Training, March 19-25

Monday 19th

am: easy 5 around central park, legs kinda sore from race

pm: 70min back in Guelph, quads beat up.

Tuesday 20th

am: 5easy, oh man legs hurt.

pm: 70min, just like the morning, but longer.

Wed 21st

am: 34min, much better. Legs coming back.

pm: 68min, felt good. Ready to get back to work.

Thursday 22nd

am: 3omin easy shakeout to loosen legs for tonights tempo.

pm: Workout, 22mile Progression. 3@6:00, 3@5:51, 3@5:36, 3@5:27, 3@5:18, 3@5:12, 4@5:11. 22miles, 2:01:50 Pretty good run, legs feeling good. Warm day here in the Guelph, got in some good fueling. Dig it man, things are going well.

Friday 23rd

am: 42min easy

pm: 80min. Felt good but almost got eaten by a dog, that would have been annoying.

Saturday 24th

am: 35easy,

pm: 82min chill, hung out at Around the Bay expo today, dig seeing all the runners and such. The folks seemed pumped and ready to roll.

Sunday 25th

am: 30min easy shake out.

pm: Workout 12x1km (60sec jog rest) 257, 254, 255, 252, 254, 253, 257, 254, 257, 255, 257, 249. Felt good today. Kept it relaxed, worked on keeping the stride nice and relaxed. Did it on a nice stretch of road here in Guelph, was a little windy every other interval. Good day.

Week; 14runs/126miles. Good week, we’re only at 2work outs a week now, getting down to it, oh damn! 3weeks!


Mar 2012

Training Log

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3 Responses to “Training, March 19-25”

  1. Anthony says:

    Hey thanks for the shout-out today! 1:56 finish time and the haamie was golden!
    Oh, and I got that guy! Hunted him down and got him just before we went into Copps! Now if Utd beat Fulham on Monday… its ALL good !

  2. rob says:

    Hey Anthony,
    Great job out there, that is a great time and I’m pumped the Hammy held up, Glad ya caught that guy also, good stuff all around! I didn’t know that both you and my boy Darren run for the Longboat club. That’s my new favourite club, I made a point to cheer for anyone in a Longboat singlet.
    Go United!
    Take care man.


  3. Anthony says:

    Cheers Rob! Great win for Utd today!
    On to the ‘Dam !
    Go Longboat !

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