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Hey, ya wanna hear all about Rob’s trip to the big city? okay then, let’s do a race recap. As already mentioned, I went to NewYorkCity this past weekend and ran in the NYC half. This was my second time doing this event, and just like last year it was awesome! The New York Road Runners are amazing to work with, the course is so friggen cool and the competition is always top notch. This is probably my favourite race to compete in. it’s rad man.

Heading into this race I was optimistic, I knew I was fit, training has been going very well. But at the same time I wasn’t setting my sights to high because racing during marathon prep is always an interesting endeavor, you can never really predict how the legs are gonna respond whilst racing mid-grind. Sometimes ya feel great, other times you feel like death, all you can do is show up and just hope you can gather enough of your shit together to get the job done!

Pre race coach Pete and I had a quick chat and decided on a race plan, it was quite simple; roll with the main pack for the 1st few miles and then read the body and adjust as needed. The field was stacked; Kipsang, Lagat, Ritz and so forth and so on, we did not think that the early pace would be an issue. (on another note, another reason I love this race is because I am a huge fan of our sport and it is so cool to get to hang out with and then line up and race against other athletes that I respect and look up to so much) So the gun goes off, we do our little sprint thing then settle, and then we settled a little more and then we just kept settling! We were damn near jogging! Mile was hit in 5:00.

I think the weather had something to do with this early tempo, It was cold man, quite cold indeed. We had a bit of a head wind for the 1st couple miles and nobody was to keen  to be up front taking on that cold ass wind. I don’t blame them either, because when I jumped to the front I immediately regretted that decision.  My hands froze rather quickly and my dink was getting very cold very quicly. But This had to be done. I needed a quicker pace!

Now here’s the thing folks, I understand that this is a race and time should not matter. Gotta race the competition not the clock. I was okay with that, but I was here to get a gauge of my fitness along with a solid race effort. I already knew I could run 5min miles all damn day, training has shown me that.  I also didn’t really feel like jogging in a pack and just waiting for a move that I could not cover. Let’s be realistic, I’m a 63min guy, these are a bunch of  60-61min guys, when they feel like going they are gone!

So keeping that in mind after the 1st slow mile I decided that I wanted to go faster, wanted to test fitness not tactics. I went to the lead and got into a comfortable yet steady rhythym going.

I watched a replay of the live broadcast after the race, the commentator was todd williams who was a bad ass runner during his day, at the beginning of the race he noted that sometimes hobby joggers will sprint to the front just to get on tv. So after the 1st mile when I took the lead Todd Williams was all like; “this is one of those guys I was talking about before, this guy is gonna get a kick outta saying he led all these awesome runners” (not a direct quote, but it was along those lines). Then again a little later on; “we still don’t know Mr. Watson’s first name…” Man it was embarrassing to watch that. I know I am no superstar, but it was a little blow to the ego. Effing Todd Williams…

Back to the race. So I continued to just roll along with the dudes for a few more miles, we went through the 5km in 15:04, 5mile split was 24:08 and then it happened, it was inevitable folks. They ran the next mile in 4:31…I didn’t. I really wanted to keep contact with the group but that surge was just to quick, the legs were feeling a little heavy and they most certainly lacked the pop to change gears like that. I was suddenly alone, alone and sad.

I felt sorry for myself for a couple min as they ran away. But then I hit the 10km mark and my time was 29:54, not bad, 2nd 5km was decent and I was still feeling very under control. I just kept running as fast as I could. The only cool thing about getting dropped was that for the 2nd year in a row I got to run through Times Square solo, such a cool experience!

The last 10km was pretty uneventful folks. I just kept pushing, picked off a few stragglers and ended up finishing in 63:22. A new PB, I’ll take it!

Overall I was very happy with my race. My legs were definitley tired, but I was able to push hard and run a steady and strong race. It was also really fun just experiencing the awesome atmosphere of a big NYC road race.  It’s all good folks! The body is feeling good, the head is happy and we are rolling, onward to Boston!

So here is what we are gonna do now folks. We’re gonna smash these last 4weeks and then we are gonna smash Boston. This is very exciting stuff!

Good luck to all y’all out there in your own training and racing adventures, spring racing season is approaching. let’s all roll together.





Mar 2013


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  1. Tim says:

    Nice race man, that was awesome. Glad to see your training is going well, and that you’re kicking ass and taking names. Also, fuck Todd Williams.

    Also, I know I’m in no place to give advice or anything, but have you tried drastic pace changing in a workout/long run? Something like this:

    -23 mile run
    – 3 slow -2 medium – 2 fast – 2 slow – 2 fast – 2 medium – 3 slow – 1 fast – 1 slow – 2 medium – 2 fast – 1 medium

    I don’t know, something stupid like that. But what I’ve found is that it helps your legs adapt to the SUDDEN pace changes during the race. Something to think about.

    Anyway, good race man. Hopefully I’ll be able to see you at Boston (autograph, maybe?). #Onward

    • rob says:

      Thanks Tim, that looks like a Charlie Spedding workout! We have done some pace change stuff, but I think my legs were just heavy from lots of miles and a long ass run on tuesday. if I had tapered I’d be fine, but I wasn’t. No pop!
      cheers man.

  2. Oliver says:


    are any of the other Canadian distance guys even running? injured? ….. who has qualifying times for Worlds at this point and what is the schedule & criteria for qualifying?

    great race in New York!

    • Sherlock says:

      Reid Coolsaet is going to Rotterdam. Eric pulled out of Boston owing to a back problem. The trail is a little cold on Wykes, but I will use some deductive skills to solve that mystery. Perhaps Watson can shed some light on the situation, yes?

      • rob says:

        Coolsaet in Rotterdam, Gilly pulled outta boston, Loiselle racing in England, not sure about Reajean. Dylan has retired and taken up MMA I think?

  3. RJ says:

    Hobby joggers don’t get their names on bibs in big US races. Hobby joggers don’t get elite invites to Boston. Fuck Todd Williams for not knowing his stuff and for being a pompous TV mouthpiece. I’m sure if you had on a Stars and Stripes singlet they’d be crawling over each other to find out more info on the fly.

  4. Trotz says:

    RJ knows what’s up. Great run Rob. Keep it rollin!

  5. Shane Lavell says:

    Rob, I watched the entire race live well following on flotrack… flotrack was giving you props the entire race! One thing I have found with Todd WIlliams is the guy always falls short on the credentials of EVERYONE! Great job again and long range for Boston looks like your going catch a tailwind on raceday…. 2:09 Bro… 2:09!

  6. Tara says:

    I totally agree with RJ. Rob, I stalk your blog because (a) you’re an awesome runner, (b) because I love your laid-back but hard-core attitude toward training and racing, and (c) because it’s freaking hilarious to read. So glad to hear the training’s falling into place for you right now – you’re going to rock Boston!!! I know you’ll appreciate how awesome it is to run that race – one of the greatest running experiences I’ve had. And hell, I wish I could “jog” 5-min miles! Stay awesome!

    • rob says:

      Thanks Tara! really appreciate the kind words.
      any advice on the Boston course I should know?
      best of luck with your own training and such.

      • Tara says:

        Haha, you sure don’t need my advice, but here it is anyway: be prepared for insane loudness at Wellesley and for the downhill pounding! Your quads won’t thank you after running this course…but the crowd support is amazing along the whole way. Thanks for the luck – doing Around the Bay on Sunday!

  7. BWilliams says:

    todd is not my bro. nice race rob

  8. Fan of RW says:

    Nice race Watson. I got up early, delayed my long run and you did not disappoint. But now I need anger managment therapy at $160/hour because of that dick wad Todd Williams. EFF Him man! As for Boston, we expect some more TV time as you roll a nice little FFTF. Let your fan club know if you need anything eh. Money, gels, Canadian beer etc…

    PS. When is your next race in Toronto area?
    PSS. Gillis is racing April 21 Yonge Street

    • rob says:

      hey man, thanks for the support. I think I would like for a canuck to be waiting at the finish line in boston with three beers and a bag of oreos, that’d be sweet.
      as for my next gig around Toronto? that has yet to be determined.
      cheers man, keep at it!

  9. Edgemont Dave says:

    Sick race man! Was waiting for your recap. Destroy Boston! Bib #18, not too shabby.

  10. Jacob Aliet says:

    Thanks for the race report. Well-written as always. I join the chorus in sticking a finger at Todd Williams. If you do the 2mins fast, 1 min slow and 1 mile fast 2 miles slow (or whatever other variations you have out there) then you should be able to sorta hang with the guys when they slam their feet on the gas pedal. Congrats on a new PR. Great work! Keep training and dreaming big.

    • rob says:

      Hey Jacob, thanks for stopping by, we have been dabbling with some pace change stuff, just gotta be fresh and frisky come race day to actually be able to put it to use! Few more weeks, my goals are certainly ambitious, but go big or go home my man!

  11. trackie101 says:

    Todd Who…What a hack. Keep rolling and you will get a nice Pb in the Marathon.

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  13. Thunderfist says:

    Sorry for the late reply Rob, been up to my balls in work lately. Great result dude. Way to lead them out man.


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