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Ran a race on Sunday. This was a race I really wanted to win…I didn’t win…damn…It’s okay though, I’m ready to talk about it now.

The Vancouver Scotiabank Half was this weekend. Heading into the race I thought I had a chance to win. I had been training solidly and figured I was pretty fit. Race plan was simple, chill with the boys for the first 10miles then try to make a move. This plan did not really materialize at all.

Right from the gun  we got going at a decent clip. SunRun champ Paul Kimugul set the tempo early on, buddy was looking to get after it! I wasn’t thrilled about this early tempo, but I had to keep contact if I wanted to win, so I held on to the pace. I wasn’t wearing a watch so I’m not sure of to many splits, but I know that we were 29:28 at 10km and 44:52 at 15km. Decent clip right there that was.

This half has a tricky course, there is a big ole’ downhill at about 8km that can really put some junk in your legs if ya hit it to hard. I was hoping the dudes would be content with just chilling for the first half and then getting after it over the last few miles. But obviously they did not share the same sentiment and we rolled that damn hill!

If ya look at the results you will see that I finished 2nd by almost a minute. But it really was a good race, I swear.  There was a group of three of us going back and forth throwing little jabs here and there. It was fun. Things started to get pretty difficult at 14km, so I did what I usually do when I start hurting. I threw in a surge. I figured if I was hurting, than the other dudes were probably hurting as well. I wanted to break em’.  My theory behind the suffer surge is that it can provide a nice physical and psychological boost. It changes up your rhythm a bit and maybe that change is all ya need snap out of a late race funk and get ya to stop feeling sorry for yourself. I also figure it tricks your head into continuing to grind hard knowing  that you’re still on for a good one. But another thing about suffering in a race is that whilst yer suffering you are generally not thinking straight, and therefore you can convince yourself to believe these stupid ideas and do dumb shit. This surge was not awesome at all, it  just made me hurt more than I already was…I ended up falling off  for good around 18km. That last 3km was kinda ugly. Post race chat with coach;

rob; I just ran until I broke, made it to 18km

coach; So he put a minute on you in the last 3km?

rob; Yeah

coach; Man you didn’t break, you shattered!

rob; haha, yeah guess I did.

coach; good job, happy birthday.

Big Congrats to my buddy Kip Kangogo for coming out with the win. I have been racing Kip for years, he’s a strong man, dude is very hard to beat! He also just had a baby, so now he has added dad power to go with his already tough as nails mentality. It’s not  fair man, I should get a baby. Kip is a great dude, super classy and friendly. Good job my friend!


Kip, Myself and Peter Butler (Peter Eliptigo'd the entire race, good man!

Also gotta say thanks so much to everyone whom helped support the Charity Challenge that was associated with the race. I manged to hit my $500 goal for the BC Alzheimer Society. I’m super pumped about that. Thanks so much!

Thanks so much to everyone whom was out there on the course, the support was pretty gnarly, really wish I coulda won that one for the home team!

Here’s a little video of myself struggling to keep contact around 17km. It’s interesting to see my form falling apart as I try to force it. It is also funny to see Paul brutally cut the corner on the end. Come on buddy, that’s not cool!

And Here’s a little post race chat I had with my buddy and new Editor of Canadian Running (Congrats buddy!) Michael Doyle;

Yeah, so after the race I gave myself a 2 day window to celebrate and relax before I got into my World Championship build. I went home after the race and had a quick nap, then I spent the rest of the day drinking beer and eating cake with my friends. Huge shout out to Fil and Todd for their delicious Chocolate PeanutButter cake. Props to Mary for here absurdly awesome Chocolate Quinoa Cake and Jane for her giant GlutenFree chocolate chip cookie. Yeah man, two cakes and a cookie, it was rad!

My two day chill window ended up consisting of 12hrs of partying and then a bunch of sleeping whilst trying to recover from the  partying. 20yr old Rob would have spent the whole damn time in a drunken stupor! But then again 20yr old Rob wouldn’t have to worry about training for a World Championship race, because 20yr old Rob was slow…

So here we are now, that was a rad weekend. Clif, Alan, Tom and the rest of the CRS crew put on another brilliant show and it’s time to get back on the grind and do work. OnWardtoMoscow!

One last thing, gotta send some love to Reid Coolsaet. Get well soon man! So much suck about the collarbone break. Knowing Reid, I know he’ll be back and rolling sooner than expected. Be well my man!





Jun 2013


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  1. Connor McGuire says:

    “Oh come on now!” haha quite a dusty move on Paul’s part…

  2. Fan of RW says:

    Totally legit calling him out man! Great race. Bring on the worlds….there will only be a few hundred track girls there with fit bodies and long legs….focus grasshopper focus…

    • rob says:

      focus indeed. No worries my man, fit ladies come and go. This marathon grind will be my mistress for the next several weeks.

  3. jaliet says:

    Congrats! And what work do you do to pay the bills? We have Yuki who works for the government and Matt Eliott who is a teacher. What about Rob?

  4. jaliet says:

    I just saw the video of Paul Kimugul cutting the corner. I thought tapes should be placed around such corners to stop exactly this kind of thing happening?

  5. Tony says:

    I love your race report. I went down to Burrard St Bridge, and managed to catch you running by. I laughed when I saw your recovery drink (eg beer) when my wife just bought a $50 tub of Vega.

  6. Luke says:

    “Cutting corners” is normal in Europe where most of Kimugul’s experience is, so give the guy a break. IIf the route is not blocked off with banners or spectators, it’s the course organizer’s problem, not the runner’s. Dude is fast and probably one of the fastest half marathoners to hit Vancouver in recent years. If he didn’t currently have pneumonia, the outcome would have been different – guaranteed.

    • Another fan of RW says:

      “‘Cutting corners’ is normal in Europe where most of Kimugul’s experience is, so give the guy a break.” – Huh…? Seriously… Totally uncool! And where do you draw the line? Cutting a corner and about 10 meters like he did there is ok? How about cutting though a parking lot that happens to be on a corner? Cutting a street block? Uncool. Very uncool.
      On a more positive note – hilarious as usual blog post and race report. Also love the “Screw it, I’m racing more” attitude from video ‘jaliet’ posted above. Just like my boy Yuki Kawauchi-san. Total bad-ass:

    • rob says:

      Thanks for sharing your views on this Luke. I have a few issues with your comment, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions.
      I just gotta say though, your comment blaming the Race Organizers for Paul’s move due to a lack of banners is quite stupid.


  7. audeal says:

    thaks for the race report, I just discovered your blog and I love it. It<s entertaining but at the same time informative, it<s nice to read about what is going on in the head of an elite athlete. I have the same problem about bad toughts creeping into my head when the going gets tough, I like your strategy of beating it down. I'll try it for sure! Keep on the good work!

    • rob says:

      Right on! Thanks Audeal. Yeah when things get rough it can be a struggle to stay positive. Keep chipping away and best of luck with the training!

  8. Sherlock says:

    Hilarious, Watson. I bet your eyes bulged out of their sockets when “Wile E. Paul” cut that corner. Now then, ol’ chap. As part of the Holmes-Watson investigative duo, I expect you to gather some intelligence on our dear friend, master Kimugul. He’s got European experience under his belt, yet he has shown up at the Sun Run, TC10k, a local Whiterock Sandcastles 10km, and now Scotia. Pray tell, what are his machinations? Has he chosen to settle in Vancouver?

    • rob says:

      Hey Man,
      Kimugal is a great runner and he’s quite a journey man. I think he was just over here for a little stint and now he’s back home. I hope he comes back next year, he is a great competitor and spices up the race quite a bit!

  9. Tara says:

    Haha, was that you that said ‘Oh, come on now!’? Pretty impressive at that stage of the race if so – I guarantee what would have come out of my mouth wouldn’t have been nearly that polite.
    Keep rolling Rob!

    • rob says:

      haha, thanks Tara. That was certainly an odd situation. My comment was a pg version of what I was thinking in my head!

  10. Craig says:

    Steller blog dude.

    “Decent clip right there that was.” That is a solid Canadian race report. I like it.

  11. ODYASON says:

    Ah yeah, I’m sure cutting corners is real encouraged out there in the Europe! Rosie Ruiz tried to bring that concept to Boston. Didn’t catch on.

    Good on ya, Rob. Yer gonna roll a spicy one over there in Moscow, I can feel it. I’m using made-up slang. No idea what a “spicy one” is, but either way you’ll run real fast-like!

    • rob says:

      haha thanks buddy. I hope to get extra spicy in Moscow…yeah, that sounds weird, oh well let’s roll with it. #gettingspicy

  12. Fan of RW says:

    Then stay in Europe and cut your corners there homie we don’t roll that way in Canada. Try that shit in Toronto and you will DNF fo-sho home slice.

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