Training Feb 13-19

Monday 13th

Am: 4mile loop nice and easy, felt alright.

Pm: Workout, 12x1000m(180m jog rest) @Occoneechee speedway.

251, 252, 253, 252, 253, 253, 253, 253, 253, 253, 253, 252. (rest avg =62sec) Went quite well, felt good. Focused on keeping it fast yet relaxed, stride is feeling pretty decent. Love working out at Occoneechee, not only is it fun to say, but it has a beautiful soft and smooth surface. Dig it! 14mile total.

Tuesday 14th

am: 12mile loop, no watch this morning just chill recovery run. Ran fasted, felt alright. Wore a red shirt to celebrate Valentines day. Just kidding, Valentines day is stupid.

pm: 54min, 8miles. Good run, got to thinking about running fast so the time just flew by and I felt fresh and frisky. I like when that happens.

Wednesday 15th 

Long Run w/progression. 6mile warm up @6min/mile, then 3@5:30, 3@5:20, 3@5:22, 3@5:15, 4mile cool down. 2:07 for 22miles. I thought this was gonna be easy, I was wrong. Felt great through 15miles, that 3rd 3mile segment was uphill as balls, put some stink in the legs. It was sad when I was running down this massive long downhill having to hold back and just knowing the pain it was going to cause me on the way back. And it most certainly did get uncomfortable and I kinda bonked and suffered after 15. was suppose to pick it up for 14 but cut it at 12. My energy levels were off,  I gotta stay on top of that for next time! Good run though, can’t complain. Gotta get in some longer efforts at faster paces as I clearly need to work on this part of my game.

Thursday 16th

am: 80min, umm. Weird run man, my legs felt weird. I didn’t particularly enjoy this little outing. Ran fasted, these fasted runs get tough.

pm: 60min, much better. I always feel better on my afternoon run, it’s just the way I work. It was rainy yet warm, so it wasn’t too bad.

Friday 17th

am: 54min, good run this morning. Legs felt fresh, rolled pretty good.

pm: 81min, ran through campus. Ran by 2 different frat parties that suggested I stop and drink rather than continue with my run. I had to decline, although the southern hospitality was much appreciated.

Saturday 18th

am: 40min easy, rode my bike over to the track to work out. But there was a Lacrosse game happening on the tracks infield. There was an meet happening at the indoor track, so I just ran easy.

pm:  Workout 15×300 (100m jog rest) 49, 48, 48, 48, 48, 48, 48, 48, 48, 48, 48, 48, 48, 48, 46! (rest avg =32sec) Rocked those 48’s like it was my damn job! Felt alright. Purpose of this workout is to get a little speed work in and to put a little junk in my legs before tomorrow’s tempo work. I need to work on running fast, smooth and relaxed whilst tired. Good stuff. 30min w/u and c/d.

Sunday 19th

Workout, 6mile Hard Tempo 29:50, man, that did not feel great. I know the whole point of yesterdays workout was to put a little shit in the legs. But only 18hrs between the two workouts is not very much at all! first mile was 4:55 and I was working! Oh well, I ran hard and got the stimulus I needed. It was great practice for focusing on keeping the stride relaxed and efficient whilst hating life. I dig it! Good way to end a pretty solid week, 4hard sessions and 130miles. Onward to Rotterdam!

Feb 2012

Training Log

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  1. Watson fan says:

    What is the point of running fasted? Just to lose weight?

    • rob says:

      Teaches the body to use fat as a fuel source and to be more efficient with glycogen stores. Supposed to help in the later stages of the marathon. At least that is what science tells me.

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