Blog #89

Hey there everyone.

Good news, I’m in Boston. Bad news…There’s no bad news brotha! I’m fit, happy and ready to roll. Life is good. Gonna just have a quick little pre-race post here.

First and foremost. Shout out to the UVA distance squad and the steeple crew! Whilst I was down in Charlottesville I got the opportunity to hang out with the UVA team and I even kinda helped a bit with the steelple kids. Remember folks, back in the old days I was a half decent steepler! I was helping them with hurdling and such. But hurdling was not exactly my strong suit in the steeple game. So my coaching approach was to essentially take all the advice Alex Genest gave me over the years and pass it on. Alex is a sick, sick hurdler, I miss my French friend, hope he’s doing well. Anyways, great group of kids there rolling for the Cavaliers, good stuff.

Let’s get to business. So here I am in Boston! I survived the training camp. It was hard, it was intense and it was a grind. But I made it through and I am as fit as I’ve ever been. I absolutely cannot wait to get after it Monday. People keeping asking about my goals, so I figure I’ll put em’ out there. From the very start my goal was top 10, first and foremost I wanna be top 10. Time? Not to concerned about it. I already have a time for the world champs, and this course is not eligible for Canadian records or carding stuff. I just wanna get out and race, this excites me. Every other marathon I have run has been 100% about time, this one is 100% about competing hard, and If I hit my goal of top 10 then I think the time will sort its self out.

I ran the last 10miles of the course yesterday, wanted to get a sense of what these hills were all about. They didn’t seem to daunting, But next time I see them I’ll have 16miles of hard ass running in my legs, they are gonna hurt! Beauty course though. Had to wear my Garmin to make sure I didn’t go fast, because getting out there on the actual course sure did get the blood pumping had to hold back and just jog along at 6:45mile pace.

This morning we had some press stuff. Needless to say, in this caliber field here I was not in high demand! but I got to meet Bill Rodgers and Steve Jones, so it was an awesome morning. These are two of my favourite all time runners. I just love those old school guys, just tough as nails. These dudes did not give a shit, they just ran hard, and they ran fast. Beauties! I heard that Rob De Castella may be kicking around here somewhere also, I gotta meet him That guy was rad as hell.

Hey folks, just wanted to say thanks for sticking around and continuing to show your support and love over the past few months whilst I was slow and fat. I think Monday is gonna be a fun day, thanks for sharing the ride with me!

Love y’all.


Apr 2013


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  1. Kevin says:

    Good luck Rob. Can’t wait to see you get after it!!

  2. Scott says:

    Good luck! Go earn some cookies and beer.

  3. scottie says:

    You got this, you’re going to kill the hell out of Boston. Good luck

  4. anon says:

    Super excited for you! Gonna buy you a Sam Adams 26.2 Brew if I run into you. You should see if they’ll let you drop the puck at the Bruins game that night for being first white dude in the race.

  5. Shane Lavell says:

    Love where your heads at…. Very relaxed mentally is a powerful place to be… Be cheering for you Monday… You know what to do!

  6. Watts says:

    Dear Destroyer,

    Kill it.


  7. Aleks says:

    Go Rob! You seem well prepared and primed for action. I wish you the best of luck! Enjoy yourself too ;)

  8. Anonymous says:

    Good luck – & remember – no wacking off til after the race
    You gotta get angry!
    You gotta get mean!

  9. connor says:

    good luck rob!

  10. cindy says:

    good luck!! i’ll be cheering you on from BC on Monday…i know you’re going to kick some ass out there!!!

  11. Mel says:

    Have a great race Rob. Kick some ass!

  12. fan of rw says:

    It’s all you brotha, you got this shit. A good ol race that’s what you need. Find some dudes to race with and show them the Canadian Kokoro!

  13. Ted says:

    Long time lurker. In case you are in need of any last minute potential race strategies…

  14. PL says:

    Give ‘em hell Rob, you’re ready to rock. We’ll be rooting for ya.

  15. Tara says:

    Good luck on Monday Rob! You’re going to crush this, AND have fun, AND have cookies and beer after. Sounds like a perfect day to me. Canada in top 10, damn right!

  16. Sherlock says:

    Now then, Watson! Make sure to run free and hard. Remember my methods. Observe your opponents so that you will know their weakest points and when to strike. Now then, ol’ boy. Time to crack on!

  17. anon says:

    wacking will make him lighter and faster and less tense just sayin

  18. Dave says:

    Boo hoo bad day today for Speed River they forgot to give’r

  19. Greg says:

    Kill it!!!
    Good luck Rob

  20. bombj1918 says:

    ok robbie i wasn’t gonna do it in case of a jinx but a hobby jogger such as yerself needs guidelines:

    10 km: 31:40
    20 km: 63:10
    30 km: 1:34:30
    40 km: 2:05:40
    42.195 km: 2:12:10

    boom…done…then get over to the crossroads pub for its last day…

    P.S. eff todd williams

  21. Ben says:

    haha.. Robin! Watson.. the announcers are on it.

  22. Bill says:

    I watched the whole Boston Marathon on the web feed…in my 25 years of being a fan of track and field and watching hundreds of races, you put on the best effin show i’ve ever seen! Despite fading, that was one of the gutsiest races I have ever seen anyone run. Hold your head high. That was spectacular. You went for it and held back nothing! Congrats. I vote Chicago for your next one. You seem to hold up a little better on the flats, so go for time rather than place this race.

  23. bombj1918 says:

    awesome job robbie!…nice to c u duking it out at the front but seriously dude,i thought u were the one who usually blows up at the end of races…there seems to be an recurring issue around 30 to 35 km…

  24. Mark says:

    Excellent race! Hold yer head high, you rocked it. Glad you made it through safely.

  25. Scott Brown says:

    As Dave above I watched the whole race, live tweeting my comments on you and the jackass commentators who weren’t giving you the respect you deserved. I too thought it was some of the best racing I’ve seen since Sammy Wanjiru in Chicago!

    When you led dropped back and rejoined the leaders I woke the family up screaming for you! Absolutely fantastic stuff!

    I can’t comment on the shit that went on later, too angry to make sense if I did but thanks for making that race memorable for something good!

    All the best for your future Rob.

  26. tf says:

    rob, good had no choice but to take the lead and do what you wanted to do..those guys could have run 66/62 if need simply cant ,so even pace was your best thing i’ve noticed with your training is you never do an over distance run in training..say 26-28 miles..i know dave egde used to do one 5 weeks out fomr his marathons.the rest of your puzzle looks good to me.i”ve worked under BILL SQUIRES years ago and he to always had us do our longs runs as fartlek workouts…never believed they should be long and easy/slow!… he never believed a runner needed more than 120 miles a week…rodgers just loved to run!..the man has coached more boston chnapions than any other coach in hhistory…rosa even sent JOSEPH CHEBET to boston before his 1st win there, to train under squires for 4 weeks before the race…he knew that squires knew how to win that race..and it paid off, in dec. 1984 squires once offered any “2:20 marathoners who wanted to finish top 10 in the 1985 boston a chance to train with him”..a guy named GERRY VANESSE took him up on this and went from 2:`19 best to 2:14 in 3.5 months….you might want to get ahold of defintely wouldnt hurt and i know he would love to be the man to help bring down draytons record!! good luck!

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