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That was not cool, not cool at all. I went to Toronto with hopes and dreams of running fast and being awesome. It did not work out that way at all. I most certainly did not run fast and I was far from awesome. It was kinda like going to a bar and ordering a FatTire, but then getting a bottle of PBR instead, what a terrible disappointment! (yeah hipsters, PBR is gross as hell)

I’ll give a quick race recap, not really gonna be very thorough, that would be kinda depressing.

Woke up feeling good, ready to go. Get to the race. Standard warm up, ready to rock, feeling happy.

Gun goes off; “Just relax, get into a rhythm”

2km; “Hmm…not feeling great, it’s okay, just let it come, don’t force it”

5km; “So should be feeling better soon…”

8km; “any time now…”

10km; “Oh hey there hamstring what’s up?”

12km; “May be a slow day, just stay positive.”

12.1km; “This sucks”

12.2km; “I said stay positive!

15km; “2:14 will be good today!”

18km; “2:15 will be good today.”

21km; “2:16 will be good today.”

22km; “I just hope I can finish.”

25km; “I am not gonna finish.”


There is something wrong with me folks, something is just not right. I ran pretty well in Rotterdam, I was very happy and encouraged with that result. But since then I have struggled with my running, I have just been off. It has been a mental and a physical problem, I have to remedy this lameness ASAP!

So what do I have to do? Well, a few things need to be done. I think that my first problem has already been remedied. I think all the moving around and such I had done since Rotterdam was not ideal for training.  Now I am settled and happy here in a permanent new home base. I have my rhythm and routine all locked down here in Vancouver. This should make the next build up less scattered.

Next, I have to be more well rounded. Before Toronto I was running a lot of volume and my workouts were pretty solid. I thought I was ready to roll because I had the running aspect of running covered. But to run as fast as I want to run I need to be more well rounded in all aspect of life, I need to tighten up the diet, be better in the gym and take better care of my body as a whole. That leads into the next area of improvement.

I need to be healthy. When you are building for a marathon and working hard at this grind aches and pains are always gonna be there, but I have let some of these become more annoying than they need to be. Not gonna get to specific, but I gotta get my body right.

To go along with getting the body right, I need to get my head right also. The fire is there, the love is there and the motivation is there. Somewhere along the line however I have gotten kinda soft. I dropped out of a couple races and have been an overall pansy, that is unacceptable. I have always prided myself on being pretty tough, but this has not been the case over the past few months. I would actually say that I am kind of a pussy these days. I am only rolling well when I feel good, but when the going gets tough I have not been digging and grinding the way I used to. I don’t like that. I have always been annoyed by those runners whom talk a big game but are not willing to do the work or nut up in a way to actually make it happened. I’m kinda that guy right now. Gross.

Alright, so Toronto was brutal. Let’s move forward on to the next one folks! But before we move on I gotta give y’all my love. Once again you guys were awesome in expressing pre-race encouragement, and post race support, it was awesome. Thanks for that!

Also, thanks so much for helping with the support towards the charity challenge, with your help we raised $635 for the Toronto Alzheimer society. So Toronto was not a complete failure after all, good stuff!

Hmm…so usually I try to add a bit a humor to these posts, but Running slow is not funny! It often leads to me being a sour puss for a few days. I am not feeling silly at all! So I guess I’ll just share with you a semi-humorous story about someone else. I am not a character in this story, but it happened in my apartment so I feel like that gives me rights to tell it.

When I was away my roommate got drunk, he was out partying and such and he became intoxicated. He had a fun night. He danced, he sang and he probably talked to some pretty girls ( I say probably because pretty much every girl in this city is pretty, so if he talked to at least two girls odds are one of them was pretty) After he was partied out he came home and went to bed (alone). Pretty standard night, nothing unusual…yet. After sleeping for a couple hours roommate “woke” up, this next series of events took place whilst the roommate was in a drunken stupor/sleep walking.

So roommate gets outta bed, walks straight past the bathroom and to a random corner of our place. He then proceeds to pee all over the floor. He just straight pees all over the damn place! Very inconsiderate roommate, but this kinda stuff happens sometimes. After Canada won the gold medal in Hockey at the 2010 Olympics I awoke the next morning and overheard this conversation between my girlfriend and her roommate;

Disgusted Girlfriend: “He tried to pee on my new computer”

Disgusted Roommate: “That is so gross!”

Disgusted Girlfriend: “Then he tried to pee in the furnace room”

Disgusted Roommate: “That is so gross!”

Me: *giggle*

Anyways, back to roommate. So after he peed all over our place he tried to go back to bed. But due to the fact that he was in a drunken sleep walking stupor roommate tripped and fell and bashed the hell outta his head. We haven’t figured out what he tripped over, but I choose to believe that he slipped in his own pee, that would be the funniest scenario. So roommate slips in his own pee, rolls around on the floor a bit and then pulls himself together enough to get back to his bed.

Fast forward to the next morning. Roommate wakes up with a pounding headache. He assumes that it is just because he was hungover, nope! His head is pretty much split in two. He is covered in blood, there is blood all over the damn place. Needless to say roommate is confused as hell. He notices that the blood is not just in his bed and on his person, there is a trail of the stuff leading right out his door. Roommate follows the trail of blood, out the door, down the hall and into the common room. What roommate finds in the common room is just pure horror, there is a large pool of blood over here, and a substantial puddle of urine over there. It is gross, very quite disgusting indeed. But the worst part is that blood lake and urine lake had joined together to create bodily fluid river, this river had snaked made substantial progress throughout the whole damn room.

Roommate spends the remainder of the morning cleaning up this crime scene whilst trying to fight off a brutal hangover and a minor concussion. It must of really sucked for him, but I found this story quite hilarious.

Alright, so I’m gonna go walk around town a bit. I gotta go find me a hot/rich divorcee, I need a new bankroll. Cheers folks!




Oct 2012


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  1. Anon says:

    This blog is damn depressing these days. Even urine mixed with blood doesn’t lighten the mood. Shake it off my friend!

    • rob says:

      Hey Anon, sorry for being a downer. I’ll get back on the happy train soon enough…did I just say “happy train?” oh shit, things are worse than we thought!
      Thanks for the support though, means a lot.


      • Anon says:

        I’m glad you can see the love in a verbal bitch slap. You’ll come around. Your choking problem is mental.

        – love, a fellow choker

  2. RJ says:

    “…have not been digging or grinding the way I used to…”?

    “…kind of a pussy these days.” ?

    Do think racing smarter is being a pussy? Looking at running as something you love as well as a career requires some tough choices. If you have a lousy 5k you can easily go out after, throw back a couple and laugh it off to a bad day, then attack another a few weeks later without too many ill effects. Try that in a marathon and you’ll be screwed up. ESPECIALLY if you’re legitimately hurting with only the promise of more hurt for the sake of some pride and the bonus of being physically fucked up for more months to come.

    This isn’t some Haile-esque “I don’t think I’ll set a world record and my pacers let me down” kind of bail out.

    Dylan wasn’t well in Japan – and he nailed it a few months later. Maybe hold the cards close to your chest for a bit and be a surprise entry at the CIM or something similar.

    At Nathan Phillips Square myself and a couple of others were scanning the finish sheets to see how you did, but when we didn’t see you in the top few names it wasn’t disappointment as much as it was concern knowing that you WOULD hang on and would’ve been there unless you knew that you could only cause yourself a world of damage if you had stayed in.

    We believe in you and that means it’s for your ability, how you go about preparing for things, and the choices you make. We just don’t come here for shits and giggles (though admittedly the giggles are pretty enticing and awesome…you do have a gift in that regard as well).

    So the prompt update and recap was very much appreciated.

    The vague comments about getting your body right is a tad concerning. Look after yourself first and foremost.

    Be well.

    • rob says:

      Thanks a lot RJ. I really appreciate the concern and perspective. I agree with ya also, I dropped mainly because my glutes and hammies had seized so much that going on could have been trouble.
      When I say I gotta get my “body right” it is nothing to concerning, I just really gotta get my hamstring/glute issues right, try to get rid of this PlantarFacitis that I have had for a while now and give my strained ab time to heal. Little beat up, nothing serious.
      I’ll be back for something fast this spring!

  3. Fan of RW says:

    I usually run one of the distances at Scotia but this year I was there as a spectator and jumped in for 12k at 26 with a friend. Anyway, before that I was looking for you at around 28k after the lead pack went by. I saw Matt Loiselle running strong shortly after I saw this kid who manages our local running room store (Lucas McAneney) so I was like WTF? where the hell is RW? Don’t tell me he DNF again?!

    Man I am not going to put any sweetner on this. YOU got to get your shit together. Treat your body like a Corvette not a friggin Chevette.

    I’m a fan of yours and I dont like those speed river guys but I’m not the kind of fan who is going to suck up to you.

    • rob says:

      Hey Man, appreciate the honesty and I’ll tell ya I agree 100%. I’m pretty annoyed at myself because I really only have myself to blame.
      Not so much cookies and beer this downtime, more like physio and rest…lame, yet necessary.
      I gotta get back doing it right, and I’m gonna be looking to run fast this spring.


  4. Lance-a-lot says:

    My buddy C. Hesh told me there is a pharmacy in Tijuana……

  5. Jenn says:

    Sorry to hear about the rough go at Scotia. Setbacks suck but they are a reality of the sport, especially running at your level. The mental component can be brutal – I’m an amateur runner fo sho but I still struggle with getting in my own head when I hit the wall and being lame and weak and defeatist. Not fun! The important thing is that you’re aware of some of the potential causes and are committed to fixing them. So kudos for that. You’ll get it sorted!

    • rob says:

      Hey Jenn,
      Thanks so much, this sport is crazy eh? You can tell yourself to be tough, be focused etc…but then sometimes you get to that point and crumble…not fun! Let’s remedy this and crush some PB’s!


    • might be Armin van B. says:

      Jenn, listening to A State of Trance will help you push through all your obstacles.


  6. Anonymous says:

    …….He’s back … the world’s right …

  7. Anthony says:

    Don’t eff yerself too hard in the arse about a few lame months and one really bizarre race. The marathon, as you know, is a humbling gig. Sure, to be your absolute best, you gotta nail every aspect of the training. But if you are off on the day, it doesn’t matter how good your prep was. If you feel like shite at 2K, well, that’s not because you ate some greasy pizza a few weeks back and didn’t do your planks every second day. Any lame doosh can get through 2K on race pace feeling good off of questionable prep. Hell, I do that all the time. No, feeling bad at 2k means something is not right with your body. It’s busy fighting some viral menace and hasn’t got time to run a marathon. Whatever. You’ll turn it around and start hitting all your marks. Youre a 2:13 guy with a bullet. But patience is key. It’s not like you can qualify for Rio next month.

    • rob says:

      Hey Anthony,
      Thanks man, some things to think about for sure. I always appreciate the support. Gonna take a little break and then get back on the horse. Hope to see ya on the roads this spring. Cheers my good man!


  8. Chucky says:

    We need the Destroyer back! Back to crushin’ pussy and runnin’ fast!

    Don’t worry rob. The tuning fork of life will go off for you once again. Be Patient and work hard! Don’t listen to the haters.

    • rob says:

      Hey Chucky, I agree that I must get back to runnin’ fast, runnin fast is much more fun than my current state. As for “crushin’ pussy” umm…haha, I don’t know man, I’ll see what I can do.
      Thanks man.


  9. PR says:

    i wish i could write inspirationally like ‘RJ’, he has lots of good stuff there!, Anyway I read this blog because i like it and and appreciated the candour. I was glad you could finish it off with a laugh. I like reading of your progress and the journey, forward and/or back. Not many people could relate to the ‘instant-star, always on top finisher’ that is customarily portraying in the media. Its not sustainable. Worse, more and more folks will suspect there is some juice flowing in their veins…You’re the only one who will know how far you can go.
    You write about the good, the bad and the funny. That’s good for readership! You’ve got time to get your ‘day’ too. Its corny but: “Believe!-Trust yourself!, Enjoy the good times that come with your progress. I’m glad you’ve got a good home base, some sponsors and the drive to get things right.

    A quote from a very wise man, rest his soul:

    “May the years find you full of optimism and struggle as you enjoy the many wonders of being you. Learn and serve” -B. Quealey.

  10. Alex says:

    Hey Rob,

    Head up high my man. It will come soon enough. Stay positive brotha!

  11. Fan of RW says:

    So you’re off to Japan eh?


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