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Hey, I’m gonna write a new blog. Right. Damn. Now.

Happy New Years ya crazy sons and daughters! New Years Eve came…and went, it was fun. I drank beer and jumped in the ocean, pretty good night overall I’d say.

So now  it’s 2013; Moscow. Next year is Glasgow, then Toronto and then the big boy Rio! let’s do a  brief re-cap on 2012.

Running highlight of 2012; 30km into the Rotterdam Marathon when I was certain that I was gonna qualify for the Olympics.

Running lowlight of 2012: 39km into the Rotterdam marathon when I realized that I was, in fact not gonna qualify for the olympics, actually there was a strong possibility that I would drop dead at any moment, I could no longer see clearly and every stride felt like my legs were being beaten with baseball bats…marathons are weird.

Life lowlight of 2012: Nothing was to terrible, but I was sad on x-mas 2012 because I missed my Mom.

Life highlight of 2012: 2 chicks at one time!…just kidding that didn’t happen. Highlight was probably hanging out with Mom, Dad and Family the night before Toronto, sure the race was balls. But at least I got to see my favourite people!

Rob’s soundtrack for 2012: 5 Songs I dug pretty hard last year.

2012 was a weird ass year man. It started terribly. I got dumped on NYE 2011, that was such bullshit. It was also at the beginning of 2012 that I realized that my time in Guelph was done. Guelph was awesome, and I had several amazing years there, but things there had stalled and I needed a new energy. So 2012 started with a bit of heart ache and confusion, not ideal.

Luckily I have wicked family and friends and they were there to help me get my shit together. First move was to take off to North Carolina to train for a fast marathon. 2012 was London after all, and I’d be damned if I’d let some lame chick or other such nonsense get in the way of my dreams.

I started working with Brother Pete as my coach, and together we took aim at the Rotterdam Marathon. I lived and breathed the marathon, and on April 15th I hit the streets of Rotterdam ready to fly. I ran my balls off in that race, hardest I’ve ever pushed myself. Sadly it just wasn’t enough and I failed to qualify for the Olympics. I was annoyed at first, but after taking some time to process things, and get my emotions in check I ended up being pretty damn proud of that effort. I put myself in the best possible position to realize my dream, didn’t quite happen, but I went down swinging and left no stone unturned in the process.  Also ran a 3min PB with a 2:13, I can live with that.

After Rotterdam I chilled for a bit and planned my next move. I spent the next few months moving from base to base training and trying to organize my life. I spent some time in Flagstaff training with Wykes as he prepped for the Olympics. I learned a lot from living and training with that guy. I like his style, he is chill and laid back a majority of the time, but when it comes time to get work done homeboy throws down…hard!

In August I made my final move to Vancouver. I was training for the Toronto marathon at the time. When I first got here I was jamming, but then I had some unfortunate physical traumas and the Toronto marathon ended up sucking balls.

Running wise I have had a bit of a rough go since Rotterdam. Toronto was a pretty low point, but running is just one facet of life, and overall the last several months of my life have been pretty friggen rad. Just being out here in Vancouver has been amazing. I’ve only been here for 5months now, but man I really do love this place. It has a great energy, I have met some amazing people (shout out to the forerunners crew & Point Grey kids) and this place is just so stunningly beautiful. Seriously folks, every run I’ll take a look at the mountains, or the ocean or some beautiful women on the street and just smile, it’s refreshing, it’s good for the soul. My heart is happy here. Sorry, I’m getting a bit sappy, give me a bit of leeway here, Last blog was about whores after all.

So now that my heart is right, my body is right and head is right it is time to get fast again. Training is getting serious and I am ready to get on the grind and get dirty.

Plan; Gonna do the 1st half in Vancouver on Feb 10th (Hot Water Music show Feb 9th, horrible timing!) Off to Virginia to work with brother Pete for 7 weeks in Feb. Back to NYC for the NYC half March 17th and just finishing up on deciding which marathon to hit in April. Also working on a couple other things that should be solidified in the next few weeks. Exciting times! Pitter patter let’s get at’er. 2013 is gonna be pretty special.

Peace I’m outta here!




Jan 2013


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  1. ODYASON says:

    Didn’t you also pace a guy named Darren Lee, too? You wanna blog about sappy shit, you have to include that one! That was mighty nice of you.

    I see him sometimes. He never waves to me. I’m sure he’s a nice dude.

    • Darren says:

      Yeah and Rob made sure I qualified for the Fukuoka marathon. Sadly, my time at Fukuoka ended up being the same as the qualifying one.

      Sorry if I didn’t wave to you. I’m probably too much in the zone and never notice people on my runs.

      • ODYASON says:

        No worries. I certainly know what that’s like! Congrats on even qualifying for Fukuoka – no easy feat in and of itself!

        • rob says:

          Hey Ya, Dyason, pacing Darren was most certainly one of my running highlights of the year. That was a good day!
          And Darren is one of the nicest dudes out there, but when he runs he just zones the eff out!
          Cheers boys, onward to 2013!

  2. ThunderFist says:

    You should pound 2013 Rob and show 2012 what is missed out on.

  3. Fan of RW says:

    2013 is all you homie.

  4. stud says:

    Whichever marathon you do, make sure it’s televised, so’s we kin watch it live or on the Interwebs while pounding back the brewskis as they do in Kenya-land.

  5. grant says:

    dont forget your highly successful development of the rob watson coaching method!…glad to hear van is working out for you – best of luck this year – let me know when you are back in this end of the country.

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