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Hey there, so this here is the plan; I’m gonna do the Toronto marathon. We are two weeks on since Moscow and seven out from Toronto. Feeling healthy, happy and ready to have some fun. It is all systems go my friends. Why Toronto? Well, it’s simply a great Marathon. The organization is great, the spectators are nice, the course can be quick and there is always a top notch field of international and homebred studs to throw down against. Gotta give a huge shout out to Alan Brooks and the whole Canadian Running Series crew, they really do amazing things for our sport here in Canada, gotta love it.

Little more on Toronto here;

As I embark upon another marathon build. I’ve been hearing some murmuring, I’ve heard some chatter. Some folks don’t really think that I should be tackling another marathon so soon after Moscow, they are not really keen on the idea at all. Fair enough.  I can see where they are coming from, usually one would take a little more time between marathons, take a little more recovery. I get it. Go ahead, talk away my friends. Talky, talky, talky. Geez Louise. Chill dudes, I’m good. I got this. The legs feel great, my head is right and I’m ready to get at this cycle. Oh well, like my Grandmother always says; “Haterz gonna hate”

Besides, I growing a beard. Beards immediately make ya hard as hell. It is a scientific fact that people with beards can train harder, recover better and handle tools more efficiently than their non-bearded brethren. The East German women used this bearded training method to dominate the world of track and field during the late 70’s and early 80’s. Beards are rad, the only downfall is that it itches like the dickens and I look like a haggard bum.

For this build I find myself back in Charlottesville Virgina with Pete and Kristen. I’ve been here for two weeks and things have been great. Kristin has continued to act as a top notch personal chef and dietitian whilst Pete is back cracking the whip as the Coach. I’m also technically a volunteer assistant with the mens XC team, but I don’t really do anything. I just run with the guys and try to impart some wisdom on them, but that too is futile because these kids are all smarter than me and they are also way faster than I was in University.  Anyways, here’s a pretty cool video that one of the kids made about running in these parts; *note, it wasn’t raining the day that this video was made, it is just that damn hot and humid down here right now. After every run it looks like I fell in the friggen river, it’s gross and chaffy. Good for heat training though!

Like I said before, I’ve set up shop here in Cville, I have a solid routine and I’m excited to keep moving forward. After Moscow I took a week down and then another week to ease back into things. I like the ease week. The ease week is used to test the legs, see if they are still there. The ease week is very important.  After Moscow I felt like I recovered very well, there was minimal soreness and I felt ready to roll again after like 3days. But ya never know how the legs are gonna respond until ya actually try to put in some work. That is when the ease week comes into play. I did two little test workouts during the ease. Had a very successful track session with the UVA kids on Wed, and then on Saturday I was back on good ole’ Keene for a tempo effort. It was an interesting tempo. The good news was that my legs felt just fine, no concerns there. The problem I encountered was the fact that it was hot as balls out there, not just hot but also humid, man oh man, so humid. I didn’t like that part at all. But I did what I had to do. Overall I proclaim that the ease week was a great success! Onward to Toronto my friends! I’m excited about Oct 20th,  I just wanna run fast, I need me a sexy new PB. Let’s get at this!

Little tempo work at Keene


Cheers folks. Have a good one.



Sep 2013


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  1. Anonymous says:

    2:11-2:12 in Toronto Destroyer. 5:00-5:05 pacing, lock n load bro.


  2. Fan of RW says:

    Haterade be on sale this month. It’s all good though homie. They don’t have Kristen as their secret weapon.

  3. Super Fan says:

    OMG. I get to actually see you live and in person running on the other side of Lakeshore?! Sooooo excited!!

  4. Big M says:

    Read you story in Canadian running mag what a rebel. All the best we need more Robs in running to keep it fun.

  5. IloveRW says:

    agree with Super Fan up there, ridiculously stoked to see you running opposite on Lakeshore. your blog posts are hilarious, #HaterzGonnaHate

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ride the wave dude – you know what you’re doing!

  7. Bart in Kelowna says:

    when you run a great marathon in Toronto – your 4th in a 12 month period – do you expect that your success will have an effect on how runners and coaches look at marathon running in the future? … will you be exposing a myth or will your example be quickly explained and discredited as simply an incredible stretch of good fortune for you but really just an act of random bravado by a quirky eccentric with a unusually healthy frame and exceptional mental toughness ( not your normal wise marathoner who would know and be better coached)?

    • rob says:

      Hey Bart,
      Interesting query here.
      I don’t think I’m doing anything new or unusual here. There have been plenty of folks whom have had success with heavy racing schedules.
      I do not think this will change much, every runner is different and it is all about finding out what works for the individual and the workload they can handle.
      I sure hope people do not try to explain things as “a stretch of good fortune…an act of random bravado by a quirky eccentric with a unusually healthy frame” That would be annoying.
      Cheers man.

  8. Oddish says:

    Hey Rob,
    Having just returned from Charlottesville I can vouch for the heat and humidity. Hilly too. Great place to run though. I was hoping I might run into you on the streets or trails but no such luck. I even hung out at Beer Run for a good part of a day but no sighting – I figure they have to know you by name there, awesome place. Good luck with the buildup, hope to be cheering you on in TO later this year.

    • rob says:

      Beer Run! Awesome, it’s right around the corner from Pete’s place. Great place indeed. They show all the soccer games there on the weekends.
      Sorry I missed ya in CVille, hope to see ya on the roads.

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