March 4-10

Mon March 4; am 42 easy shake out, gonna get sexy on the track tonight. 6

pm 6xmile (2min rest) 4:38, 4:38, 4:37, 4:37, 4:37, 4:35. Good workout, rolled on the track, nice day. legs were tired from the get go but was able to get into a decent flow. The last two hurt right good, especially the last one. last one put some hair on the chest. good stuff! 14 total.

Tues March 5; am 70min easy, dear god my calfs are tight! This was not awesome. 10

pm 40min easy, nothing to report. 6

Wed March 6th; Big friggen snowstorm, not cool. Was supposed to workout, did not happen. managed to get in 70min, better than nothing. 9

Thurs March 7th; am 90 min chill, much nicer than yesterday, still no power in the house though. It’s quite chilly in here! 13

pm; 50min on treadmill, icy outside and didn’t wanna die, although I did almost kill myself because running on a treadmill is brutal! 8

Friday March 8th; am 30min shakeout, gonna go hard this afternoon, gotta wake up the legs! 4

pm 12mile tempo at Luisa, 1:00:08. decent workout, legs felt flat, but was able to find my flow give it a go. Miles 6-9 were rough due to some nasty wind and hills! Long warm up and cool down made for a 22mile session. Good stuff. 22

Saturday March 9th; am 80min, beauty day. Legs were alright, but ran fasted and got really hungry! luckily Kristen made some delicious Gluten Free muffins, I immediatley ate two after the run. 12

pm 70min, was really looking forward to eating another muffin when I finished, but whilst I was out spinnin’ the dogs managed to get on the counter and eat the remaining muffins, I was very annoyed. but at least I had a good run. 10

Sunday March 10th; am 80min ran really slow as to optimize recovery. This was a nice run, just kinda listened to music and plodded along.  11

pm. 75 Just a normal run, glorious day out there. finishing off a solid week. 11

Week; 13runs/136. Grinding the grind pretty solidly this week. happy with progress, let’s keep rolling, Onward!

Mar 2013

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10 Responses to “March 4-10”

  1. cindy says:

    found your blog and seriuosly dude…never laughed so hard, you are one funny guy! i was being bad and reading some of your posts at work and had to hide behind the computer screen so people wouldn’t see me laughing my ass off. looking forward to following you through to rio2016!

    • rob says:

      Right on! Thanks for stopping by, glad you enjoyed the blog. I’m always pumped to make a new internet friend, cheers Cindy!

  2. Edgemont Dave says:

    SICK WEEKS, Rob! Wow. And love the commentary. Too bad the dogs got up on the counter and stole the muffins, but at least you got a good run in.

    Good luck training for Boston. I’ll be there too, made the first village of the first wave by the skin of my teeth, so maybe I’ll see you through the barbed wire between the village and the elite area.

  3. Melanie Bowen says:


    I have a question about your blog, could you please email me? Thanks!!


  4. tf says:

    rob, you are much fitter now then last year before rotterdam…keep it going….good work! tim

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