March 18-24

Oops, little behind on this sorry.

Monday March 18: 70min easy in Central park. Was up bright and early to run with Abdi Abdirahman…but he stood me up, so I just ran all by myself…through central park…in NewYorkCity…life is great. Legs also felt fine after yesterday’s race, good stuff. 10

Tuesday March 19: So I was supposed to fly home from NYC last night, just a simple little 90min flight, no stress at all. But then there was a snowstorm in NewYork, just enough snow to cancel my flight. Lame. I was at the customer service trying to re-book and the lady ahead of me was stressing hard. She was a prof from UVA and she absolutley had to be home for a test. The ticket guy suggested maybe flying to DC and then renting a car, good plan but…she can’t drive! I can! So we flew to DC, Her, me and another lady. After a long ass delay in DC, and some shenanigans with car rental I finally made it home at 6am. Slept a bit but was pretty tired, only ran 70easy today. 10miles.

Wed March 20: am, easy 80min was gonna workout today but we shifted things back due to the travel and lack of sleep shenanigans. 12miles.

pm: 62min, nice easy stroll. 9miles.

Thurs march 21: Workout, 22miles progression out at Keane. Keane is a nice 6ish mile loop, half country roads, half paved road, 100% rolling, it’s a grind! 3@5:41, 3@5:29, 10@5:16, 2@5:10, 1@5:21, 1@5:16, 1@5:08, 1@5:02 1:57:20 for 22miles. really good workout, best progression I’ve ever done. Was pretty pumped with this one. 2mile cd for 24 on the day

Fri March 22: Just did a couple hour runs today. Am was a struggle, I was tired! Afternoon was much better. Recovery day. 18miles.

Saturday march 23: 90min, felt good on this run. Legs feeling recovered from thurs. Ran with my GPS apparently my easy run pace is a little quicker than I though, cool. 14miles.

pm; 8miles easy up at monticello, what a beauty place to run! 22today.

Sunday march 24: workout; 12x1000m, 60sec jog rest. 2:58, 2:55, 2:58, 2:55, 2:58, 2:55, 2:59, 2:54, 2:58, 2:54,  2;57, 2:52. Good workout, had to grind it pretty hard. ran out and back out at Louisa. one stretch was kinda up hill, the other stretch was kinda into the wind, hard session.  14miles

pm: nice little shake out. 7miles, 21 day.

Week. Good week, all over the damn place but we got good work done. High Five! 3weeks to go! 126miles.

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  1. PR says:

    Nice work there.

    That speed workout was good business!! After boston enjoy some 12 x beer!! Keep it up fella.

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