Training, March 5-11th

Monday 5th,

am: Workout 6xMile (2min jog rest) 4:37, 4:39, 4:38, 4:38, 4:37, 4:36. @ATT, was going to do em’ on the track but it was pretty windy and my legs were already pretty sore heading in.  Pretty good overall, I think, I have nothing to compare this to. I ran hard, made it hurt pretty good and the stride felt decent, so I’m considering this a win. Good stuff. 14mile total.

pm: Easy 42min, felt quite good which was surprising. That takes me to 141miles over the past 7days, I like that. Good day of runnin’

Tuesday 6th

am: 86min, nice day legs a little heavy, umm…that’s it.

pm: 52min, felt sluggish and slow, no surprising. From here on out I’m  just gonna assume I’ll feel this way on all my recovery days.

Wed 7th

Workout, Moderate Tempo, 15miles @5:17. This went pretty well. I generally struggle in the am so it took a while to find my rhythm and settle, but by tempo mile 4 I was alright. At tempo mile 12 (15overall) I started bonking a bit because I was fasted, that was necessary but not really much fun. Up at 5:20 and on the road at 6ish. 20miles overall,time to go home.

Thurday  8th

am: 82min, back in London. Ran Springbank park loop. I like running loops around SBP, they used to hold the world famous Springbank road races there, Frank Shorter and Bill Rodgers have run there, even the fictional Denton from Once a Runner ran the SBRR’s. There’s your history lesson for the day.

pm: 55 nice and easy, okay run I guess.

Friday 9th

am: 43easy, scouting routes for my tempo this afternoon, not looking good, lots of snow!

pm: Workout, Hard Tempo, 9miles 44:33. Settled on just running a bunch of laps around exhibition park. It was dry so that was good, but the wind on the one side was brutal! a couple times I was pretty much stopped dead. Pretty happy with the workout, not as fast as last time but felt pretty comfortable running on tired legs and considering all the other factors it was a pretty solid run. 1st mile was 4:56, last one was 4:55, not sure on the rest.

Saturday 10th

am: 82easy, cold and sore…I’m kinda a baby.

pm: 60min with Milne, I like runnin’ with Milne, he’s a good dude. We went and got candy after.

Sunday 11th

am: 80min, it’s getting nicer out, so that makes me happy. My legs felt tired, so that made me sad.

pm: 60min, felt much better, nice night out there. Good end to a great week of training.


Week, 13runs/140miles. 3 workouts. Pretty wicked week of training. Quite happy with the way this is going. Hope I can smash my long progression tomorrow, then I get to chill a bit. Good stuff. 5weeks!

Mar 2012

Training Log

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Training Feb 27th-Mar 4th

Monday 27th

10 boring miles, feeling good and refreshed, looking forward to going hard tomorrow.

Tuesday 28th

am: 36easy shakeout. Felt good, just getting loose for my tempo this afternoon.

pm: Workout, 9mile Hard Tempo; 43:28 (4:44, 4:46, 4:50, 4:50, 4:55, 4:50, 4:53, 4:54, 4:46). Not gonna lie, that felt great. That 4 days of easy running did wonders, 2 weeks ago I had to bust my balls to run 29:50 for 6miles and today I came through 6 in 28:55 and felt like a jog, craziness. Coach wanted me to go hard just as long as I could hammer the last mile. Went out kinda fast, settled in great and kept effort consistent. Good stuff, beauty day as well. Shirts off in Feb is always nice.  15mile total.

Wed 29th

am: 82 easy, fasted, felt good.

pm: 55 chill, nice and relaxed. Pretty uneventful day on the trails. Long progression tomorrow, hope it goes well!

Thursday March 1st

Workout, long progression; 3miles@6:20/mile, 3@5:55, 3@5:30, 3@5:17, 3@5:13, 3@5:10, 1@7:30, 1@4:58. 2 c/d, 22 total.  Decent run, still haven’t nailed one of these, but they’re getting better each time out. Ran pretty relaxed and tried to keep it smooth. I lugged a gatorade for 5 miles and dropped it at the 15mile marker, it was pretty hot (82f/27c) and I needed it bad by mile 15, but when I got to where I left it, it was gone! Heartbreaking! I had some gels, but man I needed the fluid! Whomever took my Gatorade is an asshole. I also saw a snake. Good day overall, I’ll take it.

Friday 2nd

am: 84min, felt alright, not fasted as I woke up pretty light and figured I needed some food asap!

pm: 55min, that was a rough one, just drained and tired. But got it done now I never wanna think of it again.


Saturday 3rd

am: 86min at Umstead park with my boy Thomas G. Good run, Thomas is a good kid, he’s only 17 but I think he could beat me in a race, he’s pretty quick.

pm: 52min nice and chill. Tired this evening.

Sunday 4th

am: Workout, 12×400(100m jog rest) 67, 66, 66, 66, 66, 66, 66, 66, 66, 66, 66, 65. Rest avg= 35sec. Well I wanted to just come out and cruise some 66’s and just feel nice and smooth. I hit the 66’s but oh baby, I did not feel smooth. Had to work harder than I would have liked. I have a ball buster tomorrow, hope my balls aren’t already busted!

pm: 46 chill, legs still tired. I’m going to bed early tonight.


week. 12runs/131miles. Good week, Tuesday’s tempo was quite possibly the best tempo I’ve ever done, I had a lot of fun doing that. Thursday was solid also. Sunday’s workout was a bit of a grind. Good stuff all around though. At least 40min of supplementary work each day also, my plank base is getting huge! 6weeks, Onward to Rotterdam!

Feb 2012

Training Log

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Training Feb 20-26th

Monday 20th

am: 55min, 8miles very slow and chill. The theme of today is recovery.

pm: 82min, 12miles, Same idea as the morning run. These super slow runs are necessary, but geez louise they can get boring!


Tuesday 21st

am: 82min, best fasted run yet. Sadly though I stepped in quite the puddle and was left with a soggy shoe for a good 45min of this run. Sometimes ya just got grind through that shit though.

pm: 55min, My mp3 player broke, son of a gun! That was the only training partner I had left! Oh well. Looking forward to hitting up the track tomorrow for some 1000’s. Better have something speedy for dinner.


Wednesday 22nd

Workout 12x1000m (200m jog rest) @ UNC Track. 253, 253, 254, 255, 255, 255, 255, 256, 256, 256, 255, 255. (rest avg=70sec) Not as fast as last time, but still good. Pretty windy out there today. Worked hard, but tried to stay as relaxed as possible. Got to go shirtless, I enjoyed that, not sure anyone else was too keen on seeing  the pasty Canadian rolling around the track. Good stuff, longer cool down to make it a solid 20miles on the day.


Thursday 23rd

Workout, Long Progression. 6@6:15, 3@5:25, 6@5:20, 3@5:12, 1@7:00, 1@5:00. 2 cool down. 22miles 2hr 5min. All things considered that went pretty well. Kept it relaxed for the first part then tried to push at the end. Yesterday was certainly in the legs pretty good, but that was the point I guess (right coach?) It was ridiculously nice out. 23C during. Good stuff, 6th workout in the past 11days, I haven’t done that since University! Geez,  gonna take a few easy days here now.


Friday 24th

63min easy. That’s it, that’s all.


Saturday 25th

63min easy, yep that’s all. My legs are coming back to life!


Sunday 26th

10miles with 15min of 30sec on, 30 off. Ok ok, feeling rested, let’s get back at it!


Week in Review

Good week. Started off hard then coasted it on in. 110miles, but only 9runs. This training is weird.

Feb 2012

Training Log

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Training Feb 13-19

Monday 13th

Am: 4mile loop nice and easy, felt alright.

Pm: Workout, 12x1000m(180m jog rest) @Occoneechee speedway.

251, 252, 253, 252, 253, 253, 253, 253, 253, 253, 253, 252. (rest avg =62sec) Went quite well, felt good. Focused on keeping it fast yet relaxed, stride is feeling pretty decent. Love working out at Occoneechee, not only is it fun to say, but it has a beautiful soft and smooth surface. Dig it! 14mile total.

Tuesday 14th

am: 12mile loop, no watch this morning just chill recovery run. Ran fasted, felt alright. Wore a red shirt to celebrate Valentines day. Just kidding, Valentines day is stupid.

pm: 54min, 8miles. Good run, got to thinking about running fast so the time just flew by and I felt fresh and frisky. I like when that happens.

Wednesday 15th 

Long Run w/progression. 6mile warm up @6min/mile, then 3@5:30, 3@5:20, 3@5:22, 3@5:15, 4mile cool down. 2:07 for 22miles. I thought this was gonna be easy, I was wrong. Felt great through 15miles, that 3rd 3mile segment was uphill as balls, put some stink in the legs. It was sad when I was running down this massive long downhill having to hold back and just knowing the pain it was going to cause me on the way back. And it most certainly did get uncomfortable and I kinda bonked and suffered after 15. was suppose to pick it up for 14 but cut it at 12. My energy levels were off,  I gotta stay on top of that for next time! Good run though, can’t complain. Gotta get in some longer efforts at faster paces as I clearly need to work on this part of my game.

Thursday 16th

am: 80min, umm. Weird run man, my legs felt weird. I didn’t particularly enjoy this little outing. Ran fasted, these fasted runs get tough.

pm: 60min, much better. I always feel better on my afternoon run, it’s just the way I work. It was rainy yet warm, so it wasn’t too bad.

Friday 17th

am: 54min, good run this morning. Legs felt fresh, rolled pretty good.

pm: 81min, ran through campus. Ran by 2 different frat parties that suggested I stop and drink rather than continue with my run. I had to decline, although the southern hospitality was much appreciated.

Saturday 18th

am: 40min easy, rode my bike over to the track to work out. But there was a Lacrosse game happening on the tracks infield. There was an meet happening at the indoor track, so I just ran easy.

pm:  Workout 15×300 (100m jog rest) 49, 48, 48, 48, 48, 48, 48, 48, 48, 48, 48, 48, 48, 48, 46! (rest avg =32sec) Rocked those 48’s like it was my damn job! Felt alright. Purpose of this workout is to get a little speed work in and to put a little junk in my legs before tomorrow’s tempo work. I need to work on running fast, smooth and relaxed whilst tired. Good stuff. 30min w/u and c/d.

Sunday 19th

Workout, 6mile Hard Tempo 29:50, man, that did not feel great. I know the whole point of yesterdays workout was to put a little shit in the legs. But only 18hrs between the two workouts is not very much at all! first mile was 4:55 and I was working! Oh well, I ran hard and got the stimulus I needed. It was great practice for focusing on keeping the stride relaxed and efficient whilst hating life. I dig it! Good way to end a pretty solid week, 4hard sessions and 130miles. Onward to Rotterdam!

Feb 2012

Training Log

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Feb 6th-12th

Monday 6th:
Am; 84min, 12miles. Felt pretty decent.
Pm; 55min, 8miles. Yeah, pretty good.
Tuesday 7th:
Am: Easy 30min, 4mile Shakeout. Kinda tired, but not just my legs, I was sleepy it was like 7am.
Pm: Workout; 12mile Moderate Tempo; 3mile wu 12mile tempo (3@5:20, 6@5:16, 3@5:15) 3mile cd.
Beauty day out at ATT, felt pretty chill during the tempo, went up an 800m hill at mile 10 and got kinda tired. Good workout overall. 18miles
Wednesday 8th:
am: 75min, 11miles. Ran fasted for glycogen/fuel efficiency purposes. Felt good until last 10min, then I got pretty friggen hungry.
pm: 40min, 6miles. Listened to the new Chuck Ragan album, can’t wait to see him live in April!
Thursday 9th:
am: Workout; 15×300 (100m jog rest) 49,50,49,50,49,49,49,49,49,49,49,49,49,49,48! Rest avg =34sec.
Pretty consistent! Tried to just keep it fast and relaxed, definitely lacking foot speed, but happy that it didn’t really get to hard. Reckon my calves will be sore for tomorrow’s tempo workout. good stuff overall. 30min wu & cd, 12miles
pm: 29min, 4miles friggen easy!
Feb 2012

Training Log

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