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That’s right folks. I’m Shipping up to Boston, gonna race the Boston Marathon in April! Pretty rad right? Why Boston? It’s simple really. The thing about being a marathon runner is that when ya tell people that you are a marathon runner they immediately ask one question; “Have you run Boston?” Seriously, I get that question all the damn time. Up to now I say “no, I have not run Boston”  then the asker of the question usually gives me a look that is a mixture of disappointment and sympathy, and say “It’s ok, you’ll get a BQ one day.”  I’m sick of that conversation. So now I’m gonna run Boston, and then when people ask “have you run Boston” I’m gonna to say “yer gosh darn right I’ve run Boston! High Five!” Can’t wait, it’s gonna be awesome. I hope I win.

When I was 11 or 12 I was down in Sarasota Florida for a family vacation. Whilst we were in town there happened to be a 10km road race going on. Me and my pops hopped in and gave it a go. I remember this race pretty well, it was the first time I broke 40min for the 10km and I won the under 14 age division. But what I remember the most about this race was the Award ceremony. At the ceremony they brought this old dude up on stage to give out the medals and such. Everyone was super pumped that this old dude was there, man the local Sarasota road runners were stoked! They were going crazy for this guy!  I couldn’t figure out why everyone was so excited about this old dude, it’s Florida, that state has so many damn old people it’s not even funny. Old people run the show in Florida, Buicks, shuffle board and Denny’s all over the damn place! Anyways, old dude gets up on stage and then I realize why everyone is so excited, old dude happened to be Johnny Kelley! 2 time Boston Champ, 7 time Boston runner up and 2 time Olympian. I remember even at age 11ish that being the winner of the Boston Marathon was a big friggen deal! John Kelley was a bad ass. I got to meet him as he put my age winner medal around my neck. It was sweet.

Even as a young kid I knew that the Boston Marathon was pretty much the coolest marathon going. It is one of those events that everyone just knows about, and they know it’s awesome. Boston is ingrained in our culture and its history and prestige is pretty much unrivaled in the Marathon game. So yeah, if you couldn’t tell, I am super pumped to be racing Boston on April 15th. It is such an Iconic event, a bucket list race for sure. The BAA organizing committee has been amazing to work with, and I am so happy that they invited me out for the show, thanks BAA!

I’ve started my build-up here in the Van and the fitness is coming. I will start up my training log again starting next week, I want ya’ll to be a part of this journey, I am dubbing it; “The Boston Quest; Rob and Pete’s, epic tale of brotherhoodship and revenge.”  The revenge part is because Brother Pete ran Boston one year and it gave him a stress fracture at about mile 10, damn near killed the poor bastard. I’m gonna get out there and avenge the family name! A Watson boy has tussled with Boston before, it got the best of us that day, but we will not let it get us again. Round two Boston, we’re coming to get ya!

I have another ace up my sleeve in my attack against Boston. That ace would be in the form of one of Canada’s all time beauties in the marathon; Arty “Boy” Boileau! That’s right, 2 time Olympian and 1986 runner-up in Boston. Arty also happens to be my co-worker at Forerunners here in Vancouver. I am constantly picking his brain and trying to figure out the secrets on how to succeed in Boston. I’m trying to unlock some secrets, But Art is the humblest son of a gun in the whole damn world and doesn’t really talk about that stuff too much, he’d rather talk about Oregon ducks stuff and bikes. Come on Art, what are your secrets!? I’m trying to win the Boston Marathon here!

Pre Boston tactics meeting with Art

So here’s the plan as it looks right now; Race the 1st Half here in Vancouver on Feb 10th, that should be a good gauge on where I am at fitness wise. Then I’m gonna head over to Boston for a few days for a course tour and such, get a lay of the land there. After that I’ll head down south for an 8week training camp in Virginia with the brother/coach Pete. I’ll run the NYC half on March 17th, 4 weeks out, hopefully that goes well and then come April 15th I just nut the eff’ up and giver hell! Not worried about time or anything at Boston, I just gotta get fit as a mother sucker and race hard…I hope I win.

I’m really looking forward to head down to Virginia with Pete. These pre-race training camps are awesome, 2 straight months of nothing but hard work, naps and netflix. Also Sister Kristen takes good care of me, she’s always baking some sort of delicious treat. The downside of the camp however is that I don’t work for two months, and thus the already hurting bank account takes a near fatal blow. It’s all good though, I’ve been poor for years, but I have yet to run an awesome marathon, it’s a worthwhile investment. I hope I win, that’d help with the Bank account and the ladies. Ahh, the ladies. Another thing about training camps is that I am often way to exhausted to be going out and dilly dallying whilst chasing the women around. Havn’t figured out if that is a good or bad thing yet though…

Okay, so how’s that sound. You dig it? I dig it? Time to grind!

Love ya.


ps. Go Leafs!




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  1. I like this decision to run Boston, are you going to catch a Red Sox game? As for the bank account, when you win Boston that will help the bank account.


    p.s Go Sens!

  2. billy says:

    Awesome! I’m stoked that you’re running Boston this year!! I’ve gotten a kick out of following your blog, and I’ll be pulling for you. I’m headed to Boston this year, running with the rest of my fellow hobby joggers… but maybe I’ll see you there or out and about in Cville sometime before. Charlottesville has alot of sweet places to train and also to get delicious beers. Cheers!

    • rob says:

      Thanks a lot Billy, really looking forward to my time in C-ville, I hear it has lots of nice hilly runs, should help for Boston! Good luck with your training!

  3. stud says:

    Do as Geoffrey Mutai does and run in hilly areas to prepare you for the attack in the Newton hills! Btw, I saw that you got 1 mention on in the forum dedicated to a discussion of the elite field. Maybe you should go post on the forums and rev up the fanbase.

    • rob says:

      I will certainly have a steady diet of hills for this cycle!
      As for LetsRun, no way man! That board is scary, them trolls are mean!

  4. Fan of RW says:

    Go Habs.
    When I first read you were going to Boston I thought “why the hell?” too many hills to run fast. BUT now I get the explanation so I’m pumped too.

    Lets each send Rob a hundred bucks to keep him full of good fuel!

  5. Fan of RW says:

    Come to Toronto = High Park and run our Marquis de Sade
    all High Park runners are gonna kill it in Boston this spring.
    BUT I hope you win dude or at least win some $$$

    • rob says:

      High Park would be a sweet place to train for Boston, lots of rolling terrain. I will def make hills an important part of my training, gotta be fit and ready to fight them Newton Hills!
      Thanks for the support man, happy training!

  6. Anthony says:

    I reccomend the Marquis de Sade dude.21 km with 18 hills.Nice. I’m shooting for 2nd place now! St Ralph!

    • rob says:

      Sounds like a wicked place to do pre-boston work. Stanley pk has some nice rolling sections, as does UBC. It’s all good. See ya in April my man.

  7. Nic says:

    Mate, people talk about the Newton [up] Hills, but not about the huge net downhill. That extra pounding in your legs from going downhill for most of the course hurts way more than you expect. Get used to the long gradual downhills and you’ll be awesome.

    • rob says:

      Thanks for the advice Nic, much appreciated!
      I have heard the same thing. It is easy to overlookthe amount of pounding your legs take going down hill, and how much that can zap ya. I have been working on running hard downhill and then transitioning into hard running on the flats, those downhills hammer the quads! Arty boy said the same thing. after 16miles down, then 5miles rolling, the last 5miles can be brutal. Gotta get those quads ready!

  8. PR says:

    I hope the newton officers don’t get upset with me when I yell at ya- you know, swear-laced encouragement. Boston crowds and cheering sections are awesome. Your ears will be ringing after. PR

    • rob says:

      Yeah buddy! Give it to me. I need you at the top of heartbreak with a pint! Those last 5miles can be brutal, I don’t wanna attempt that sober!

  9. Old Guy says:

    Hmmm. Long downhill, few brutal hills and then sprint down to the finish. Sounds like a classic FFTF scenario. Could be magic. See you there.

  10. stud says:

    Good job on your win at First Half.

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