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Greetings from Charlottesville Virginia. Down here sweating my balls off, trying to grow a sweet beard and training for Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. It is good stuff.

What should we talk about first? How about some marathon stuff? Building towards STWM on Oct 20th. This build is weird man. We find ourselves in an interesting situation. (just for the record, when I say “we” I am referring to myself and Coach Pete, we’re a team, we’re tackling this stuff together…I also don’t want to take full responsibility for all the stupid stuff I do, even though any stupid thing I do is purely my fault) Anyways, so here we are, fresh off a very successful World Championships run, but hungry for more. The goal in Toronto is simple; run fast!

I know I am very fit, but at the same time this will be marathon number 4 on the year, there is a lot of shit in the legs. What’s the plan on how to tackle this sucker? How are we going to maximize the fitness and make sure we hit that line Oct 20th ready to rock?

The initial plan was a good one, it was simple. Be conservative and ease into this cycle. Go by feel. Obviously I have a tonne of fitness in the ole’ body, but it’s also kinda tired due to the beatings it’s taken over 3 marathons in 4months. Just be conservative and let it flow. So simple!

This plan has hit a snag though folks. What was the snag? Me. I am stupid, stupid Rob is the snag. I didn’t approach this conservatively at all. To my defense we did do the ease week…but the ease week was 210km…then last week I ran 250km…just kinda happened.  Dammit… *shakes head in disappointment*

Now don’t get me wrong, the training those two weeks was quite fantastic. I rolled pretty well, but it was unnecessary to run that much.  The aerobic base is not the issue here, that sucker is solid. We need the speed, the quality, we need the sexy stuff to be rocking! Basically I have to smarten up. I sound like a broken record over here. Coach made me promise no more than 200km this week. If I go over 200km he’s going to evict me.

Another curve ball here in this build up is that fact that apparently Charlottesville is located firmly on the surface of the Sun. Dear god, it is hot here! The heat is annoying, but it’s manageable. What I can’t deal with, and what is really causing immense amounts of suffering is this gosh darn humidity. It’s brutal man, it’s kicking my ass.

Whilst in Moscow, Dr. Trent told me that I have the 2nd highest sweat rate of any endurance runner he has ever seen. I sweat at a rate of 1.8L/Hour. Not sure exactly what that means, but I think it’s the reason why 15min into every run it looks like I have fallen into the river. It’s also the reason why easy days can become death marches. I come back from an easy hour just drenched. A sopping wet, disgusting, broken man. It is so gross. I finish and even my shoes are soaked. My shoes! I sweat so much that I have to change shoes! Who does that? Need me some more NewBalance 890’s, my current ones are all water logged.

Okay, that was a lot of complaining, sorry. I had to vent. Want some good news? Good news is that I caught my mistakes before I destroyed myself and put myself in a big hole. I have gotten in some great work so far, gonna chill here a bit and let that simmer. The weather is also supposed to get somewhat less horrible, and I think that when things cool off a bit I’ll be ready to fly!

Other good news is that Pete and Kristen have continued to be amazing hosts. They take such good care of me. I’ve been tagging along with Pete a bit during his day job as the UVA coach. Good kids he has there, I watched em’ crush a solid workout the other day, I think that they are gonna be pretty good.

I’m also all caught up on Breaking Bad. Holy moly, such craziness going on in that there show eh folks? That Walter White sure is a trouble maker!

Okay, so that’s that. 5wks out from Scotia and all is good. Life is great. Let’s do this. Cannot wait to hammer on Oct 20th.

However, before we toe the line at STWM I’m going to head up to Toronto for the National 10km Championships next weekend. I have absolutely no idea what to expect there. I figure I’m just gonna put my head down and run hard. Should be fun.

Ok, talk to ya later. I’m going to go apple picking now. Yep, just a 30yr old dude going on a solo apple picking mission on a thursday afternoon. Completely normal.


Sep 2013


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  1. Anthony says:

    Hey Dude, I too am a “sweater”. Know all about the waterlogged shoes! Get yourself some GP8 water when you’re up here, awesome shit for rehydration! Working Scotia again this year so I’ll see you in the Beaches again, but this time I hope you’re rolling past me not chatting with me in the entrance to a friggin restaurant! Cheers mate! MUFC!

    • rob says:

      Hey Man, Thanks. This time I’m actually gonna be running when I pass you!
      Hope your training is going well! 4weeks from Chicago!
      Keep rolling.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Get er done destroyer :)


  3. Anonymous says:

    Big plans for Blog #100?

  4. Billy says:

    Carter’s mountain? Recover well, run fast, and enjoy some delicious beers while you’re in cville!

  5. Tara says:

    I have a friend that sweats like that – I have actually been splashed by him on a few runs, and can hear him squelching on really humid days. So you’re not alone! Squelch onward to STWM!

    • rob says:

      yeah, I definitely splash people, it is so gross. I would be annoyed if some gross, sweaty dude was sweat splashing me, gah. Squelch on indeed!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Glad to read you’re shaving the beard – I believe it is the source of any ill-advised training
    Listen to coach Pete – not the beard!
    Love ya dude

  7. PR says:

    Hope you arrived at the orchard and were greeted by some lovely, single, apple-farmer-lady… Be the making of a fine romance story for blog numero 100…Call it 50 shades of Golden Spire…..(Ha! too weird. but here are like 10 or more apple varieties that start with the letter G… Had to look that up for that last attempt at a joke. Thank you www! ) Anyway, Good luck at the Zoo Run. Sounds like you and JWM will be sporting Beards!

  8. ken says:

    The Oasis zoo run just got a lot more interesting with you in the mix – you and Reid are going to have some fun
    Good luck and keep on blogging
    I would love to see this race live on any network..

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