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Hey there Internet friends and family. I don’t have much to talk about right now, but I just ate a big meal and I have to let that settle before I head out for my workout. Gonna roll a 20miler with some fartlek thrown in here and there. Gotta work on fueling and hydration protocol on this run, should be fun.

In my personal opinion the biggest thing that separates the marathon from all other races is the need for a proper fueling and nutritional plan. It is also the element of training that I feel people don’t take seriously enough. Folks, if you are gonna race a marathon ya gotta have a fuel plan! If ya don’t have a fueling plan you are gonna have a bad time (pun intended)

The body is capable of storing enough glycogen and such to get ya through a 10km or a half, but when it comes to a marathon you have to take in some carbs along the way. Otherwise you are gonna bonk, I’ve bonked before…a few times…it is friggen miserable. People are always complaining that gels taste gross, or they don’t like the texture. They use that as an excuse not to take them. That is stupid. Stop being such a baby. You know what tastes grosser than a gel? Failure. And if you think that you’re gonna get through a marathon without a gel then that is exactly what you are gonna experience, big fat failure.

Then there is hydration. Sometimes people think hydration and fueling are the same thing, they are not. Gotta separate those two things. Hydration needs will change based on sweat rate and specific race day temps. You don’t need to hydrate as much on a cold day as you would on a hot day.

I am a big time sweater, it can be quite gross. The other day it was pretty warm and I was doing a long tempo. By the end of that run I looked like I had just jumped in the ocean. I was hauling ass around the seawall splashing unsuspecting tourists with stinky, salty rob sweat. it was gross. I have been known to sweat out over 10lbs of water during long efforts on hot days. Based on my heavy sweat rate I gotta practice taking in lots of water during runs. There is potential for it to be quite hot in Moscow, gotta get used to chugging the water at race pace.

So anyways, my point here is that during your marathon build you have to get in some specific runs in which you practice you fueling and hydration plans. Don’t wait until race day to try this out, because if ya do that than you are at risk of pooping your pants…and then bonking. The only thing worse than bonking is bonking with poopy pants.

Marathons man, they are hard. Let’s talk about some cooler stuff.

You know what is cool? Canada. Canada is cool. Happy belated Canada day to everyone out there, hope ya had a good one. My Canada day was pretty rad, started with a bunch of mile repeats on a track, ended with a few beers with close friends. Running, beer and friends that’s good stuff, freedom is a special thing. Those Canada day beers will be the last beers I have until Aug 17th at around 6pm Moscow time, I gotta get after this training thing, big race coming up.

Oh yeah, and happy America day to all my American friends. I love America. I find it annoying when us Canadians feel the need to bash America, it happens a lot. Canadians love to rag on America. We rag on their guns, their fatness and their government stuff. Stop doing that, no country is perfect man. America is a pretty rad place.

To sum things up, practice your fueling and hydration. Canadian is great, and Americans are neat. Gonna go do this run now. Gonna be posting my training from here until world’s in the training section, check it here;

Peace out folks. Have a great weekend!





Jul 2013


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  1. Sherlock says:

    Where are the comments for our boi, Rob?

    I’m very hydrated these days man. About 1.5 months ago, I finally started paying attention to my water intake. I went from drinking at best maybe 1.25 L of water a day to drinking 3 L. I had to be focused about it, but I gradually noticed I felt better on runs and throughout the day. Rob, any recommendations on caffeine intake (caffeine gels) prior to a race for someone who doesn’t drink coffee or otherwise consume caffeine?

    • rob says:

      Hey Sherlock,
      Like anything you are gonna try in a race, you must first try it in practice! Everyone will react and process caffeine in a different way. It may give ya a good energy boost and help ya get going, but it may also make ya poop your pants and get all jittery.
      I would simply just advise ya to try it out man, be conservative at first and see how it affects your running.
      Good luck!

  2. Chirs says:

    Actually, fueling and hydration are not necessarily different – all those energy drinks like Gatorade and Powerlode etc have carbs in em. Gels were probably not invented until pretty recently, ( I don’t know exactly, but don’t remember ever seeing them when I started marathoning), and interestingly, people ran pretty fast without them. So, just my two cents that if you are going to be drinking a fair bit during a hot weather marathon, you may not need any gels, as you may be getting plenty of carbs from your liquids.

    Interestingly, for most people, (ie slower runners) overhydration during a long race is probably a bigger concern than underhydration, unless they don’t drink at all for some reason. Most slow runners can use thirst as a guide as long as conditions are reasonable and they start off well hydrated. Some good research showed Haile G. lost way over 5% of his bodyweight when he ran some of his marathons in the sub 2:05 range, so although getting really dehydrated is obviously not good, way too many runners obsess about hydration and drink too much. Rob noted the best method, which is a pre-workout weight and post workout weight, so you know how much you really lose, and therefore can tailor your hydration to your individual needs. No science behind this 8 cups a day for everyone myth.

    • rob says:

      Hey Chris,
      Thanks for the comment man, good stuff.
      When I say hydration, I am talking purely water intake. Gatorade, powerade etc…are all engineered with extra carbs and sugars, so that counts as fueling as well. They are still separate things, they just happen to come in the same bottle.
      A good Fueling and Hydration plan can (and should) be performed at the same time, and often from the same bottle during a race. This makes it easier, but it does not make them the same. Each is a separate entity that needs to be addressed on its own.
      I’ll use myself as an example. My fueling needs during a marathon will always remain the same; 60g of carbs/hour. That is the goal, that is the most I (and most) can process during a run.
      But Hydration is another matter all together, my water intake is largely based on race day weather. Warmer weather=more water, cold=less.
      How I determine my water needs is pretty simple (thanks to Trent Stellingwerth for this) before most my hard efforts I will weigh myself, and then I weigh myself after. Obviously there are some other factors in play (poop, etc…) but the idea is to see how much I sweat at any given temperature. Then we determine how much water I need to take in during the run to make sure I don’t sweat out to much and become dehydrated, but also, like you said, I don’t want to overhydrate and be slogging around extra water weight.
      Then come race day I put my standard gel amount in my bottle and then water them down with the amount of water that has been calculated to keep me properly hydrated based on race day weather.
      So yes, the hydration and fueling plan is executed using the same bottle, but they are by no means the same thing.
      Also of note, Haile never really starting nailing his marathons until he perfected his fueling protocol in the mid 2000’s. Also of note, Haile is a freak of nature whom utilizes and burns carbs more efficiently than pretty much anyone in the world!

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