some rolling terrain in 29:39, it wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t hard either. So I guess the good news is that I have the first part of my race locked down! I wanna run under 2:12, that would be righteous. I would fist pump and do a back flip if I did that. The fist pump would  be done right as I finished, but I would have to wait a bit before I attempt the back flip, if you try to do a back flip immediately after finishing a marathon you’re gonna have a bad time. The back flip will come later in the week, probably after a few beers…I’ll probably still bash my head though, my back flip skills are lacking.

So I’m sitting in my Aunts basement here in Toronto, just gonna hang out all week and go slightly insane from the anticipation of this weekends battle. Here is what I’m thinking headed in; I am in better shape than when I ran Houston, but not quite as fit as I was heading into Rotterdam. You may ask why do I think I can run 2:11:59 when I’m not even as fit as I was when I ran 2:13:37? That is a valid question, let’s break down my reasoning here.

Heading into Rotterdam I really think I was in 2:11 low shape, but then I ran my first half in 64:40 and blew the hell up over the last 7km (was with Dylan through 31km…he beat me by 3min!) I may have been in 2:11 something shape, we’ll never know. But I sure as hell was not in 2:09:20 shape!

This weekend I am excited to just get out there and execute a more conservative and patient race plan. I will not be chasing any sort of do or die time standard like Rotterdam (Rotterdam race plan: run 2:11:28 or die trying…) I have goals, but I am also going to be flexible, I am going to listen to the body and not force it. Looking forward to just run hard and let the race come to me. I wanna be there and ready to fight that last 10km.  I have blown up at the end of my other marathon’s. Blowing up at the end of a marathon sucks so much balls, I do not want that to happen in Toronto. No FFTF this weekend folks, sorry.

Okay, so that’s the plan, apparently the weather isn’t looking awesome. It’s unfortunate, but it’s outta my control. I have everything that I am responsible for locked down. My fitness is good, my nutrition plan is solid(thanks eLoad!) and I am mentally primed to give it all I have. What else can I do? Can’t wait!

I woke up early and watched the Chicago Marathon this past Sunday, hoping for some more pre-Scotia motivation. There are few things more beautiful in my eyes than seeing those top guys just hammer a marathon, watching them float along at 4:50/mile is truly awesome. So I was happy to watch a record breaking race in  Chicago. Tsegaye Kebede won in a blistering 2:04:38, it was quite amazing. Kebede is a gamer who always seem to be around in the big races. Also, I don’t wanna sound too creepy here, but that little guy is adorable! 5’2 and maybe 110lbs, Check out this post race interview; what a guy, “I like it!”

Also in Chicago Dathan Ritzenhein rolled a very solid 2:07:47. I was pumped for this result. I have been a ritz fan for a long time. That dude is tough as nails and he has overcome a lot to get to that 2:07. I get pretty annoyed reading the message boards and constantly see people hating on Ritz and some of the these other guys for being spoiled and pampered.

The “blue collar” runners are celebrated, whilst this “white collar” group is looked upon with a sort of disdain. It’s BS man. Sure it is a great story when someone is able to run fast despite overcoming obstacles.  But on the other hand I just don’t understand all the hate for this other group? Just because they happen to get paid well and have access to all the top training perks doesn’t make what they do any less awesome.

I think some folks believe that having an alter-g treadmill or having a nice Nike salary will automatically make you fast. These things are nice, but bottom line is that these guys work hard, they work so friggen hard that it is hard to believe sometimes. I have had a chance to talk training with some of these folks and it is humbling. These dudes (and ladies, same goes for the pro women) work their balls (ovaries) off ,  they are some of the toughest and hardest working people in the game. Running is simple, the harder you work the faster you’ll run. These “white collar” guys have earned this cushy life through thousands of miles on the trails, early mornings in the gym and pure hard work. So please stop hating, jealousy is an ugly trait, give respect when respect is due.

Okay, gonna go eat some carbs and drink some eLoad, talk to ya next week.




Oct 2012


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  1. Anthony says:

    Nice product placements! But you didn’t mention your shoes. No wonder you suck so bad at raising money. Good luck on Sunday. Is the race on television this year? Hope you bust that 2:12 hymen, as it were.

  2. Serge says:

    Good luck out there man. I’ll be out there yelling obscenities as you pass :)

  3. davefromlondon says:

    Love the blog Rob. Good luck and keep writing!! You’re going to do great!!

  4. Perry says:

    You will rock the roads Rob,
    go get em champ


  5. wannabeelite says:

    Hey man! Good luck tomorrow! Go out there and take some names! HOOYAH.

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