Calling all Friends!

Hey, If you are in a hurry quick, go to this site and vote Sean and Mary, trust me, it’s for a great dude and a classy lady!


Here’s the whole story:
So I says to Brother Pete I says; “So I sees yous gots a kid looking to win a wedding”
Pete says; “Yeah, Sean! Great kid, a scholar and a gentleman”
So I says; “This kid deserve to win this wedding?”
Pete says; “Does a bear shit in the woods?”
So I says; “Ok! Let’s help win this speedy bastard a wedding!”


You are most certainly wondering what the hell I’m talking about. Well, here’s the deal. Brother Pete is coaching at the University of Virginia now and Sean is on the squad. Aside from being a hardworking and committed student athlete Sean is also deeply in love.  Shit, this guy is in love so hard that he and his lady have decided to get married! The lady is named Mary, and she is just a peach! They are in a contest to win their dream wedding, and they’re really close to winning! I think that we should help a fellow runner out and vote for our boy Sean. Actually, we are really doing this for Mary, Sean is just along for the ride. That’s just the way weddings work man. Women run the show.  Mary wants a classy ass southern wedding, so let’s help Mary get her dream wedding!

Through the infinite power of internet democracy let’s get our votes in and win this sonofabitch a kick ass wedding (there better be an open bar!) And since this is for a good old southern gent, and they’re looking to have a good old fashioned Southern wedding, lets do this democracy classic southern style as well. That means everyone has to vote as many times as possible! Once is nice, twice is better, and so forth and so on. Go crazy! You can literally vote everyday!

Here is how to do it;  go to this link and vote for Mary and Sean! so much guys. I am a sucker for the mushy stuff and this would be wicked. Also, If we here at the Blog can help generate 500votes and they win I get to go to the wedding and hit on bridesmaids! I’ll write a wicked blog about it which will include many pictures. (Sean and Mary, I assume you’ll be fine with that right? cool.)

Right on, thanks again!


Feb 2012


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10 Responses to “Calling all Friends!”

  1. RC says:

    Looks like they are now winning the contest!

  2. MJM says:

    As I learned from Letsrun, nobody should get married, let alone as early as college!

    • rob says:

      LetsRun is okay for running advice every so often. Other than running things I would never ever follow any advice from that site!
      Americans get married younger than Canadians, it’s just what they do. I think it has some relation to that they like Jesus a lot more than us too. The more you like Jesus the earlier you get married, it’s a fact!

  3. PR says:

    A Tennessee Plantation sounds like great places to pick-up bridesmaids..Vote’s in!

  4. Anthony says:

    ok I voted. Now,how have ur hamstrings been thru this latest marathon build up?

    • rob says:

      Thanks Anthony, Hammies have been holding up well and the fitness is starting to come. Things are rocking. How’s the ATB prep going?

      • Anthony says:

        The ATB prep was going great guns until one of my hammies(bicep femoris) went into spasm last week,10k into a 30k run.Had to walk back and its been a low week mileagewise.Its coming around with lots of ice and stretching and some accupuncture. Any helpful hints on prevention/strentghening? my chiro suggested lots of leg presses at the gym and kinesio tape below the knee. You got anything?

        • rob says:

          Hey Anthony,
          That is annoying, but sometimes a forced rest is a good thing, it’ll freshen you up!
          My hamstring problems have stemmed from my glutes and hips, my glutes are weak and don’t fire properly thus putting more strain on the hammies. And my hips get all locked up and tight, also messing with my hams. Make sure your glutes are strong. Do some squats, lunges and maybe try the “myrtle” routine (youtube it). And keep those hips loose and limber.
          Good luck man, hope yer back and running in no time!

          • Anthony says:

            Thanks Dude! I also have the glute issue which starts everything.Good news is that I ran 21k at my regular long run pace,pain free! I checked out the myrtle routine before and will do so again.
            Oh the things that happen to the body when the mileage goes up!!
            Cheers again,looking forward to yer 1/2 in NYC ! And Rotterdam is right around the corner now! Get it on,dude!

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