March 11-17

Mon March 11: am 11miler, no watch, it is liberating to not run with a watch sometimes, good stuff. Beauty day.

pm. ran an easy 10 after stretch and flex class. Love me stretch class, makes me feel all loose and limber. 10.

Tues March 12: 21 mile progression, 3@5:54, 3@5:43, 3@5:33, 5@5:18, 3@5:12, 2@5:25, 1@5:15, 1@5:02, 1:54:50. 2mile cd for 23 total. Super happy with this run. Solid cut down and felt pretty good. backed off for 2 from 17-19, doing that to try to teach body to recover and reload whilst tired and running hard. Nailed some really good fueling also. Ran on Keene loop, nice a d rolling. It was pretty much all good!

Wed March 13: 75min, this run was lame. My legs were tired. 11

Thurs March 14- saturday 16th- Can’t really remember what I did, but it was boring. did a little fartlek one of days.

Sunday March 17: Race! NYC Half, 63:22 PB, 16th place. PB’s are always great, but 16th place is never fun. Good day overall, for mor check this;

Week: good week, awesome workout on Tues, one of my strongest progressions to date and then a successful race on sunday. Good stuff, onward to Boston!

Mar 2013

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  1. stud says:

    WOW MAN. GREAT JOB PR-ing IN THE NYC HALF. The after-action column written by credits you with the early pacing.

  2. tf says:

    get that blog going again!!

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