Training Feb 27th-Mar 4th

Monday 27th

10 boring miles, feeling good and refreshed, looking forward to going hard tomorrow.

Tuesday 28th

am: 36easy shakeout. Felt good, just getting loose for my tempo this afternoon.

pm: Workout, 9mile Hard Tempo; 43:28 (4:44, 4:46, 4:50, 4:50, 4:55, 4:50, 4:53, 4:54, 4:46). Not gonna lie, that felt great. That 4 days of easy running did wonders, 2 weeks ago I had to bust my balls to run 29:50 for 6miles and today I came through 6 in 28:55 and felt like a jog, craziness. Coach wanted me to go hard just as long as I could hammer the last mile. Went out kinda fast, settled in great and kept effort consistent. Good stuff, beauty day as well. Shirts off in Feb is always nice.  15mile total.

Wed 29th

am: 82 easy, fasted, felt good.

pm: 55 chill, nice and relaxed. Pretty uneventful day on the trails. Long progression tomorrow, hope it goes well!

Thursday March 1st

Workout, long progression; 3miles@6:20/mile, 3@5:55, 3@5:30, 3@5:17, 3@5:13, 3@5:10, 1@7:30, 1@4:58. 2 c/d, 22 total.  Decent run, still haven’t nailed one of these, but they’re getting better each time out. Ran pretty relaxed and tried to keep it smooth. I lugged a gatorade for 5 miles and dropped it at the 15mile marker, it was pretty hot (82f/27c) and I needed it bad by mile 15, but when I got to where I left it, it was gone! Heartbreaking! I had some gels, but man I needed the fluid! Whomever took my Gatorade is an asshole. I also saw a snake. Good day overall, I’ll take it.

Friday 2nd

am: 84min, felt alright, not fasted as I woke up pretty light and figured I needed some food asap!

pm: 55min, that was a rough one, just drained and tired. But got it done now I never wanna think of it again.


Saturday 3rd

am: 86min at Umstead park with my boy Thomas G. Good run, Thomas is a good kid, he’s only 17 but I think he could beat me in a race, he’s pretty quick.

pm: 52min nice and chill. Tired this evening.

Sunday 4th

am: Workout, 12×400(100m jog rest) 67, 66, 66, 66, 66, 66, 66, 66, 66, 66, 66, 65. Rest avg= 35sec. Well I wanted to just come out and cruise some 66’s and just feel nice and smooth. I hit the 66’s but oh baby, I did not feel smooth. Had to work harder than I would have liked. I have a ball buster tomorrow, hope my balls aren’t already busted!

pm: 46 chill, legs still tired. I’m going to bed early tonight.


week. 12runs/131miles. Good week, Tuesday’s tempo was quite possibly the best tempo I’ve ever done, I had a lot of fun doing that. Thursday was solid also. Sunday’s workout was a bit of a grind. Good stuff all around though. At least 40min of supplementary work each day also, my plank base is getting huge! 6weeks, Onward to Rotterdam!

Feb 2012

Training Log

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6 Responses to “Training Feb 27th-Mar 4th”

  1. tf says:

    rob,great 9 miler! training solo with this kind of intensity/quality might actually benefit you more than being pulled along with speed river,not that training with a group doesnt have its benefits! imagine after all these solo workouts,how being pulled along with a large pack will feel…EASY! are you gonna race at all before the marathon?
    good luck

    • rob says:

      Thanks TF, Not gonna lie, I absolutely love those speed river guys and they are amazing training partners. But I do prefer to workout alone. I like being in control and being able to read my body and taking in all it’s telling me without any distraction. And you’re right, then when I do race I like the added stimulus of people and competition, it’s perfect.
      I am racing the NYC half on March 18th, can’t wait to get at it!


  2. Mark says:

    Explain the benefits of Fasted workouts,
    I Heard Trent Stelling#$% speak once, is it essentially to get the body use to running no little to no fuel or get the body accostum to burning fat as energy (as that is what you need for a marathon?

    • rob says:

      Hey Mark, fasted runs are good for both those things. It’s a stressor on your body that forces it to adapt and become more efficient in using the glycogen it has and it forces it to become accustomed to burning fat as well. I think that’s the way it works at least. I’m not 100%, but Trent said I should do it so I do.
      I think it is also good to get in some runs and hard work whilst experiencing that low glycogen type of feeling, it sucks balls but it’s good for the head.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Rob I finished 10th in the 1989 springbank 15k when it was competive and stacked. Also 3rd overall in 1993 in the 20k springbank roadraces and as well 3rd in the 7k springbank roadrace in 1992. Doug chronkite and Mannen beat me in 1993. The “Dam Hill” is a bitch when your racing loops around springbbank. Good luck in rotterdam and I hope you get standard of 2:11:29.


    • rob says:

      Stallion, that is awesome. Some cool history from the good ole’ days of running in London. That dam hill is indeed a stinger. Cheers man.

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