Feb 25-March 3, 2013

mon 25th: am 68min easy, just exploring Charlottesville. Got terribly lost and also discovered that this city is quite hilly! 10mile

pm: 1:18 with the crew at Dick Wood rd. seriously, it’s called Dick Wood rd! Good run, saw a dog eating a dead deer, it was gross. 12miles

Tues 26th: am 40 easy shakeout, nothing to report here. 6miles

pm: 9mile tempo @ Luisa, 3mile out-back-out, 44:05. Really happy about it, legs were heavy and lacked pop, but felt strong. Out hard! Miles 6-8 were a little rough (5:04/5:02) but pulled it together and finished strong. Nice rolling section of road. Cold, windy and quite rainy- felt like Vancouver! Good session. 14total.

Wed 27th: 82min, down to the river trail, sweet dirt path on other side of the river, I think I’ll be over there a lot! Legs were dead and ran fasted…it was all quite miserable really…12miles.

63min: Met the guys at the river park, ran over to the sweet trail again. legs felt better. 9mile

Thurs Feb 28: 22mile Progression run at Keane. 3@6:08, 3@5:55, 3@5:38, 3@5:27, 3@5:15, 3@5:27, 2@5:11, 1@5:58, 1@5:02. 2:03:02 total. + 2mile CD. Good workout, felt pretty good. Had to back off a bit from 15-18 because if I didn’t it was gonna get ugly! rebounded well and finished pretty well. Room for improvement but good for now. Nice rolling loop, challenging. 24total.

Fri March 1: am 55 easy, expected to be more tired than I was, that was nice. Still quite sore though! 8

pm 1:28, legs heavy, but energy levels alright. just chilled. Did some hill sprints at the end.  13

Sat March 2: am 35min then little bit of coaching then 22min. Gonna be Pete’s steeple consultant for the team. Met with Brian for a little hurdle work. I think he’s gonna run fast. 8miles.

pm: 80min, I have a solid 12mile loop from the house now. good stuff. Digging this camp. 12

Sun March 3: am 48 min easy morning shakeout, gotta wake up the legs for track work this afternoon, felt alright. 7.

pm Workout, 12×400 (100m/30sec rest) 65, 66, 66, 66, 65, 66, 66, 66, 67, 66, 66, 65. jogged extra 500m for 4mile/20:38. Good workout, was scared coming in because my legs are tired and this speedy shit ain’t my game anymore! Ran hard, but saved some because I have a hard session tomorrow. Good stuff, solid session to end a great week! 13 total.

Week: Really good week, if we keep rolling along like this we’re gonna run fast! Good stuff. 13runs/148miles

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  1. Tony Skuce says:

    Epic stuff. Inspiring to read, even for old goats like me. Makes me excited to train harder. Looking forward to next week’s insane workload (yours, not mine!) #therealshit

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