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Okay, let’s blog this sucker.

It’s been a little over a month since Boston, and I think I finally have fully functional legs again. That course, holy moly kids, that course tore me up unlike any other marathon course has before! I was absolutely thrashed after taking on that sucker. My quads, my poor poor quads. Oh man, that was rough. But that was then and this is now, time to get back at it!

My down time was pleasant, I drank a bunch of beer and put on some buffer weight. But I made a point not to get excessively drunk and fat. After my previous marathons I tended to let things go maybe a bit too much. So like any good historian (Colorado State University, bachelor of Arts and Sciences,  focus on History, class of 2007) I studied the past. I collected primary sources and I examined first hand accounts. I scoured the footnotes, interviewed witnesses and finally formed a thesis: Being drunk and fat is a bad idea if yer tryin to do fast runnin’.

Sometimes I get a little rowdy, and by the time I realize what is going on I’ve put myself in a big damn hole. Being in that fat, drunk hole is lame, it takes me a good 6months to climb out and to get back into any sort of fighting shape. No more of that nonsense folks, because another thing History has taught me is that running fast is a lot cooler than running slow. As us Historians like to say; If you don’t learn from the past, you are bound to repeat it in the future!

What’s the next battle then? Well I’m off to Ottawa this weekend to run a 10km. It’s gonna be a good test to see how I maintained during my down time. I think I maintained well enough as to give Ottawa a good go. I’m really looking forward to racing against my buddy Kelly Weibe. If you don’t know who Kelly is now, then I assure you, you will soon! Kid is a stud, he won a bunch of stuff in the Canadian University System and now he has migrated from the frozen prairies of Saskatchewan to the training mecca that is Vancouver. Kelly arrived in Van a few weeks ago and he’s been giving it hell ever since, he’s a very exciting and promising young Canadian talent, dude has 2:09 written all over him!

I’m pretty pumped about the way things are shaping up out here in Vancouver. There is a whole lotta promising young talent in the area and things are really starting to come together. I have joined Point Grey TC, this is a pretty sexy new little outfit.(still coached by Pete, club is my affiliation & local base) I think there is potential for some special things to come out of this club in the next few years. Everything is coming together, the talent is here and the drive is here now we just gotta make some noise! It will get especially rad when we get our  faithful leader Wykes back out here for good! Things are getting speedy in Vancity!

After Ottawa I will race the ScotiaBank 1/2 marathon here in Vancouver on June 23rd. Wanna do well here. This is my favourite Canadian race, it’s wonderfully organized, the course is stellar, the competition is deep and they have awesome post race snacks. I really wanna win this one!

Oh yeah, and for Scotia I am running for the Alzheimer Society of BC, I set up my fundraising site and so far it has been a little slow moving…actually very slow moving…I have raised zero dollars…it’s embarrassing. So if ya hate Alzheimers as much as I do then hop on over and chip in a few for a great cause.

After Scotia I’ll take a little break and then start a long low build towards a fall Marathon.

Yeah, so I should probably stop for a moment to address Moscow and the whole World Championships thing that is going on this summer. One would assume that if an athlete qualifies for such a big major championship that is World Champs than said athlete would be lame for not going. Well I kinda agree. And having said that, I will not be going to Moscow.

I do feel kinda lame about it. Part of me thinks that I should be going, but my ultimate goal is Rio2016, and everything I do in my running is based on this one goal. there are many legit reasons as to why I should go, but there are also a lot of reasons as to why I can’t do it. There are athletic factors and a life reasons why this isn’t in the cards. It may sound lame, and it may kinda suck, but that is just the way it is folks. What can I say?

Okay, well I’m gonna go and blast my abs, it’s beach season!

Go leafs!..oh wait…shit…that one still hurts.



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  1. Fan of RW says:

    It’s all good on the Moscow front bro…not lame if it does not contribute to the big goal.

  2. doggggg says:

    DO MOSCOW! In Soviet Russian the Marathon runs you.

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