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Hey. I am gonna blog, but before I blog I am gonna take a bit of space here to give a hugely massive shout out to brother Pete and Sister Kristin. I have been down here in Charlottesville Va. for a little over 6 weeks now and these 2 have been absolutely amazing to me. I have not been treated this well and coddled like this since I was a little baby. It blows my mind how rad these two have been. I could go on and on about their awesomeness, but that make for a pretty boring blog, so I’ll just say Love ya P&K, sorry I keep eating all your food! I have seriously overheard this conversation 7-8times whilst here;

Kristin: “Hey pete, where did you put the (insert random food here)?”
Pete: “Robbie ate it” 
Kristin: “oh…what about the (random food)”
Pete: “He ate that too”
Kristin: “WTF Robbie!”
Me from other room: “The dogs ate it!” (The dogs did not eat it…I eat a lot)


Let’s talk about running now. Well it’s done folks. The meaty part of the grind has been completed! The last few months have been a hell of a battle. When I started this Boston grind I was fat, drunk and bad at running. I remember in late december attempting a workout, it was simple, like a 6mile tempo or something, my 1st mile was 4:54, pretty solid, but then the next mile 5:10, next mile 5:18…and so forth and so on until I finished the tempo and then nearly toppled into the ocean, it was brutal man, kinda depressing. I sat on a bench after that workout, like immediately after, I was exhausted and had to sit down. I sat on that bench and had a little talk with myself. It was a good talk, went something like this:
Self: “wow, what the hell was that?”
rob: “I don’t know man, but it was terrible and painful and slow…I hated it”
self: “Yeah man I agree, that sucked balls. So what the hell is going on here?”
rob: “I’m fat and slow.”
self: “why?”
rob: “I’ve been slacking bro”
self: “dammit rob, get your shit together!”
rob: “ok”


And then I did folks, I did get my shit together! That was a long time ago and since then I’ve gotten lean and mean. I’ve got my mojo back! I’m fit and super pumped to roll in Boston. Crazy how that works eh? Hard work, who knew?

To run a fast marathon ya can’t be dicking around. Marathons are hard man, and you have to leave no stone unturned in preparing properly. Once that last specific marathon grind starts, pretty much everything else stops. Sure, balance in life is super important, but the 8-10 weeks before a big race, there is no time for distractions. I have yet to maintain any sort of relationship with a lady through a whole marathon build-up. Ladies are finicky and they expect attention and such, not gonna happen. It’s probably not healthy or normal, but I’ve made my decision, girls come and go, I wanna run fast!

So now we gotta taper, kinda. We do a two week taper, the first week isn’t so bad. I still get to put in 100miles this week and do a couple little stinger workouts. But the last week before the race? Eff that week, that week sucks.

Blogs also really suffer during the last few weeks before the race. I don’t do anything, so I have nothing to talk about…hmm…maybe a story from my past? Well, after 88blogs I have used up all my good stories…hmm…Ok, well that isn’t gonna work.

How about we have a discussion. Let’s talk about gay marriage, that seems to be a popular thing in the news. Just kidding, I’m not gonna talk about that. This is one of those topics where you are either preaching to the choir or speaking to deaf ears. It’s frustrating.

Okay, well I’m gonna go to the gym and sit in the Sauna, I love sauna, so relaxing. Just wish there was less sweaty old man balls in the sauna, kinda takes away from the appeal.

Alright folks, have a great one. Peace.



Apr 2013


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  1. Tim says:

    Man, there’s always that one old guy at the gym locker room who shaves his beard standing naked in front the mirror, reads the newspaper naked with one leg up on the bench, or tries to show his dong to you any chance he can get. I don’t wanna see that, dude!

    Have you tried dating a fellow pro girl marathoner? Maybe they’ll understand what you need to do for your career and leave you the hell alone. lol

    But good blog, Robbie. Excited to hear training is going well, and I know you’re gonna crush Boston.


    • stud says:

      But if that fellow pro-girl marathoner is also training up for a big race at the same time our boi Rob is training up, then how will the two find any time for each other? What elite runners need are groupies….we gotta get to work on that.

  2. Jacob says:

    Very nice post. These are not blogs but posts. Aaaaanyways, good work. I am still trying to figure out how to lose weight though in the past four weeks I have been improving my speed and endurance. Maybe I should hit a plateau first? All the Best Rob. That was an interesting post.

    • rob says:

      thanks jacob. Losing weight is easy man. Calories in vs. calories out. simple math and self control. But keep in mind that weight loss is not always the answer, you are making progress, just let your body find what works for it. Good luck man!

  3. Ian says:

    I agree with Tim there, gotta find yourself a lady runner. I very recently found myself a lady runner. She’s quite understanding, so much so that she forgave my lack luster performance in bed last night by saying “It’s okay, you ran all out 800’s today.”

    Keep grinding man. Onward to Boston!

  4. Anonymous says:

    You should conduct that discussion on gay marriage whilst in the sauna – let us know how that works out

    • Sherlock says:

      Nice….I see what you did there.

      • rob says:

        That conversation could actually get quite heated (ha ha!) being a health club in Virginia we quite the mixed bag of folks in the sauna. There are a whole bunch of old men, old men love saunas and these old southern men also tend to be uber conservative.
        Then we have our “birdwatchers” in the sauna, these guys like to check out wang, and they probably represent the other side of the discussion.
        Could be entertaining indeed.

  5. Barry says:

    Rob, do you run with a GPS? If so, any chance you could post your runs on ? It’d be awesome for us mortals to see how the pros train.

    Good luck for Boston, sounds like you’re ready to kick ass.

    • rob says:

      hey man, I do run with my GPS, but only a couple times/week, I’ll look into this program. You can check out the training log tab for some insight into my training also!

  6. Fan of RW says:

    Rob post something about your pre and post workout meals from the sis in-law and please post if and how you make use of ice and ice bath post workout….tell us about your recovery tactics day to day how much sleep etc… lots of topics bro never boring…we got your back.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The old mans ball’s usually hang below their cocks lol not a nice sight :)


  8. Anthony says:

    Well penned, my good fellow. At least two good t-shirt logos in this one: “Hard work; who knew?” and “I’ve made my decision, girls come and go, I wanna run fast!” You could sell that second one to Nike – or rather New Balance – and then you could sit back and count the royalties that flowed in from around the globe. As for all the talk about sweaty old scrotums and the like, I have nothing to add.

  9. Pinocchio says:

    So if I understand what’s going on you have a lady who looks to be a catch and a half not exactly throwing herself at you but actually getting into the barrel of the cannon, aiming it in your direction and lighting the blue touch paper. And rather than grasping what may be the opportunity of a lifetime of happiness, you say “girls come and go, I wanna run fast!”. What sort of uber-idiot are you? Good luck in the choice you seem to have made.

    • rob says:

      You are extremely ignorant and small minded to think that a relationship is the only way for a person to find “a lifetime of happiness”


  10. Jonas says:


    Good luck with the tapering – would be fun to see you again in Boston (we met last year at Goodlife). I’m shooting for around 2:55. I’ve envisioned all the elites sorta whimpering out and me grinding it to 1st place, but you’re a beast. Have a great day out there and run your race.

    I can’t wait for the day. Time to earn some cookies and beer eh?

    • rob says:

      Hey Man,
      Can’t wait to go either! Gonna be a great day. Good luck man! Enjoy the taper and hope to see ya in Boston.

  11. Sean says:

    Rob..Enjoy the taper, and good luck at Boston, sounds like you’re ready to kill it. You’re Canada’s hope at this one!

    If all goes well I will be finishing about 35ish minutes after you, I’ll give you a high five if I see you!

    Cheers buddy!

  12. Kelly Bertrand says:

    Hey Robbie,

    Best of luck in Boston. I’ll be there for my third crack at the ‘Best’ and it looks good this year….no 87F weather. I’ll be staying at the Sheraton in the Back Bay area. Give me a shout if you want to hook up for a bit.

    Let it roll!!!!!


  13. John says:

    Rob: I met my 2nd (and current!) wife shortly after running Boston. You are right, there is just too much mental and emotional energy required in marathon training to be of any use to a potential partner. You are being fair to you and fair to any potential ladies out there. Now, the post-marathon period…you’ve got all the deep emotional experience without the scarring of an actual relationship. The ladies will be throwing themselves at you (although I suppose if you have to gear up again for Moscow it’ll have to be put on hold again).

    Enjoy yourself. The course is not that hard, heck, it’s downhill! Looking forward to seeing results.

    • rob says:

      Hey John, Thanks so much for the support and wise words. There is a lady out there somewhere, but I also believe there is a 2:09 out there for me too…Priorities!

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