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Pitter patter let’s get at er’. Blog #9 in full effect.
Started official marathon training last week. Geez, what I am I getting myself into? I’ve only completed one stinking week and already it hurts to walk and my whole body is sore.  I’m to much of a puss for this craziness. I did get a massage to try to ease the pain though. To all the non-running folks out there, massages are not as cool as you’d think. A sports massage generally hurts like hell, and there is no happy ending.  One rule I have about massages is that, no matter how tight or sore my calves are I will not let the RMT know.  Getting a calf massage sucks so much balls it’s not even funny.  Once again, to non-running folk, go to the gym, do 100 calf raises, get em’ nice and tight then go and get them massaged. You’ll want to friggen die…or kill the RMT, either way, you will want the action of having your calves massaged to stop, immediately. Anyways, Marcel did a good job of working me over, and now I feel better. This marathon experiment is going to be interesting and I’m actually very excited about it. I have a great coach and a fast dudes to run with and learn from.
So Yesterday I did a quiz on facebook to see which US city I belonged in. I got Denver, that is awesome. Why? because Denver is only 1hr away from the city I really belong in, Fort Collins Co. No offense to Guelph, I love Guelph and I plan on being in Guelph for several years. The guys in Guelph are great and the girls in Guelph are pretty. But, if there was one city that I would live in over Guelph it would be Foco. Man, I used the word Guelph a whole lot in those last few sentences, and I apologize for that, because Guelph is a rather unattractive word, and a poor choice of city name.
Back to the Fort. Why do I love Fort Collins so much? Well for starters there are about 10 breweries in town, and if you have a good bike and a solid plan you can hit them all up in one afternoon no problem.  Also is is home to my alma mater, the prestigious Colorado State University. CSU is so demanding and academically challenging that it takes some people 5 years to get a degree in something as simple as History. I mean, you could get a history degree from Harvard in four years no problem.
Fort Collins is at the foot hills of the rockies and is basically as beautiful as a me with my shirt off.  I miss that place and I miss the fine people who reside there. Shout out to Dave-O and Kirkpatty!
Fort Collins is also the place where one of the most fun/dumbest drinking games ever was invented.  Actually it doesn’t have to be a drinking game, but you’d probably have to be drunk to think it was a good idea. Egg Boxing, so simple and so entertaining.  Get two pairs of boxing gloves, two eggs and two idiots. Get idiots to put gloves on their hands and eggs in mouths. Start punching your friend in the face.  First guy to have their egg broken loses, has to drink and also may get salmonella. Hell, you don’t even need gloves if you’re really dumb (sorry Dave).
So there ya have it internetters, to recap. Massages are painful, Guelph is good, Fort Collins is good, I look great with my shirt off and I used to punch my friends in the face.

Oct 2010


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  1. chris Winter says:

    Im pretty sure I just peed myself laughing…can we play this game?!

  2. Max says:

    dude, i love the fact that your write EXACTLY like you talk, i feel like we just had a conversation, love it!!!!!! That game sounds ridiculous too…

  3. Anonymous says:

    hahahaha great post Rob!

    adam h

  4. Anonymous says:

    yet again

  5. Pitter patter let's get ater'.First guy to have their egg broken loses

  6. I just peed myself laughing…

  7. i feel like we just had a conversation,

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