Training March 26th-April 1st

Monday 26th:

am: 75min nice and easy running

pm: 68min, looking to go 60 but messed up on my loop and ended up with 68, if I run poorly in Rotterdam I will blame it on this extra 8min.

Tuesday 27th:

am: 82min good run. Very deceiving weather, it looked so warm from inside but when I went out in shorts and a light long sleeve I was forced to retreat in search for warmer attire.

pm: 60min, listened to Chuck Ragan and Dan Andriano the whole time. Gonna go see em’ next week, can’t wait.

Wed 28th:

am: 35min easy shake out.

pm: Workout, 5x2km(1km float) 6:05 (3:49) 5:56 (3:39) 5:56 (3:45) 6:00 (3:55) 5:58. Really happy with this workout, stride is feeling efficient and smooth. Felt pretty good out there today, ran the “bridges” loop along the river in Guelph. Big workout on Saturday then we get into this taper. Awesome.

 Thurs 29th:

68min relaxed, felt really good. I like running.

Friday 30th:

70min easy with Cleve, I like Cleve he is a good dude.

Saturday 31st:

Workout: 30km progression, 10km@32:08 (3:12avg), 10km@31:25(3:08avg), 10km@30:46 (3:04avg) 1:34:20 total. Super pumped with this. By far the best I’ve ever felt on one of these workouts and by far the best execution as well. Pacing was right on and I felt friggen good. John M. came and helped with bottles and that went well also, John is a hell of a good guy. Pretty much went as well as it could have. Good stuff. Time to taper. Onward to Rotterdam.

Sunday 1st:

3hrs @ 5:30miles…april fools, hahaha, boy I’m funny. Actually just an easy 70. Felt good.


Week; 115miles/10runs. Good week, easing into the taper. Two really solid workouts. Keep it rolling man. Two Weeks!

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  1. Terence says:

    Those 30k splits look like mine at ATB except backwards and a bit faster on the last one(or your first one). Good luck in Rotterdam! I’m third generation dutch, so if I get good enough I want to use that race to try and qualify for 2016 or 2020

  2. Anonymous says:

    Unbelievable Destroyer 1:34:20 in training. Your a running machine. Your bro has got your number, he knows what he is doing with you. Rock that bestia marathon in Rotterdam.


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