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Hey, so get this, I won a trip to Ireland! Yeah man, there was a contest through work and I won! It’s a sweet trip, check the amazing itinerary; fly to Ireland, drink beer, run a relay across the whole damn country…whilst drinking  beer, celebrate finishing relay with a  beer party, fly home. It’s simply majestic.

I was so pumped when I won. Was gonna go to Ireland, meet a bunch of cool people, drink a bunch of beer and hit on a lass or two. Buuutttt…I had to turn down the trip…damn. Why would anyone in their right mind turn down this ridiculously awesome trip? Well, instead of drinking beer and going for a nice little jog across Ireland, I have decided that I’d rather drink me some eLoad and haul ass through the mean streets of Moscow.

Yeah, that’s right. Despite what I said in a previous post, I’m gonna head to Moscow for a little Marathon World Championship action. I was talking about how Moscow didn’t fit into the long term plan and such before. But the simple fact is that right now I am absolutely loving the run, I’m pretty fit and the grind is just going well. I wanna keep on racing!

I went to the World Championships back in my steeplchasing days in 2009,  it was such a cool trip, one of the highlights of my career for sure. The event will also provide an awesome racing experience. A championship style race is quite different than that of the big city time trial marathons, looking forward to racing for place rather than time.

So there is that, Moscow is on! But there is also this…After Moscow I’m gonna reload, recharge and regroup for a fast fall marathon. Oh boy yeah! The fall marathon is when we are gonna try to roll a fast one. Now I know what you are thinking. But it’s all good, don’t worry folks. check this; 1984 Chicago Marathon

That there is the 1984 Chicago Marathon, three of the all time beauties of the sport doing work; Jonsey, Deeks and Lopes. All three of those dudes ran the 1984 Olympic Marathon in LA on Aug 12th and then doubled back to race Chicago  on Oct 21st. They all ran awesome in Chicago, Jonsey doubled back by rolling 2:08:05 for a new world record. Now, I know I am not on those dudes level, but it can be done. Don’t ya worry about me, I’ll be fine…I hope…yeah, it’s all good man!

Before all that goes down we have the Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon this Sunday.

I’m super pumped about about this race. It is a challenging go of  a course and there is gonna be some fast dudes, but anytime ya get to race on home turf you have to seize the opportunity. I wanna win really bad. Training since Ottawa has been great, so I think I’m in a position to give it a good go!

In conjuncture with the race this weekend I have been trying to raise some money for the BC Alzheimer Society. Thanks so much to all whom have contributed so far; Lauren, Paul and Kelly, Miki, Jengy, Delilah, Alison and Anonymous friend, You guys are amazing, thanks so much! But I’m only half way to my goal and I’ve been sucking at raising money so far. So here’s the thing, my 30th birthday is Sunday. Wanna get me a gift? Do so in the form of donating to a great cause; Right on.

Also going on this weekend is some awesome track and field action. We have the Canadian and the USA track championships. Wanna say good luck to everyone competing. I am especially excited to follow the Canadian Men’s steeplechase. Canada already has 2 guys with the “A” standard and two guys with the “B” standard. Basically it comes down to first three across the line  heading off to Moscow for the big show. It is cool when the Canadian Championship races actually carry this sort of weight. These 4 guys also all happen to be good buddies of mine, 3 Speed river kids in Milne, Winter and Genest and then there is the favourite and all around beaut in Matty Hughes. Should be an awesome race.

The women’s 1500 will also be a dramatic showdown. Same type of situation. Hillary doesn’t have a standard yet, but I’m just gonna assume she’ll get it soon, she’s pretty quick. That along with Sheila Reid absolutely killing it this year, Nicole S. doing her thing, and KVB having a break out race in Toronto to hit the “b”, we have another situation of 4 great runners fighting for just 3 spots. this is shaping up to be a pretty rad event.

Wanna give a shout out to all my Point Grey TC teammates whom will be racing. Luc B. is looking very fit coming into the 5000m, so is my man Kevin Friesen. Brokerville will do work in the steeple, dude is having an awesome breakout season. Shout out to Nigel in the 1500m, get going buddy, roll! I am especially excited to follow my boy Kelly Weibe in the 10000m, dude has been looking nasty, I really think he will turn some heads out there. It’s all so exciting, such a great weekend for a track nerds everywhere!

Okay, I’m done doing what I came to do here, have a great day everyone!



Jun 2013


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  2. Lauren says:

    Sweet! My life is complete – I got a shout out from Robbie on his blog!

  3. jaliet says:

    Congrats! This is great. All the best in the Half-Marathon – looking forward to your race report. Share your training log please.

  4. Sherlock says:

    Excellent, Watson. You turning yourself into a Canadian version of Yuki Kawauchi aka “Citizen Runner”?! Look up some threads on LetsRun about him. The Japanese love this guy!

    On to Moscow!

    • rob says:

      Oh man, I know all about Yuki, dude is a legend! I have a lot, lot, lot of work to do to be even mentioned in the same paragraph as that beast!
      How’d the longest day race go for ya?

      • Sherlock says:

        It was HILARIOUS. I executed a definite fade for sure. Split the 1st km in 3:27 and then slowly faded away….3:45, 4:00…you get the drift. Having been a victim of the dreaded tibial stress fracture earlier in the year, I was just out for a lark and to rediscover my racing legs. Afterwards, I got a chance to catch up with David Palermo and then finally met Ellie Greenwood, who was manning one of the food tables. She seems like a really awesome gal. I was totally wowed. By the way, thank you for accepting my FB friend request on Friday, ol’ chap. Now then, good luck tomorrow. Tell the race directors that someone should set up a camcorder or something on the lead bike or car and then post at least 10 minutes of footage to YT.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Have a great race on Sunday, Rob!

  6. Not Canadian says:

    fuck yea, I;ll assume my comment on the last blog made you do it. right on, 4 marathons in a year, hammerfest then hammeredfest. if i was canadian I would buy you some celebratory brews.

    • rob says:

      Haha, thanks man. Maybe your comment did make a difference, and ya know man, you don’t have to be Canadian to buy me a beer, beers are acceptable all over the damn world.

  7. Fan of RW says:

    Robbie W “The People’s Racer”.
    Can’t believe you turned down all those Irish ladies. Knowing what I know of them that would have been one tough decision.

  8. Watson Rules says:

    So glad to hear this!

    Oh, and I’m your history teacher today. Steve Jones didn’t run the marathon at the 1984 Olympics, he ran the 10,000m. But everything else still holds, and you’re gonna crush Moscow AND THEN a fall marathon. I know it.

    • rob says:

      gah, you are correct. Thanks for the correction. Also, thanks so much for the support, I really appreciate it man.

  9. Simon says:

    Ah man. Those world championships are as regular as buses. Beer drinking relays of Ireland are a once in a lifetime opportunity. There’s still time to fake an injury or something…

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