Feb 6th-12th

Monday 6th:
Am; 84min, 12miles. Felt pretty decent.
Pm; 55min, 8miles. Yeah, pretty good.
Tuesday 7th:
Am: Easy 30min, 4mile Shakeout. Kinda tired, but not just my legs, I was sleepy it was like 7am.
Pm: Workout; 12mile Moderate Tempo; 3mile wu 12mile tempo (3@5:20, 6@5:16, 3@5:15) 3mile cd.
Beauty day out at ATT, felt pretty chill during the tempo, went up an 800m hill at mile 10 and got kinda tired. Good workout overall. 18miles
Wednesday 8th:
am: 75min, 11miles. Ran fasted for glycogen/fuel efficiency purposes. Felt good until last 10min, then I got pretty friggen hungry.
pm: 40min, 6miles. Listened to the new Chuck Ragan album, can’t wait to see him live in April!
Thursday 9th:
am: Workout; 15×300 (100m jog rest) 49,50,49,50,49,49,49,49,49,49,49,49,49,49,48! Rest avg =34sec.
Pretty consistent! Tried to just keep it fast and relaxed, definitely lacking foot speed, but happy that it didn’t really get to hard. Reckon my calves will be sore for tomorrow’s tempo workout. good stuff overall. 30min wu & cd, 12miles
pm: 29min, 4miles friggen easy!
Friday 10th
am: 30min, bout’ 4miles. Oh god no! felt so crappy! Almost turned around and went home after 2min. I’m kinda a baby sometimes.
pm: Workout; 6mile Hard Tempo, 29:24. Didn’t really know what to expect coming in, legs were a little heavy so just decided to go out hard and go with it from there. Pleasantly  surprised, 1st mile 4:50 than settled in and rolled pretty good. Felt decent. 12mile total.
Saturday 11th
80min very easy recovery run. Legs little beat up, nice and easy today. Gonna head to the gym and get my swoll on later. Probably gonna sit in the hot tub too. Yeah, hot tub will be nice.
Sunday 12th
am: 80min at Umstead state park with Thomas G. I love running at Umstead, it is beautiful out there. Legs felt decent, good company. Solid run all around.
pm: 40min Just for fun. Ran from the gym, good run. Legs feeling good, ready to hit it hard next week.
 Week: 13runs/120miles. 3good workouts. It’s odd to only run 120 miles during marathon training, but I’ve committed to this program and I’m gonna do it 100% the way it’s written out. Workouts went well and my legs are feeling alright. Also got in at least 40min of supplemental work each day (drills, core, weights ect…) good stuff.
Next week is gonna be pretty gnarly, looking forward to putting in some hard work.

Feb 2012

Training Log

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  1. Anonymous says:

    geat that you’re able to post your log here man. good training, keep going like that :)

  2. markeroon says:

    This is awesome, please keep posting logs!

  3. rob says:

    Hey guys, glad ya like this little addition. I’ll try to update it everyday.

  4. tf says:

    great to see you posting your daily workouts…they seem very moderate and should get you fit without risking injury…ala bill rodgers training of the 70’s and 80’s! too many runners today are worried about their every day “recovery” pace..which usually isnt a recovery run at all…looking forward to reading more. good luck.

  5. redux says:

    Love the blog! Keep the entries coming!

  6. rob says:

    Thanks guys, TF;fit yet healthy, seems like a solid combo.
    Redux, thanks man, appreciate the kind words on LetsRun, that thread didn’t get to negative, so that’s good!

  7. pooploop says:

    Longtime reader, long time anon poster. I just want to see you write that name back. Also, I can make it go negative if you would like? Just let me know. But really, keep up the work, so you can stack that cash. And I want to see you on TV, so I can be like, “Ohh man, I know that guy….’s blog.”

    Enjoy the journey, happy trails.

    • rob says:

      Hey pooploop…I like that, pooploop, it’s fun to say. Anyways, Thanks for the kind words, I dig the support. Stacking cash would be pretty sweet.

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