Training July 1-7th

Mon July 1st; Workout- 6xMile (800m jog rest) 4:36, 4:35, 4:35, 4:35, 4:33, 4:33. This went well. Ran up at UBC track. The Whitecaps (soccer team) were practicing as I worked out, for some odd reason they figured it was a good idea to set up their physio table in lane one. I was very annoyed. Sure they rent out that space and they can do what they want, but maybe a little respect for the kid rocking solo mile reps in 30deg heat? Why do they gotta make it harder than it already is? Friggen WhiteCaps.

pm. Easy 35min with Milne and Winter, 5mile. 19 on the day.


Tuesday July 2nd; 75min easy run…this was miserable! I don’t even wanna talk about it.

pm. 45min pool run, legs trashed from miles yesterday, gotta get off em a bit. In other news, pool running is brutal!  11miles on the day.


Wed July 3rd; 80min easy in stanley park, much better than yesterday!

pm. 55min in the park again, just cruised and listened to tunes, beauty day.  20mile day.


Thursday July 4th; 68min with CWinter up at UBC, felt good, ran in honor of my American comrades.

pm; Another 68min before work, was a little tired. I didn’t work very hard at work today…sorry boss. 20miles.


Friday July 5th; Workout; 10mile warm-up; 61:30. 10min @ 4:55pace/1mile jog/10min @ 4:56pace/2mile jog/6min @ 4:52/1mile jog/1mile @ 4:44/1mile cool down. 2:02 for 21miles, 5:48avg.

That was good. Felt strong, tried to flow and relax as much as possible. Worked the Palmer loop in Stanley Park.


Saturday July 6th; Am 82min easy in Stanley park. Nice and chill on a beauty day, needed it.

pm. Easy 62min with the Weibe. Up at UBC, another beauty run, good day!  21 on the day.

6 weeks until World Champs!


Sunday July 7th; 65easy, I felt terrible! That was brutal man. Was gonna go longer, but I might have died.

pm 65 easy, better! 19 on the day.


Good week, volume was decent, quality was decent and weather was beautiful. Happy with the way things are progressing.

Jul 2013

Training Log

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Training March 25-31

mon march 25: am, 80min easy, Quads are feeling the effects of the grind. Them bastards are sore! 12

pm: 60 easy, um…not much to say, let’s carry on. 8

Tues 26: 90min, only gonna run once today, gotta roll tomorrow and wanna be spry. I can do that at his point, we’re close enough that missing a run is worth the freshness. 13

Wed 27: Workout; 4x3km w/1km float rest. 8:44(3:27), 8:51(3:29), 9:02(3:29), 8:52. 15km in 45:57. That workout was rad, super pumped. Ran hard during the 3kms but recovered pretty well on the floats. Ran at Keane loop, 3rd 3km was challenging, it’s the hilliest one and we had some wind out there also. 16 on the session.

pm. easy 40min flush. 6.

Thurs 28: 70min easy, legs felt quite good after yesterday’s workout. Good stuff. 10

pm: 40easy, ran down at riverview park, nice chill spin. Listened to a bunch of old skate punk on the ipod, sooo good! 6

Fri 29th: am, 80min, good run. was only gonna go 60 but got into a good day dreaming rhythm and rolled along. 12

pm; 34min easy after stretching session. These stretch and flex classes are awesome, Legs are feeling rad.  5.

Sat 30th: 70min, super chill, gotta go hard tomorrow. 10.

Sun 31st: workout; 30km breakdown. Supposed to cut down each 10km section…didn’t quite workout that way. We wanted to roll at Louisa, it is a nice smooth rolling dirt road, perfect for tempo. We got there and the road had been freshly graded, gravel was loose as hell! not cool, I’m finicky about this stuff because I have super tempermental hammies and slipping around on shitty footing tends to get them fired up. But, we decided to give it a try anyways…

First 10km section was supposed to be @3:12/km, I went 31:58 but it was kinda annoying, couldn’t get a firm foot plant and was working too hard as I was spinning the wheels. we decided to run up a few km to a county road.

Next 10km was supposed to get quicker…It didn’t. Ran 2more km on the gravel, was only hitting 3:16’s here, if I kept fighting the terrain I was gonna be in for a long day, so was just chilling waiting for the road. Hit the road and life was good! This road was quite rolling and the combo of fighting the gravel and these new challenges were beating me up. went 31:59 for this 10km.

Last 10km, not gonna lie, I was suffering. Managed to grind out a 32:13. 136:10 for 30km.

Initially I was pissed after this workout. I had been killing everything and wanted to keep rolling! After some time and thought we figure that this wasn’t that bad! It was good for my brain to have to suffer for a good 16km, keep pushing and stay positive. It was good to be tired whilst rolling up and over some serious climbs-awesome course prep! It was also good to have a not so great workout to be reminded how hard this can be! My fueling was spot on, managed 60g carb/hour with no stomach issues or anything, good stuff.

Anyways, that was just fine. 26mile day.

week; Last full week of the build-up! Had my best workout and my least best workout (still wasn’t bad) okay, so let’s taper shall we? 124total.


Mar 2013

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March 18-24

Oops, little behind on this sorry.

Monday March 18: 70min easy in Central park. Was up bright and early to run with Abdi Abdirahman…but he stood me up, so I just ran all by myself…through central park…in NewYorkCity…life is great. Legs also felt fine after yesterday’s race, good stuff. 10

Tuesday March 19: So I was supposed to fly home from NYC last night, just a simple little 90min flight, no stress at all. But then there was a snowstorm in NewYork, just enough snow to cancel my flight. Lame. I was at the customer service trying to re-book and the lady ahead of me was stressing hard. She was a prof from UVA and she absolutley had to be home for a test. The ticket guy suggested maybe flying to DC and then renting a car, good plan but…she can’t drive! I can! So we flew to DC, Her, me and another lady. After a long ass delay in DC, and some shenanigans with car rental I finally made it home at 6am. Slept a bit but was pretty tired, only ran 70easy today. 10miles.

Wed March 20: am, easy 80min was gonna workout today but we shifted things back due to the travel and lack of sleep shenanigans. 12miles.

pm: 62min, nice easy stroll. 9miles.

Thurs march 21: Workout, 22miles progression out at Keane. Keane is a nice 6ish mile loop, half country roads, half paved road, 100% rolling, it’s a grind! 3@5:41, 3@5:29, 10@5:16, 2@5:10, 1@5:21, 1@5:16, 1@5:08, 1@5:02 1:57:20 for 22miles. really good workout, best progression I’ve ever done. Was pretty pumped with this one. 2mile cd for 24 on the day

Fri March 22: Just did a couple hour runs today. Am was a struggle, I was tired! Afternoon was much better. Recovery day. 18miles.

Saturday march 23: 90min, felt good on this run. Legs feeling recovered from thurs. Ran with my GPS apparently my easy run pace is a little quicker than I though, cool. 14miles.

pm; 8miles easy up at monticello, what a beauty place to run! 22today.

Sunday march 24: workout; 12x1000m, 60sec jog rest. 2:58, 2:55, 2:58, 2:55, 2:58, 2:55, 2:59, 2:54, 2:58, 2:54,  2;57, 2:52. Good workout, had to grind it pretty hard. ran out and back out at Louisa. one stretch was kinda up hill, the other stretch was kinda into the wind, hard session.  14miles

pm: nice little shake out. 7miles, 21 day.

Week. Good week, all over the damn place but we got good work done. High Five! 3weeks to go! 126miles.

Mar 2013

Training Log

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March 11-17

Mon March 11: am 11miler, no watch, it is liberating to not run with a watch sometimes, good stuff. Beauty day.

pm. ran an easy 10 after stretch and flex class. Love me stretch class, makes me feel all loose and limber. 10.

Tues March 12: 21 mile progression, 3@5:54, 3@5:43, 3@5:33, 5@5:18, 3@5:12, 2@5:25, 1@5:15, 1@5:02, 1:54:50. 2mile cd for 23 total. Super happy with this run. Solid cut down and felt pretty good. backed off for 2 from 17-19, doing that to try to teach body to recover and reload whilst tired and running hard. Nailed some really good fueling also. Ran on Keene loop, nice a d rolling. It was pretty much all good!

Wed March 13: 75min, this run was lame. My legs were tired. 11

Thurs March 14- saturday 16th- Can’t really remember what I did, but it was boring. did a little fartlek one of days.

Sunday March 17: Race! NYC Half, 63:22 PB, 16th place. PB’s are always great, but 16th place is never fun. Good day overall, for mor check this;

Week: good week, awesome workout on Tues, one of my strongest progressions to date and then a successful race on sunday. Good stuff, onward to Boston!

Mar 2013

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March 4-10

Mon March 4; am 42 easy shake out, gonna get sexy on the track tonight. 6

pm 6xmile (2min rest) 4:38, 4:38, 4:37, 4:37, 4:37, 4:35. Good workout, rolled on the track, nice day. legs were tired from the get go but was able to get into a decent flow. The last two hurt right good, especially the last one. last one put some hair on the chest. good stuff! 14 total.

Tues March 5; am 70min easy, dear god my calfs are tight! This was not awesome. 10

pm 40min easy, nothing to report. 6

Wed March 6th; Big friggen snowstorm, not cool. Was supposed to workout, did not happen. managed to get in 70min, better than nothing. 9

Thurs March 7th; am 90 min chill, much nicer than yesterday, still no power in the house though. It’s quite chilly in here! 13

pm; 50min on treadmill, icy outside and didn’t wanna die, although I did almost kill myself because running on a treadmill is brutal! 8

Friday March 8th; am 30min shakeout, gonna go hard this afternoon, gotta wake up the legs! 4

pm 12mile tempo at Luisa, 1:00:08. decent workout, legs felt flat, but was able to find my flow give it a go. Miles 6-9 were rough due to some nasty wind and hills! Long warm up and cool down made for a 22mile session. Good stuff. 22

Saturday March 9th; am 80min, beauty day. Legs were alright, but ran fasted and got really hungry! luckily Kristen made some delicious Gluten Free muffins, I immediatley ate two after the run. 12

pm 70min, was really looking forward to eating another muffin when I finished, but whilst I was out spinnin’ the dogs managed to get on the counter and eat the remaining muffins, I was very annoyed. but at least I had a good run. 10

Sunday March 10th; am 80min ran really slow as to optimize recovery. This was a nice run, just kinda listened to music and plodded along.  11

pm. 75 Just a normal run, glorious day out there. finishing off a solid week. 11

Week; 13runs/136. Grinding the grind pretty solidly this week. happy with progress, let’s keep rolling, Onward!

Mar 2013

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Feb 25-March 3, 2013

mon 25th: am 68min easy, just exploring Charlottesville. Got terribly lost and also discovered that this city is quite hilly! 10mile

pm: 1:18 with the crew at Dick Wood rd. seriously, it’s called Dick Wood rd! Good run, saw a dog eating a dead deer, it was gross. 12miles

Tues 26th: am 40 easy shakeout, nothing to report here. 6miles

pm: 9mile tempo @ Luisa, 3mile out-back-out, 44:05. Really happy about it, legs were heavy and lacked pop, but felt strong. Out hard! Miles 6-8 were a little rough (5:04/5:02) but pulled it together and finished strong. Nice rolling section of road. Cold, windy and quite rainy- felt like Vancouver! Good session. 14total.

Wed 27th: 82min, down to the river trail, sweet dirt path on other side of the river, I think I’ll be over there a lot! Legs were dead and ran fasted…it was all quite miserable really…12miles.

63min: Met the guys at the river park, ran over to the sweet trail again. legs felt better. 9mile

Thurs Feb 28: 22mile Progression run at Keane. 3@6:08, 3@5:55, 3@5:38, 3@5:27, 3@5:15, 3@5:27, 2@5:11, 1@5:58, 1@5:02. 2:03:02 total. + 2mile CD. Good workout, felt pretty good. Had to back off a bit from 15-18 because if I didn’t it was gonna get ugly! rebounded well and finished pretty well. Room for improvement but good for now. Nice rolling loop, challenging. 24total.

Fri March 1: am 55 easy, expected to be more tired than I was, that was nice. Still quite sore though! 8

pm 1:28, legs heavy, but energy levels alright. just chilled. Did some hill sprints at the end.  13

Sat March 2: am 35min then little bit of coaching then 22min. Gonna be Pete’s steeple consultant for the team. Met with Brian for a little hurdle work. I think he’s gonna run fast. 8miles.

pm: 80min, I have a solid 12mile loop from the house now. good stuff. Digging this camp. 12

Sun March 3: am 48 min easy morning shakeout, gotta wake up the legs for track work this afternoon, felt alright. 7.

pm Workout, 12×400 (100m/30sec rest) 65, 66, 66, 66, 65, 66, 66, 66, 67, 66, 66, 65. jogged extra 500m for 4mile/20:38. Good workout, was scared coming in because my legs are tired and this speedy shit ain’t my game anymore! Ran hard, but saved some because I have a hard session tomorrow. Good stuff, solid session to end a great week! 13 total.

Week: Really good week, if we keep rolling along like this we’re gonna run fast! Good stuff. 13runs/148miles

Mar 2013

Training Log

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Training April 2nd-8th

Monday April 2nd:

70min chill recovery run, felt pretty good.

Tuesday April 3rd:

am: 35easy,

pm: 68easy, This training log is going to get very boring here for the next little bit.

Wed April 4th:

am: 30min shake out

pm: Workout, 2000m-5:58, (400jog) 1600-4:45, (400m jog) 1200-3:28, (400m jog) 800-2:16, little workout, felt good, wanted to go faster but just chilled and relaxed. Good stuff.

Thursday April 5th:

am: 35min easy.

pm: 69min, felt good.

Friday April 6th:

80 just chill, legs felt great. Watched 3 Indiana Jones movies today, those movies are awesome.

Saturday April 7th:

Workout; 6mile tempo, 29:10. 4miles@19:42, 2miles@9:28. Felt good, last mile got a little difficult. Good stimulus, challenging enough to feel it, but short enough that we’ll recover just fine and be ready to roll next week! 1 week, oh shit!

Sunday April 8th:

80min with Cleve, well actually 79:37, didn’t feel like adding on 23seconds, I figure in the past 8weeks I’ve banked 23seconds somewhere. Anyways. Good run, nice day.


Week: 10runs/93miles, good week, taper is in full effect. Lots of sitting around and such these days. Can’t wait to get over there and race! One week! Onward to Rotterdam.

Apr 2012

Training Log

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Training March 26th-April 1st

Monday 26th:

am: 75min nice and easy running

pm: 68min, looking to go 60 but messed up on my loop and ended up with 68, if I run poorly in Rotterdam I will blame it on this extra 8min.

Tuesday 27th:

am: 82min good run. Very deceiving weather, it looked so warm from inside but when I went out in shorts and a light long sleeve I was forced to retreat in search for warmer attire.

pm: 60min, listened to Chuck Ragan and Dan Andriano the whole time. Gonna go see em’ next week, can’t wait.

Wed 28th:

am: 35min easy shake out.

pm: Workout, 5x2km(1km float) 6:05 (3:49) 5:56 (3:39) 5:56 (3:45) 6:00 (3:55) 5:58. Really happy with this workout, stride is feeling efficient and smooth. Felt pretty good out there today, ran the “bridges” loop along the river in Guelph. Big workout on Saturday then we get into this taper. Awesome.

 Thurs 29th:

68min relaxed, felt really good. I like running.

Friday 30th:

70min easy with Cleve, I like Cleve he is a good dude.

Saturday 31st:

Workout: 30km progression, 10km@32:08 (3:12avg), 10km@31:25(3:08avg), 10km@30:46 (3:04avg) 1:34:20 total. Super pumped with this. By far the best I’ve ever felt on one of these workouts and by far the best execution as well. Pacing was right on and I felt friggen good. John M. came and helped with bottles and that went well also, John is a hell of a good guy. Pretty much went as well as it could have. Good stuff. Time to taper. Onward to Rotterdam.

Sunday 1st:

3hrs @ 5:30miles…april fools, hahaha, boy I’m funny. Actually just an easy 70. Felt good.


Week; 115miles/10runs. Good week, easing into the taper. Two really solid workouts. Keep it rolling man. Two Weeks!

Mar 2012

Training Log

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Training, March 19-25

Monday 19th

am: easy 5 around central park, legs kinda sore from race

pm: 70min back in Guelph, quads beat up.

Tuesday 20th

am: 5easy, oh man legs hurt.

pm: 70min, just like the morning, but longer.

Wed 21st

am: 34min, much better. Legs coming back.

pm: 68min, felt good. Ready to get back to work.

Thursday 22nd

am: 3omin easy shakeout to loosen legs for tonights tempo.

pm: Workout, 22mile Progression. 3@6:00, 3@5:51, 3@5:36, 3@5:27, 3@5:18, 3@5:12, 4@5:11. 22miles, 2:01:50 Pretty good run, legs feeling good. Warm day here in the Guelph, got in some good fueling. Dig it man, things are going well.

Friday 23rd

am: 42min easy

pm: 80min. Felt good but almost got eaten by a dog, that would have been annoying.

Saturday 24th

am: 35easy,

pm: 82min chill, hung out at Around the Bay expo today, dig seeing all the runners and such. The folks seemed pumped and ready to roll.

Sunday 25th

am: 30min easy shake out.

pm: Workout 12x1km (60sec jog rest) 257, 254, 255, 252, 254, 253, 257, 254, 257, 255, 257, 249. Felt good today. Kept it relaxed, worked on keeping the stride nice and relaxed. Did it on a nice stretch of road here in Guelph, was a little windy every other interval. Good day.

Week; 14runs/126miles. Good week, we’re only at 2work outs a week now, getting down to it, oh damn! 3weeks!


Mar 2012

Training Log

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Training March 12th-18th

Monday 12th

am: 30min easy shake out

pm: Workout; 21mile Progression, 3@6:02, 3@5:40, 3@5:34, 3@5:26, 3@5:20, 3@5:18, 2@5:13, 1@4:57. Okay run, I wanted to get it down a bit faster, but that was not happening today. Man, I’m friggen tired. Last 14days have been gnarly! 22miles this afternoon, 26 on the day. Time to take it easy for a few days.

Tuesday 13th

44min super easy and slow. Just finished up probably the best two weeks of training I’ve ever had. Now I’m gonna chill for a few days to let it simmer.

Wed 14th

62easy, just chill again. Legs felt good. Beauty day in Guelph. That’s all.

Thursday 15th

Travel day, 45easy in Central park. Really cool place to run.

Friday 16th

68min w/15min of 30/30 fartlek in the park. Felt good, ready to roll.

Saturday 17th

45easy +strides and drills, ran in the park again. St Patrick’s day, so many drunk people frolicking through the park, it was awesome.

Sunday 18th

Race! NYC half marathon, 63:29, 26th place. Time ok, but 26th place! Holy moly, that’s embarrassing. Read recap here:


Week: Pretty chill week, good workout Monday, then chill till race on Sunday. I think I only ran around 85miles, hmm…Gonna get back at it next week.


Mar 2012

Training Log

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