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Alright folks, let’s get back at this blog game. Let’s start out by talking about girls. Girls are awesome. I like em’! There is a new girl who just started working at my local IGA grocery store. She is really cute and has an awesome Aussie accent. I want to take her on a date. I need your help, what kind of stuff do Aussie girls like? How can I impress her? Think she has a thing for impoverished, injured runners? I sure hope so, I have that locked down! Anyways folks, I’m gonna make this happen. It’s gonna be awesome.

I also have a crush on this other international vixen, this one is from Ireland (Johnny Mason, you know whom I’m talking about here) She has an equally awesome accent and she delivers me beer on a regular basis, it’s awesome. I wanna take her on a date too.

And then there is this other girl…Oh who am I kidding, I will continue to be awkward and shy around these beauties. Girls man, they mess with my head. Let’s talk about something that I actually have an understanding of.

Let’s talk runnin’. Sadly I have been injured for the past two months. This current round of Rob vs. Hamstrings has been a particularly brutal battle. I have had hamstring/glute issues for my whole career (seriously, I literally cannot remember a run when my hammies didn’t bother me) I can usually keep it under control with my daily exercises and such, but every so often it flares up. About 10days out from the Toronto marathon it started really bothering me…and well we all know how that ended up.

My fitness was still there, I was just physically unable to run fast. When the hamstrings get annoyed easy running is bearable, but as soon as I start cranking, the ole’ hammy puts a stop to things fairly quickly.

So anyways, after the Marathon debacle I signed up to do The Chiba relay. I was doing physio twice a week and putting in a lot (a lot!) of rehab and cross training. I was hoping the hammy would come around in time. It didn’t and we all know how that ended up. 0-2, rough fall man, lame.

I felt bad pulling outta Chiba so late, and I know certain people are mad at me for pulling out late. But I had to do what was best for me, and a 10hr plane ride wasn’t going to do any favours for the ole’ ham. Team Canada killed it anyways so it’s all good. I’m kinda bummed I didn’t get to go though. Chiba is a fantastic trip and Japanese women are cute as hell.

It has been kinda lame but I think that I have turned the corner and I am getting better. I found myself a pretty kick ass physio out here and he has been working away at fixing me. Chris at restore physio is thorough as hell, we are leaving no stone un-turned, it’s wicked.  Our primary plan of attack has been to repeatedly shove needles into my legs.  I’m not sure to the science behind this practice and it hurts like hell but it seems to be working. So I’ll just let Chris keep doing his needle thing.  I am feeling better each day and  I can now run comfortably, got in 80miles last week and feeling almost like a real runner again.

This past weekend was XC Nationals. XC nats is a wicked event. I actually think it is my favourite race. I’m bummed that I didn’t get to race this year. Last time I raced was in 2010, remember that? Well let me recap;

First it was like this

Then it was like this.

and it ended like this.

So not racing was saddening, but I made up for my lack of racing by really focusing on putting in a strong performance at the after party. The post nats XC party is always pretty darn epic and this year was no different. Man oh’ man, what an interesting night! Great weekend overall. It was rad to catch up with some old friends, I also met a lot of cool new friends as well.

The day after nats XC I jumped into a half marathon in attempts to help pace my Physio Chris to an NYC Marathon auto time (sub 1:19) I figured it was gonna be a pretty chill effort. My hammies can handle that pace pretty well. So no problem right? Well my hammies were fine, but the rest of my body was torn to shreds! Listen closely here kids, a whole lotta beer followed by only 2hrs of sleep is not a very smart way to prep for a half marathon!

Sunday morning I woke up bright and early, jogged over to Stanley park and met up with Chris, we briefly discussed our game plan and then it was go time. I will admit, I was kinda feeling the effects of the previous night. And when I say kinda, I actually mean I wanted to curl up on a bench and die. But I had made a promise to Chris and I really had to dig deep to hold on and do my job well. Luckily for myself Chris was fit and ready to roll. He ran a great race and rolled a very impressive 1:18:45 taking the win in the process. He was smooth and controlled the whole time. 90 sec PB and NYC qualifier, good stuff!

After the race I tried to jog home, I lasted about 6min before the weight of the previous nights events hit me and I was forced to do the walk of shame the rest of the way home.

My pace run with Chris may have been tough on the gut, but it was the best my legs had felt in a long time. I was encouraged by it and I think I am ready to start doing some real work again. So folks, I think I’m outta the injured funk and now I’m really excited to get back on the grind. Time to crack a new pair of trainers and get back to work. Nice.

Gonna end here with a couple shout-outs. Congrats to The University of Virginia men’s XC team on a stellar 14th place at NCAA’s! Great run by the dudes and great coaching by brother Pete! (he’s my Coach also.)

Congrats to Everyone who rolled Canadian XC’s this past weekend. Great results out there, good to see some friends filling up those national teams!

Much love everyone, have a great weekend.




Nov 2012


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  1. Thunderfist says:

    Hey Rob!!

    Thunderfist checking in. Walks of shame of shame are the worst. I would rank them, injury walk of shame, shit walk of shame and sexy time walk of shame, from worst to best. I had 4 shit walks of shame this week. Two in one run on Wednesday!

    Great to hear you’re rolling again

  2. Fan of RW says:

    Keep us posted on the girls. My vote is Irish.

  3. Barney Stinson says:

    Well, first of all, I’m going to tell you to wear a suit whenever you are around these ladies. As you should know, suits are cool. Just look at the many pictures of me online. Secondly, don’t just take one of them on a date. Be legendary and get both of them! Thirdly, buy my book–The Playbook: Suit Up. Score Chicks. Be Awesome. This will tell you everything you need to do to get both girls. Whenever I want to go out with a chick, I just tell myself to be awesome, true story.

  4. Alex says:

    Hey Rob,

    Good to hear you are getting back into things. Nats after party was unreal, unfortunate I didn’t bump into ya.


    Ps. Go Australian, no brainer!

  5. Slick Watts says:

    happy to hear you’re coming around. excited to see you get healthy and destroy some fools this spring.

  6. watts says:

    are you rockin the lds 1005s on a cross course? cause that would be badass.


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