I blogged last month and I was all excited and hyped up to get back on my blog grind. Then I started training for a marathon and I became a zombie and I never got around to blogging…Until now, yeah mothersucker let’s do this.

Okay, so two quick points. I am writing this on an Ipad, I blogged on an Ipad before and it is a tedious process. I had some pictures and such I was planning on posting, but this Ipad is confusing man, so pics probably won’t happen.

also, this iPad does not have an automatic spell check thing. You know, that thing that puts a red squiggly line under mis-spelled words? yeah, this iPad doesn’t have that, so there is gonna be an absurd amount of spelling mistakes in this post. sorry!

Ok, let’s chat friends. So I ran a race a few weeks ago, and not only did I not drop out (rob 2012 probably woulda dropped out, seriously I dropped outta like 10 races last year, I was such a pussy) Yeah I ran the whole damn thing and I won, it was rad.

ran the 1st half, half marathon in Vancouver. It was a really cool event, Pacific road runners  does a great job organizing  the race. I raced a pretty standard fftf, out in 30:15 for 10km and then back much slower to finish in 65:38(?). That positive split all pretty much came in the last 3miles. My last three miles were rough! but it’s not what you are thinking, it was rough because I kinda hurt myself, it was lame.

here’s what happened; I did 15×300 on the track on thursday, track work always rips my legs apart. So the legs were sufficiently torn up after that session.  Then I did a couple easy 20mile day, but my legs were still torn up! race day came and despite my legs begging for some relief I still wore the lightest and least cushioning shoes I own. After 2miles I knew I had made a mistake, and by mile 10 my left calf had completley stopped working, so I just finished up and hoped I hadn’t screwed up too bad.

After the race my lower left leg swoll the eff up! My god it hurt so bad. I was quite scared that i had really messed myself up. Luckily though after several days of light jogging and lots of icing the leg felt better and I was back at it. Crisis adverted, full steam ahead folks!

Oh yeah, the night before the race I went and saw HotWaterMusic live in concert. HWM is my favourite all time band, this was my 6th time seeing them and It was a rad show! I behaved pretty well, only got in the pit for 2 songs. I tried to stay outta it, but then they played “true believers” and it just had to happen. What the hell is a 29yr old doing in a mosh pit anyways  you may ask? Just living the dream folks, living the dream!

The Boston build up has been going radly, I got in a lot of solid work in Vancouver and now I am in Charlottesville Va. with brother Pete and sister Kristin, team Watson 2.0 engage!

I’m gonna roll here for the rest of my build up. I’m totally gonna miss Vancouver and all her beauty. Also gonna miss my van crew. Shout out to Forerunners and all the beauties there, Love you guys! shout out to Cwinter, gonna miss ya, keep rolling man! and shout out to roommate Fil, don’t burn the place down! Gonna miss DD Pizza and their crew as well, good folks over there. Shout out to all the pretty girls in Vancouver also, to those of you I know and those I have yet to meet, I’m looking forwrd to drinking beer and awkwardly/weirdly trying to hit on you when I get back.

Vancouver friends; april 16, DD Pizza. we gonna drink beer and eat pizza, it’s gonna be glorious mark it on yer calendar!

also gotta give some love to the fine folks at ManuLife and their Toronto area crew. I stopped by Toronto on my way out here for a quick chat with some of the ManuLife crew whom are training for Boston also. Great crew, had an awesome time there with them.

Ok that brings us to now. Here I am in CVille and shit is getting real. I love this part of the grind, no responsibility, no distractions. no worries at all. I only have one thing to do, and that is to get as fit as possible. Gonna eat right, sleep right and basically live the marathon. I gotta get to the line on April 15th knowing I have done everything in my power to be ready to perform. It’s very exciting stuff, and thus far things are rolling well. Did a 9mile tempo the other day and smashed it pretty hard. All systems go!

Oh yeah, quick note. I’m back with the mighty NewBalance! The west coast NB crew and some fine folks down there at NB Boston have been gracious enough to take this kid back, pumped to be rolling back with the home team!

Ok, Gotta go roll a 22miler, check out the training log to see how it goes. Love ya guys.

Onward we roll!





Feb 2013


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  1. Anonymous Coward says:

    Do you nap and do weights?

  2. the roomate says:

    Prefontaine was on the tube over the weekend, he was so close..

    • rob says:

      haha, I remember the first time you watched that movie, “he doesn’t win…and then he dies??!!” it is a rather sad story. be well my man!

  3. sneezer says:

    Swoll is my new favorite new word. :)

  4. trackie101 says:

    A nice little read for a study break. Keep up the hard work.

    • Sherlock says:

      Yes, of course. I also come here at times for a study break. I often listen to classical music while reading the raw words of my esteemed colleague Watson on this, his journal.

  5. Fan of RW says:

    I got that day booked off work man so you betta bring it

  6. Trotz says:

    link to the training log? good luck with the rest of the buildup! keep the updates coming.

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