Training April 2nd-8th

Monday April 2nd:

70min chill recovery run, felt pretty good.

Tuesday April 3rd:

am: 35easy,

pm: 68easy, This training log is going to get very boring here for the next little bit.

Wed April 4th:

am: 30min shake out

pm: Workout, 2000m-5:58, (400jog) 1600-4:45, (400m jog) 1200-3:28, (400m jog) 800-2:16, little workout, felt good, wanted to go faster but just chilled and relaxed. Good stuff.

Thursday April 5th:

am: 35min easy.

pm: 69min, felt good.

Friday April 6th:

80 just chill, legs felt great. Watched 3 Indiana Jones movies today, those movies are awesome.

Saturday April 7th:

Workout; 6mile tempo, 29:10. 4miles@19:42, 2miles@9:28. Felt good, last mile got a little difficult. Good stimulus, challenging enough to feel it, but short enough that we’ll recover just fine and be ready to roll next week! 1 week, oh shit!

Sunday April 8th:

80min with Cleve, well actually 79:37, didn’t feel like adding on 23seconds, I figure in the past 8weeks I’ve banked 23seconds somewhere. Anyways. Good run, nice day.


Week: 10runs/93miles, good week, taper is in full effect. Lots of sitting around and such these days. Can’t wait to get over there and race! One week! Onward to Rotterdam.

Apr 2012

Training Log

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