Training March 25-31

mon march 25: am, 80min easy, Quads are feeling the effects of the grind. Them bastards are sore! 12

pm: 60 easy, um…not much to say, let’s carry on. 8

Tues 26: 90min, only gonna run once today, gotta roll tomorrow and wanna be spry. I can do that at his point, we’re close enough that missing a run is worth the freshness. 13

Wed 27: Workout; 4x3km w/1km float rest. 8:44(3:27), 8:51(3:29), 9:02(3:29), 8:52. 15km in 45:57. That workout was rad, super pumped. Ran hard during the 3kms but recovered pretty well on the floats. Ran at Keane loop, 3rd 3km was challenging, it’s the hilliest one and we had some wind out there also. 16 on the session.

pm. easy 40min flush. 6.

Thurs 28: 70min easy, legs felt quite good after yesterday’s workout. Good stuff. 10

pm: 40easy, ran down at riverview park, nice chill spin. Listened to a bunch of old skate punk on the ipod, sooo good! 6

Fri 29th: am, 80min, good run. was only gonna go 60 but got into a good day dreaming rhythm and rolled along. 12

pm; 34min easy after stretching session. These stretch and flex classes are awesome, Legs are feeling rad.  5.

Sat 30th: 70min, super chill, gotta go hard tomorrow. 10.

Sun 31st: workout; 30km breakdown. Supposed to cut down each 10km section…didn’t quite workout that way. We wanted to roll at Louisa, it is a nice smooth rolling dirt road, perfect for tempo. We got there and the road had been freshly graded, gravel was loose as hell! not cool, I’m finicky about this stuff because I have super tempermental hammies and slipping around on shitty footing tends to get them fired up. But, we decided to give it a try anyways…

First 10km section was supposed to be @3:12/km, I went 31:58 but it was kinda annoying, couldn’t get a firm foot plant and was working too hard as I was spinning the wheels. we decided to run up a few km to a county road.

Next 10km was supposed to get quicker…It didn’t. Ran 2more km on the gravel, was only hitting 3:16’s here, if I kept fighting the terrain I was gonna be in for a long day, so was just chilling waiting for the road. Hit the road and life was good! This road was quite rolling and the combo of fighting the gravel and these new challenges were beating me up. went 31:59 for this 10km.

Last 10km, not gonna lie, I was suffering. Managed to grind out a 32:13. 136:10 for 30km.

Initially I was pissed after this workout. I had been killing everything and wanted to keep rolling! After some time and thought we figure that this wasn’t that bad! It was good for my brain to have to suffer for a good 16km, keep pushing and stay positive. It was good to be tired whilst rolling up and over some serious climbs-awesome course prep! It was also good to have a not so great workout to be reminded how hard this can be! My fueling was spot on, managed 60g carb/hour with no stomach issues or anything, good stuff.

Anyways, that was just fine. 26mile day.

week; Last full week of the build-up! Had my best workout and my least best workout (still wasn’t bad) okay, so let’s taper shall we? 124total.


Mar 2013

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