Training Feb 20-26th

Monday 20th

am: 55min, 8miles very slow and chill. The theme of today is recovery.

pm: 82min, 12miles, Same idea as the morning run. These super slow runs are necessary, but geez louise they can get boring!


Tuesday 21st

am: 82min, best fasted run yet. Sadly though I stepped in quite the puddle and was left with a soggy shoe for a good 45min of this run. Sometimes ya just got grind through that shit though.

pm: 55min, My mp3 player broke, son of a gun! That was the only training partner I had left! Oh well. Looking forward to hitting up the track tomorrow for some 1000’s. Better have something speedy for dinner.


Wednesday 22nd

Workout 12x1000m (200m jog rest) @ UNC Track. 253, 253, 254, 255, 255, 255, 255, 256, 256, 256, 255, 255. (rest avg=70sec) Not as fast as last time, but still good. Pretty windy out there today. Worked hard, but tried to stay as relaxed as possible. Got to go shirtless, I enjoyed that, not sure anyone else was too keen on seeing  the pasty Canadian rolling around the track. Good stuff, longer cool down to make it a solid 20miles on the day.


Thursday 23rd

Workout, Long Progression. 6@6:15, 3@5:25, 6@5:20, 3@5:12, 1@7:00, 1@5:00. 2 cool down. 22miles 2hr 5min. All things considered that went pretty well. Kept it relaxed for the first part then tried to push at the end. Yesterday was certainly in the legs pretty good, but that was the point I guess (right coach?) It was ridiculously nice out. 23C during. Good stuff, 6th workout in the past 11days, I haven’t done that since University! Geez,  gonna take a few easy days here now.


Friday 24th

63min easy. That’s it, that’s all.


Saturday 25th

63min easy, yep that’s all. My legs are coming back to life!


Sunday 26th

10miles with 15min of 30sec on, 30 off. Ok ok, feeling rested, let’s get back at it!


Week in Review

Good week. Started off hard then coasted it on in. 110miles, but only 9runs. This training is weird.

Feb 2012

Training Log

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4 Responses to “Training Feb 20-26th”

  1. Michael says:

    Hey Rob,

    Love the blog, really love the Rocky references you drop every so often. I have a serious question about a not so serious topic. This is something I have always had problems with but have never got a real answer on. When you are out for runs how do you make sure you don’t have to ‘go to the bathroom’? For me there never seems to be any reason for it happening or not happening. I was hoping someone logging miles like you might have some insight. Keep on crushing the training!

    • rob says:

      Hey Michael, That is a good question and I think it’s a situation that pretty much every runner has come across at one point or another. First off, you’re talking about poop right? I’m going to assume you’re asking about pooping while running.
      Here’s the deal, dude it’s going to happen. It’s just part of the game. What you can do is just try to find a routine in which you minimize the chances of run poop. Poop before you get out the door, don’t run after you eat, for some people certain foods are poop triggers. I know some people who take pepto and other such product to try to reduce the risk.
      Sorry man, I wish there was a way to avoid the run poop, hell if there was a cure for run poop then Reider may very well be the Canadian record holder in the Marathon!
      Just be ready to jump into a coffee shop or a heavily bushed area if necessary. A lot of people carry TP with em on runs. One time we were running with a recruit and he got all embarrassed because he had to run poop. He was immediately offered like 12ft of TP.
      The forests around Guelph have been fertilized with the poop of some of the best runners our fine country has ever produced.
      Hey man, pooping in the woods is just fine. Don’t sweat it.


      • Michael says:

        Thanks Rob, I do most of those already. It is pretty funny that a recruit was offered TP on a run, that is outrageous. Hopefully my current shit rut will subside soon.

  2. Mark says:

    Take us through a day in the life of Rob Watson on his new training regime

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