Training, March 5-11th

Monday 5th,

am: Workout 6xMile (2min jog rest) 4:37, 4:39, 4:38, 4:38, 4:37, 4:36. @ATT, was going to do em’ on the track but it was pretty windy and my legs were already pretty sore heading in.  Pretty good overall, I think, I have nothing to compare this to. I ran hard, made it hurt pretty good and the stride felt decent, so I’m considering this a win. Good stuff. 14mile total.

pm: Easy 42min, felt quite good which was surprising. That takes me to 141miles over the past 7days, I like that. Good day of runnin’

Tuesday 6th

am: 86min, nice day legs a little heavy, umm…that’s it.

pm: 52min, felt sluggish and slow, no surprising. From here on out I’m  just gonna assume I’ll feel this way on all my recovery days.

Wed 7th

Workout, Moderate Tempo, 15miles @5:17. This went pretty well. I generally struggle in the am so it took a while to find my rhythm and settle, but by tempo mile 4 I was alright. At tempo mile 12 (15overall) I started bonking a bit because I was fasted, that was necessary but not really much fun. Up at 5:20 and on the road at 6ish. 20miles overall,time to go home.

Thurday  8th

am: 82min, back in London. Ran Springbank park loop. I like running loops around SBP, they used to hold the world famous Springbank road races there, Frank Shorter and Bill Rodgers have run there, even the fictional Denton from Once a Runner ran the SBRR’s. There’s your history lesson for the day.

pm: 55 nice and easy, okay run I guess.

Friday 9th

am: 43easy, scouting routes for my tempo this afternoon, not looking good, lots of snow!

pm: Workout, Hard Tempo, 9miles 44:33. Settled on just running a bunch of laps around exhibition park. It was dry so that was good, but the wind on the one side was brutal! a couple times I was pretty much stopped dead. Pretty happy with the workout, not as fast as last time but felt pretty comfortable running on tired legs and considering all the other factors it was a pretty solid run. 1st mile was 4:56, last one was 4:55, not sure on the rest.

Saturday 10th

am: 82easy, cold and sore…I’m kinda a baby.

pm: 60min with Milne, I like runnin’ with Milne, he’s a good dude. We went and got candy after.

Sunday 11th

am: 80min, it’s getting nicer out, so that makes me happy. My legs felt tired, so that made me sad.

pm: 60min, felt much better, nice night out there. Good end to a great week of training.


Week, 13runs/140miles. 3 workouts. Pretty wicked week of training. Quite happy with the way this is going. Hope I can smash my long progression tomorrow, then I get to chill a bit. Good stuff. 5weeks!

Mar 2012

Training Log

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  1. Big Fan says:

    So one of the ad’s at the bottom of the page is for dating asian women! If you’re having a hard time getting back on track with the ladies that might be something to check out!

    • rob says:

      haha, thanks. These ad are so random. Most of the time I get clothing ads, maybe my computer knows I lack fashion sense.

  2. Big Fan 2 says:

    I’m glad your training is going so well. Are you looking forward to Dylan Wykes joining you in Rotterdam in April? Tough luck for him at Lake Biwa.

    • rob says:

      I would love to have Dylan there in Rotterdam! Dylan started this Marathon trend and it would suck if a bad stomach kept him outta London. He deserves a better shot than that.

  3. Big Fan 2 says:

    can we have the recipe for the cinnamon rolls?

    • rob says:

      Yes, I think it’s on the internet somewhere. I’ll find it and post it. They took all friggen day because ya gotta let the batter sit on two separate occasions! Worth it though.

  4. Austen says:

    Hey what does it mean when you say “ran fasted”?
    I’m assuming you didn’t eat before maybe?

    • rob says:

      Hey Austen,
      Yeah, it means I wake up in the morning and don’t eat before my runs. Just helps the body get used to working at a kinda depleted state.

  5. Bob says:

    London Ontario still has an impressive running series by the look of it: — you won one of the 10k races last summer.

    Why don’t they have road races at Springbank park any more?

    • rob says:

      Hey Bob,
      Yeah there are still lots of good races in London for sure. London has a great running scene. They still hold races in SBP, but I don’t know what happened to the super popular ones.

  6. anonymous says:

    hey your training log is cool and everything, but i’m starting to miss those crazy rob stories…

  7. Anthony says:

    hey dude,your training log is damn impressive! Had brunch with Reid the other day and he is impressed with your work and thinks you’re due for a big PB ! We’re all pullng for ya! All the best for Sunday!
    Hey,Utd in 1st place!! Yeah buddy!

    • rob says:

      Thanks Anthony, that Coolsaet character is a good dude,hopefully he is right!
      Hope you’re ATB taper is going well and yer ready to roll.
      Go United! Friggen right!


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