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Hey, suppose I should write me a little post here before I take off to parts unknown for the next little bit, well actually the parts are very well known, but I should still write this post anyways.

The first leg of my trip to the world champs gets going friday with a bit of a haul over to Germany. I’m not a huge fan of flying, so I am most certainly not looking forward to a 10hr flight from Van-Frankfort. But I guess travel is a necessary evil in this game. I am however super excited to get to camp and see some old buddies, also hoping to meet some new friends. Friends are fun, they make ya smile.

So before we get going off to the Europe let’s reflect a bit, let’s chat about the last three weeks and what this kid has been up to. What I have been up to is running, a shit tonne of running. Just went over 600miles for the month. Training has been intense man, holy moly! This build up has been interesting. Coach has pushed the envelope a bit, and there have been a few occasions where I have had to pull back before falling off the edge.

There have been some great workouts and some not so great workouts. Ups and downs, ebbs and flows, yadda yadda yadda. My best block came when Mr. Dylan Wykes rolled into town. Dylan, Kelly W. and myself had a glorious little training camp, gave me a big ole’ running boner over the prospects of what is gonna go down here in the future. I really gotta give a huge shout out to Richard Lee here, dude rode his bike with me for the duration of an entire 35km tempo run, bottles every 15min and everything. What a good dude!

That 35km tempo was the longest I’ve ever gone in a workout, it was pretty epic. But it did leave me pretty useless for a week or so after, took a while to get my legs back under me. That there was that enveloping pushing I was talking about. Coach Watson can be a cruel man. Here I was doing damn near 2hrs of tempo work whilst he’s in Costa Rica surfing and sipping on pina colada’s…what a dink.

So yeah, aside from running I’ve also been hitting up the gym three times a week. I have been accompanied by my buddy Todd J. for these sessions. Todd had grown a bit of a spare tire and needed to flatten that sucker, so we started hitting up the gym together.  I do my running specific stuff and he just follows along. When we first started he was…umm…how to put this politely?…He was useless folks, pretty damn useless. But that was three months ago and now Todd has lost half a tire and is rocking it. It has been a tonne of fun working out with him.

So yeah, lots of training in my life, not very much more. It has been a bit rough at times. We have had an absolutely spectacular July here in Vancouver. There has been a record amount of sunshine for the month and I can’t recall even seeing a cloud. This city has amazing beaches and a lot of my runs take me by said beaches. There have been more than a few occasions when I have been on a run and just wanted to say eff it, grab a brew and jump in a beach volleyball game with some cute girls. But alas, this is the life I have chosen. Besides, I hear the beaches in Rio are way nicer!

Let’s take a brief moment to touch upon all this doping business in our sport. People often ask my opinion on this stuff, and here are my thoughts…f**k the cheaters. I hate em’ but the sad reality is that there are gonna be snakes in our game. If there is money on the line some people are gonna do whatever it takes to get it. I hate it and it is frustrating, but I’m gonna keep doing what I do, I love this game too much to let them get to me. I have things that I gotta accomplish in this sport. The cheaters may keep some bread off the table, but they can’t touch the fire burning inside.

Alright, it was good chatting folks. I’m gonna go now, suppose I should pack or something. I’m leaving Vancouver until friggen November! (World’s then straight to camp in Charlottesville with Coach and Kristen)  How does one fit 3months worth of stuff into 2bags? That there is a lot of shoes and short shorts!

Cheers folks, be good.


Jul 2013


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  1. Thunder Fist says:

    Hey Rob!

    Love the blog, another great read. I would like to point out your websites choice of ads. Amped that you/your website helper guy are trying to hook me up with some single lady friends!


    • Ted says:

      Yo Thunderfist,

      I was thinking the same thing… am totally digging reading along, Dylan Wykes is in town, a brutal tempo run, good humor, f**k the cheaters, yada, yada, yada… and somehow there is some leggy chick in a pink bridesmaid dress on the left hand side of the screen peering at me.
      Trouble processing if that is good or not. Lets go with yes as the blog is cool.

      Best of luck in Moscow!

      • Sherlock says:

        Well, this won’t do. Yesterday it was a “math tricks” ad, today it is a “this is the ultimate basketball workout” ad. There is no eye candy for me, lads.

        • rob says:

          Gents, what can I say? I don’t control the ads, they are based weird computer algorithm stuff, I think I may just get rid of them, they are generally just lame and distracting.

          • Thunderfist says:

            Don’t do it dude. Today is Fitness singles. Maybe I can snag myself a sub 17min 5k lass

  2. Paul says:

    You are an inspiration to all of us, Rob. I commend you endless amounts for chasing your dreams and for sacrificing much to push yourself to the limits. Keep at it and good luck with all you do!!


  3. jaliet says:

    Keep it up Rob!

  4. Sherlock says:

    Now then, Watson, all the best in Moscow. Run with vigour. The game is afoot!

  5. Tara says:

    Good luck on Saturday Rob! Kill it out there. Or should I say, go Gretzky!

  6. Bob says:

    Congratulations on a terrific run in Moscow!
    Not far behind Kawauchi no less.

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